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Copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields (remove unnecessary fields).

<!-- Episode data -->
<!-- Incident overview -->
<!-- Investigation data -->
<!-- Trial data -->
<!-- Navigation -->

The "name" field doesn't have to be used; if it's deleted entirely, then the template will use the page's name.

The "prefix" field is for chapters in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. This wiki's pages use the titles of each chapter (e.g. English Turnabout), but the Professor Layton Wiki's pages add the "prefixes" (e.g. Prologue: English Turnabout). The purpose of the prefix field is to signal the fact that an equivalent Professor Layton Wiki page exists, and to create a link to said page right below the title. The prefix field should be deleted for other cases.

Episode data

For the "release" field, put the game that the episode originates from, as well as whether it is a Special Episode / DLC. If it is DLC then release dates should be inserted similarly to Template:Game.

The "puzzles" field is for chapters in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

This and the navigation section are known as "out-of-universe," concerning matters that are outside the perspective of the fictional characters inside the story. The "cameo" field here should be used to list characters who are not involved in the incidents being investigated, but are present simply for the sake of players recognizing them. These characters should be placed here and not in the "chars" field of the incident overview section.

Incident overview

This is where all the data for the incident itself resides. Hence, the "date" field should include the time of the incident as well as all investigations and trials related to it. Most incidents in the series involve a violent death, and the "type" field should simply say this in that case, but otherwise, the field should specify both the subject of the incident and what happened to it (e.g. theft of the Sacred Urn). The "victim" field should be the person who died or the owner(s) of the item in question.

Investigation data

The "incident" field should not be used for one-day investigations where the same article has both incident overview and investigation data.

Trial data

For one-trial cases where the same article has both incident overview and trial data, the "witness" field should be avoided, and the "chars" field used from the incident overview used instead, with witnesses marked if necessary.


Each game in the series can be ordered by the date of their original release in Japan, and then the episodes within can be ordered the usual way. Doing this creates an ordered list of episodes, starting from The First Turnabout and going all the way to the last episode of the most recently released game. Each episode can then be indexed according to its place on the list, and that index number is what goes into the "index" entry. What this does is populate the "Previous" and "Next" fields with the previous and next episodes on the list.

Extra entries are provided for ordering the games/episodes by North American release date or European release date, in places where they differ from the original ordering. There are also previous/next orderings for skipping the side games and only including the "main series" games, i.e. the games titled Gyakuten Saiban [number] in Japan. For these entries, the episodes will have to be inserted manually.

Old color codes for reference

The following are hex codes from an old version of this infobox template, for the sake of reference for future modifications of the current version. This version changed colors based on a listed defense attorney or prosecutor.


Mia Fey: 393939 Apollo Justice: bc342c Gregory Edgeworth: 808080 Robert Hammond: 505078 Phoenix Wright: 395a8c "Phoenix Wright": ffff00 Miles Edgeworth: a83858 Athena Cykes: ffe535 Ryunosuke Naruhodo: 21201e Dhurke Sahdmadhi: 2565ac Jill Crane: 864711 "Ryutaro Naruhodo": 2f281d Winston Payne: 808080 Byrne Faraday: 293139


Mia Fey: ffffff Apollo Justice: 0c8484 Gregory Edgeworth: ffffff Robert Hammond: 282828 Phoenix Wright: e23577 "Phoenix Wright": 8b1000 Miles Edgeworth: 303030 Athena Cykes: 03c4fC Ryunosuke Naruhodo: ffd625 Dhurke Sahdmadhi: ba1e27 Jill Crane: e6442b "Ryutaro Naruhodo": b18b95 Winston Payne: 9C4208 Byrne Faraday: 395a84