I'm not sure that Morgan Fey is Valerie's stepmother. I thought that what happened with the (admittedly convoluted) Fey family was that Morgan firstly married an unnamed man, let's call him Jeff Hawthorne. Morgan has twin girls with Jeff and decides to call the nice raven-haired one Iris and the slightly psychotic one Dahlia. Jeff decides to leave Morgan when she loses out to Misty with the whole Master of Kurain thing. Jeff then marries an unnamed woman, let's call her Chloe, who already has a daughter called Valerie.......or does Chloe have her with Jeff? Anyway. That doesn't really matter for my point. I was under the impression that a stepmother is the wife of your biological father that isn't your biological mother. That would make Morgan Fey the ex-wife of her stepfather, nothing more. At least I think I said the Fey family is...unusual... Strabo412 19:49, February 18, 2010 (UTC)

Edgeworth: And five years after that... she murdered her own sister, Valerie Hawthorne, to keep her from talking. :Phoenix: Her sister?
Edgeworth: Well, her stepsister, actually. They weren't blood-related. Valerie was the only daughter of Dahlia's father's second wife.

Well then. capefeather 20:12, February 18, 2010 (UTC)

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