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Tender Lender
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Tender Lender
Organization info
Organization type Loan company
Leader Furio Tigre
( - Jan. 8, 2019)
Viola Cadaverini
(Jan. 8, 2019 - )
Status Active (Mar. 2019)
Location info
People to meet Furio Tigre
Viola Cadaverini
Available evidence Paper Badge
MC Bomber
Trés Bien Matches
Repair Bill
Viola's Medical Papers
Linked locations Vitamin Square
"Win Through Compromise"

Tender Lender is a loan company. Its motto, "Win through compromise," reflects its policy of ridiculously high interest rates and client intimidation. Loan shark Furio Tigre previously owned the company, with Viola Cadaverini as his assistant. However, with Tigre's arrest, Cadaverini now owns the company. Known debtors to Tender Lender include Jean Armstrong, Glen Elg, and Lance Amano.

The Don and Violetta[]

Main article: Recipe for Turnabout

In September 2018, Tigre was riding his moped when he suddenly sped across the path of Viola Cadaverini's car. Viola swerved to avoid him and consequently suffered a severe injury to her head. The surgery required to save her life cost $1 million and her furious grandfather and notorious mob boss, Bruto Cadaverini, demanded that Tigre pay the bill.

In order to pay off this huge debt, Tigre put pressure on one of his clients to pay up, namely Glen Elg, who had racked up a debt of $100,000 due to his gambling. Elg, with no way to pay off the debt, used his skills as a programmer to create a devastating computer virus, which he planned to give to Tigre as a form of payment, who could then sell it on the black market for millions of dollars. However, on the day on which Elg met Tigre at the Trés Bien restaurant to hand over the virus, the former won the half-a-million dollar grand prize on the local lottery. This was easily enough to pay off his own debts, but certainly not Tigre's.

The desperate loan shark poisoned Elg's cup of coffee, took the virus, and re-enacted the crime with himself as Elg and Viola as a waitress, in order to fool a restaurant customer into thinking that he had witnessed the restaurant's waitress poisoning the coffee. The owner of the restaurant was also in debt to Tigre, and was thus forced to help with the staged crime. Finally, to make sure that the waitress was convicted, Tigre masqueraded as famous defense attorney Phoenix Wright and took her case. His intentionally poor performance in the subsequent trial soon got his "client" a guilty verdict. Through this, he believed that he had completely drawn all suspicion away from himself.

One month later, a furious Dick Gumshoe confronted Wright about the case. The confused Wright of course had no knowledge of said case ever taking place, much less losing it. Wright and his assistant soon set out to appeal the case and track down the imposter. They were able to get a retrial, and after blowing through the testimony of the staged witness in the previous farcical trial, Wright managed to get Tigre onto the stand. Through a clever maneuver on Wright's part, Tigre indicted himself on the stand, and was subsequently arrested. At this point, Viola took over Tender Lender.

Motive for "kidnapping"[]

Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

Two months later, being in deep debt to the loan company, Lance Amano conspired with his girlfriend Lauren Paups and family butler Oliver Deacon to stage a kidnapping of himself in order to collect ransom money from his father, Ernest Amano, for the purpose of paying off Lance's debt. However, the plan went awry when Deacon turned on Lance, which ultimately culminated in Lance killing Deacon. Via the efforts of one Miles Edgeworth, with some help from aspiring Yatagarasu Kay Faraday along the way, Lance was eventually found out on both charges. Ernest tried to stop the eventual arrest by buying up the scene of the crime, a haunted house at Gatewater Land, and refusing the police access. However, this was to no avail, thanks to a simulation device called Little Thief owned by Faraday. Using Little Thief, Edgeworth and co. were able to recreate the haunted house and use this simulation to prove Lance's guilt. He was subsequently tried and convicted on both charges. A supposed "love letter" sent by Cadaverini (really a collection bill) was instrumental in establishing Lance's motive, namely the ransom money.


  • Japanese - Kariyōze (カリヨーゼ)
    • "Kariyōze" means "Let's borrow" (借りようぜ; kariyou ze).
  • English - Tender Lender:
    • This name has a double meaning, particularly the "Tender" portion. The adjective form of "tender" being a synonym for "gentle" results in the ironic meaning "gentle lender". The verbal form of "tender" meaning to offer payment (alternatively, the noun form referring to currency itself) results in a redundant name as a lender that offers monetary payments, similar to names like Mask☆DeMasque and Tehm'pul Temple.
  • French - Sadouille-Crédit:
    • The word "douiller" has the double meaning of "pay" and "suffer". It's also a slang word for "scam".
  • German - NettKredit ("Nice Loan")
  • Spanish - El Buen Prestamista ("The Good Lender")
  • Italian - Prestiti Felini ("Feline Lender")


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Fiado Afiado: [1]
    • The pun is formed around "pagar fiado" (paying on credit) for being a loan company, and receiving a "cobrança afiada" (sharp charge) due to the threats they make to customers who do not pay on time.
      • "Fiado" is when a customer picks up a product now but pays later. It is a sale based on trust and can be detrimental to the seller if there is no control or if customers do not honor payments. This sale is common in small businesses.


An alternate version of the Recipe for Turnabout has Wright being tricked into buying a home computer from Blue Screens, Inc. for an exorbitant price (2.5 million yen), leading to him taking out a loan with Tender Lender.[2]