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Tchikin Strogenov was first mate onboard the SS Grouse during the events of The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

Hiding a criminal[]

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Seishiro Jigoku, a first-class passenger onboard the SS Grouse who was fleeing from the United Kingdom back to Japan, paid Tchikin Strogenov to keep quiet while the former attempted to hide on the ship until its arrival. To this end, Jigoku hid himself inside his traveling trunk in Cabin Two and gave the combination of 5231045 to Strogenov, who in turn wrote it on his arm as a reminder.

While guarding the entrance to Jigoku's cabin during the ship's port in Dunkirk, Strogenov encountered Herlock Sholmes and Yujin Mikotoba, who had boarded the vessel to collect Jigoku as a witness in the trial of Barok van Zieks for the murder of Tobias Gregson, only for the sailor prevent them from entering the cabin. While talking with them, the pair spotted the writing on his arm, but mistook it for "Sholmes", with Sholmes thinking that he must be a fan of his detective work. Remembering someone similar from an earlier case, Sholmes went on to surprise the sailor by stating that Strogenov had a brother who was also a sailor traveling the world onboard a Russian steamship. Stroganov attempted to cover for Jigoku by telling the pair that he had disembarked at Dunkirk two hours prior on urgent business, but still refused them entry. Mikotoba finally pressed the alarm, causing Strogenov to have to leave to speak to the captain, while Sholmes lockpicked open the cabin door.

After being told off by the captain, Strogenov returned to find Sholmes and Mikotoba inside Jigoku's cabin. Sholmes then revealed that he knew Jigoku had not left the ship; in fact he was still in the cabin and Strogenov knew where he was hiding. After some deduction with Mikotoba, they pointed out the money in Strogenov's back pocket, only for the sailor to subconsciously glace at Jigoku's trunk. It was then that Sholmes and Mikotoba concluded that the writing on the sailor's arm was, in fact, the combination to the trunk, which then revealed Seishiro Jigoku hidden within.


  • His Japanese given name comes from "mābō dōfu" (麻婆豆腐), known as mapo tofu in English, a spicy Chinese tofu dish originating from Sichuan province. According to his concept art, he was at one point named after hayashi rice.
  • His English given name is a play on "chicken".
  • His family name is a reference to beef stroganoff, a Russian dish.
  • His full name is a reference to chicken stroganoff, a variation of the Russian dish beef stroganoff.