This is continued from user talk: on the off-chance that user IP somehow isn't aware of his/her own talk page but might see this article's talk page. The edit warring that is happening to this article is absolutely silly. I have tried to talk to the user but I have no indication that he/she is aware of this fact. All I know is that this is a blatant and repeated violation of the general wiki rule of thumb not to put pure speculation into an article. Even more fitting is that the edits demonstrate one of the prime reasons to avoid speculation, namely that people who engage in speculation tend to forget details and thus make patently FALSE statements unintentionally.

If you ever end up reading this, user IP, I ask you to understand why speculation is not desirable for a fan encyclopedia. Ultimately, speculation contains information that was (in most cases, and certainly in this case) not intended by the writers for this game. Your canon-altering antics are more appropriate for a fansite forum or MAYBE this article's talk page (and even then that's only because people aren't using the wiki's forums), where they'll meet with due scrutiny from fellow speculation junkies, but that is not the kind of thing that belongs in an article aiming to be a collection of statements of fact about the subject.

capefeather 20:03, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

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