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Tenma Town
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Organization info
Organization type Settlement
Leader Damian Tenma (mayor)
Affiliated groups Nine-Tails Vale (neighbouring town)
Status Active
Relevant cases The Monstrous Turnabout

Tenma Town is a town affiliated with Nine-Tails Vale. Damian Tenma, its current mayor, was arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of Alderman Rex Kyubi due to the fact that he had been attempting to force a municipal merger of the two towns, with Kyubi being the biggest roadblock in his plans. However, Mayor Tenma had only been acting as directed by an anonymous blackmailer, who threatened to harm his daughter Jinxie Tenma if he did not comply. Damian hired Apollo Justice as his defense attorney, who was eventually able to uncover the true identity of the blackmailer, as well as prove that said blackmailer was also the true culprit in Alderman Kyubi's murder.

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