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Tavern Tale

Zacharias Barnham
While he may be young, and his stature small... this dog is a true knight of the highest calibre. He protects that which needs protecting. And... will ready his fangs at but a moment's notice for many a just cause.

"Episode 8: Tavern Tale" is the eighth special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Zacharias Barnham visits Rouge's tavern and spends three nights trying to solve her toughest puzzle. The two then reminisce about the first time Barnham stepped into Rouge's tavern, revealing the full story behind the "Barnham's Wild Ride" incident mentioned in Awkward Moments, as well as the story behind his dog Constantine.


A suspected witch was stealing chickens from a farm on the outskirts of town, and attacking dogs and children from behind bushes. Eventually, during a storm, the Knights of the Inquisition spotted the culprit and gave chase. Only Zacharias Barnham, the captain of the knights, managed to tail the culprit, a small dog, successfully. The chase led him to the dog's home, where he had piled up all of the chickens for a much larger dog. Barnham realized that the larger dog must have been the smaller dog's mother, but also that the larger dog was dead. He also recognized the mother as the dog that had startled his horse, causing the "Barham's Wild Ride" incident. In the ensuing chaos, the horse had trampled the dog before dragging Barnham around town.

The small dog's actions moved Barnham so much that he sought to protect him from the mobs. He took the dog to a tavern and hastily knocked on the door. The owner, named Rouge, was none too pleased about having to open the door during a storm and after closing the tavern, but soon realized that the one she was letting in was the captain of the knights. Barnham showed her the dog and told her everything. He planned to give the dog a name and see to it that he was regarded as a fellow Knight of the Inquisition. However, the dog attacked him, making a wound above his left eyebrow that would become a scar. Rouge went to tend to the wound, and gave Barnham a puzzle to keep him entertained in the meantime.

More Chalices![]

Hershel Layton and his fellow visitors came to Rouge's tavern to rest. While Layton went to get a glass of water, he overheard Rouge and Zacharias Barnham talking about Constantine's origins. Rouge told Layton to keep the story to himself, and he agreed in exchange for an opportunity to crack the puzzle that Barnham was struggling to solve.

Special gallery quotes[]

Guards - Concept Art[]

"The knights were based on a generic modern knight image. The simple look was balanced with a comic-style owl-themed outfit."


"These guys take over Chapter 8! Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil was based on a koala. Wordsmith has been revamped as a master swordsman with a sheathed sword on his back."

Boistrum (2012-06-25)[]

"Boistrum thinks his time has come in the Barnham-less last chapter. He was added to the game at a late stage, but I think we managed to give him plenty of personality."

Barnham's Dog[]

"We must not forget (or we'll get bitten!) about Barnham's faithul dog, Constantine. This adorable fluffball's model was my own pet dog. N-no, don't bite, noooooo!"