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Tehm'pul Temple
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Kurain Courthouse
Organization info
Organization type Temple
Organizational structure Current members:

Former members:

Affiliated groups Khura'in Royal Family
Notable dates Apr. 23, 2028: The Founder's Orb is found missing and Paht Rohl is found dead.
Apr. 24, 2028): Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin is arrested for stealing the Founder' Orb and murdering Rohl
Status Active
Relevant cases The Foreign Turnabout
The Rite of Turnabout
Turnabout Revolution
Location info
People to meet Ahlbi Ur'gaid
Rayfa Padma Khura'in
Miles Edgeworth
Linked locations Bazaar

Tehm'pul Temple is a temple located in the center of a town in Khura'in, said to have been built by the Holy Mother. It houses the High Court of Khura'in, where the country's trials are held. It is also where the Dance of Devotion and Song of Ceremony are performed. The temple serves as a home base of sorts for Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice's investigations in Khura'in.


Outside are two training halls for monks, where monks do "interesting stuff" like meditating while standing on their heads. They pray every morning beginning at dawn, which Phoenix Wright has mentioned is difficult to sleep through. The water in front of the temple is called the "Guiding Waters" and is considered a sacred pathway for the mitamah. Swimming in it is forbidden.

The inside of the temple includes at least two floors and four named areas: the Performance Hall, the storeroom, a courtyard, and the Treasure Room.

  • The Performance Hall is where the Dance of Devotion and Song of Ceremony take place. Speakers in every room of the temple broadcast whatever is happening in this room. A morning and afternoon prayer session occur in this room every day. Since the Dance of Devotion cannot be performed without Rayfa Padma Khura'in, it can be deduced that Morning Prayer occurs before 10am, and Afternoon Prayer happens at some time after 1:03pm.[citation needed]
  • The storeroom contains a circuit box and musical instruments used in the Dance of Devotion.
  • A person on the second floor looking into the courtyard can see through the windows of the first floor.
  • The Treasure Room contains "a lot of important things," including sacred artifacts such as the Founder's Orb. Though monks-in-training are forbidden from entering this room, Ahlbi did so frequently without being caught.


  • The temple's name in Japanese is "Jī'in Temple" (ジーイン寺院); since "jīn" means "temple", it is a repeating name.
  • The location's westernized name is a corrupted spelling of "temple", making it a repeating name.

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