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This template is for use in organizations and places in the Ace Attorney universe.


Copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields. Please be sure to take out sections that are not needed. For example, Fey clan needs neither area info nor location info.

<!-- organizational info -->
<!-- area info -->
<!-- location info -->

General fields

The name of the location will default to the article name if it isn't filled in. "background" and "color" control the header colors. "background2" and "color2" control the left column colors. "background3" and "color3" control the right column colors.

Organization fields

These should be self-explanatory. "type" refers to the organization's general purpose. "hq" refers to the primary place for the organization's operations, if the place isn't named after the organization. "affiliation" refers to any other organizations with which the organization is affiliated. For example, the police department is affiliated with the Criminal Affairs Department.

Area fields

"owner" is for any organization that "owns" (e.g. makes its headquarters in) the area. The "entrance" is the location that connects to the outside world, usually the first location one stumbles into when entering the area. "links" are for any locations that can be accessed from the entrance. "cases" is for cases that are relevant to the area.

Since Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, any location can be reached from any other location, rendering the "from" and "links" fields obsolete in those cases.

Location fields

"Residents" refer to anyone you meet and/or converse with in the location. "Evidence" refers to any evidence the player can find in the location. "Links" refers to locations that the player can access directly from the current location. (It will be like traveling through the actual game universe! ...Or maybe not.)