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Susato Mikotoba
Tomorrow, I shall be standing in the Imperial Court. ...For the only time in my life as an attorney.

Episode 1: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney is the first episode of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo. Susato Mikotoba, under the guise of Ryūtarō Naruhodō, takes the defense attorney's bench to defend her friend, Haori Murasame, who is accused of murdering Jezail Brett.

Crime[edit | edit source]

Isn't that...

Susato Mikotoba stood in front of the grave of Kazuma Asōgi. She mentioned how Ryūnosuke Naruhodō is a great attorney and how she was sorry to leave him to protect her sick father. But then she mentioned that something happened when she came back to Japan. The corpse of Jezail Brett in a beach house is shown. Tomorrow, Susato Mikotoba will stand in court as an attorney for the first time, so she prayed to Asōgi to lend her his strength.

Before the Trial[edit | edit source]

Getting Ready[edit | edit source]

8:26 AM

The next morning, Yūjin Mikotoba is impressed at his daughter's disguise but fears that her nervousness will give herself away. Then the defendant came over for Susato's protection, she is Haori Murasame, Susato's best friend and assistant to her father. Murasame is so sure about the "attorney" since they appear very gallant to her but is surprised to learn that she is really her best friend defending her. In Japan, women were not allowed to be attorneys yet, and Susato doesn't really have that much skills as one anyway, but she had no choice. She's determined get her best friend free just as the bailiff announces the start of the trial.

Former Session[edit | edit source]

"Ryūtarō Naruhodō"[edit | edit source]

9:00 AM

In the courtroom, Susato Mikotoba announced herself as Ryūtarō Naruhodō, cousin of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō. After successfully answering a couple of questions, she heard about the secret trial nine months ago where a professor named John H. Watson was murdered for unknown reasons right after Japan signed a treaty with England. The culprit of that case is the victim of this current one and all of the Japanese law know of her name: Jezail Brett. Japan couldn't pass judgement on British Brett due to Great Britain calling for the right of consul, they were instructed to escort her to Shanghai, China as there is a consul office of Great Britain there. But the day before she was to be sent there on a steamship, she was murdered.

Jezail Brett dead.

The prosecutor, Taketsuchi Auchi, then gave the opening statement for today's trial. The incident happened midday on August 11th in a seawater bath on a beach near Tokyo. Jezail Brett was stabbed through her lungs in the back with a small knife. Haori Murasame was the only one in the hut aside from the victim at the time, the police then arrived and arrested her. Auchi said that her violet motive is that she worked under Professor Watson.

Murasame said that there were others there, she was just asked to accompany her, but it was true that only they were in the hut. Auchi said Murasame drove her into the hut, there wouldn't be any other chance to kill her before she'd be extradited to Shanghai. Jezail Brett wanted to remember her final days of Japan there before leaving. Great Britain pressured Japan to cooperate with her, so they sent an inspector with her. Brett continued her research at Teito Yuumei University so its not surprising that Murasame would heavily loath her.

The court accepted a photo of Jezail Brett's corpse in the hut as evidence. The evidence and witnesses' testimonies, one of them is the inspector, who is outstanding in the Teito police force. Auchi sees this as a perfect opportunity to exact his revenge on "Ryūtarō Naruhodō". He was humiliated at the trial nine months ago by "his cousin" as well as Kazuma Asōgi who cut his hair. It marked the end of his "Bakumatsu era", but when he swore revenge, a small piece of hair miraculously appeared on his bald forehead. Today, Auchi vowed to butcher the Naruhodō clan.

"Cross-Examining Hosonaga and Natsume"[edit | edit source]

Yūjin and Natsume in the newspaper.

The inspector turned out to be Satoru Hosonaga who was wearing the same outfit he was wearing at the time of the incident. The other witness was the author, Sōseki Natsume, who got famous due to the success of his book, I Am A Cat. Natsume was invited to a lecture at Teito Yuumei University that day, he spoke with Yūjin Mikotoba for a newspaper company. A reporter following him was giving complete coverage of Natsume, he gave "Ryūtarō" one of the newspapers. Natsume decided to join Brett at the beach but Yūjin had work to do.

Hosonaga and Natsume testify that they heard a scream from behind, theu ran to the hut and saw the two women. Brett was dead and the knife Haori Murasame was holding had blood on it as if she was stabbed multiple times. Taketsuchi Auchi then added a fountain pen Brett was holding her hand when she died, it had the initials H.M. so Mursame is looking pretty guilty. But Susato didn't give up, with the shout of her first "Objection!" she said that the coroner's report clearly stated Brett was only stabbed once. It would also be impossible for the blade to be stained with blood if it was about to be stabbed again, so Susato suggested that Murasame was just pulling out the blade. Auchi countered this by saying Murasame was probably going to stab her again even if that didn't kill Brett. The judge noted that the fact that the murder weapon was just in Murasame's hands is enough to make her the killer. Susato suggested Murasame was trying to save the victim but everyone found that ridiculous.

Satoru Hosonaga requested a testimony on forensic medicine. He said if the knife was so deep that blood would gush out of Jezail Brett's body if removed, so there was no reason for any removal. He, along with Yūjin and Murasame, studied health so they know what they're talking about. Upon reading the newspaper Sōseki Natsume gave her, Susato found out that a drug was stolen from Yuumei University, Yūjin was surprised at this. When Susato presented that to Hosonaga, she said if that particular stolen drug was coated on the blade, then it would take minutes for Brett to die, therefore Murasame would remove it swiftly to prevent the poison. Prosecutor Auchi argued that this drug has no relevance to the case unless Murasame suspected the poison was there. So Susato noted that the coroner's report says that Brett's pupils were contracted instead of enlarged, that's a result of the poison's effect.

Auchi's surprise evidence.

Haori Murasame suddenly takes the stand a takes the blame for not telling the professor about it. She noticed it after his conversation with Natsume but she afraid she would fail him for a stolen classified drug. She thought the thief was Jezail Brett and that's why she was with her during the incident. But Brett denied stealing the poison and collapsed when she stood up. She didn't know how that knife got there but her pupils were tiny. So she tried to pull out the knife and apologizes for not saying any of this earlier. Auchi wouldn't have it, he suddenly showed the court a photograph inside the hut with the knife in Murasame's hand and Brett body! Susato pointed out that whoever to this picture must also be a witness, but Auchi admited that this picture reached the Teito Police Force via express mail only the previous day with no name attached. After looking at the newspaper again, Susato noticed the picture on it has the same weird tree like marking as the new photograph, it was a crack in the camera. She announced that whoever took the newspaper photo took the surprise evidence photo. Sōseki Natsume announced that his name is Heita Mamemomi who works for the Taikoku News. Susato realized that the photographer was the reporter that's following Natsume. The judge calls for recess while the bailiffs get Mamemomi, he also wanted the Yuumei University medical department to test the bloody knife for poison.

Recess[edit | edit source]

10:41 AM

Haori Murasame once again apologized for not telling Yūjin about the missing poison, saying she should get capital punishment. Susato Mikotoba felt the same way about herself and she kind of suspected her as the actual killer. But she knew a defense attorney should always believe in her client no matter what, especially if it's her best friend. Murasame didn't understand how Jezail Brett was stabbed with just the two of them in there. Yūjin gave Susato a reagent that the police are using to detect the poison. Murasame blamed Brett for having information about the poison in the newspaper as she introduced Natmsume to the drug during his conversation with Yūjin. The bailiff announced that the journalist was found and the trial will now reconvene.

Latter Session[edit | edit source]

"Cross-Examining Mamemomi"[edit | edit source]

11:30 AM

The founder of Mamemomism

With the trial back in session, Taketsuchi Auchi announced that no poison was found on the knife. Heita Mamemomi introduced himself as a bunya, a news journalist, who follows his own philosophy called Mamemomism. He is immediately obsessed with writing down whatever's happening in court that he can use for a scoop and interviews everyone until the judge makes him confirm that he took the photo. Contrary to what Yūjin thought, Mamemomi didn't go back to Taikoku News headquarters, instead he tried to interview Jezail Brett. He was mad that Japan couldn't arrest that British woman, so he "interviewed" her to tattle to the press.

Heita Mamemomi testified that he watched through a gap between the reed screens of the shack. Haori Murasame came in, had a heated argument with Brett, then stabbed her. Being a reporter, he parted the reed wall and took a photograph of the scene. Yūjin didn't see why he didn't produce an article with the evidence. During the cross-examination, Mamemomi explained, with a plan of the shack, that Brett was in the middle of the back. After the argument, Murasame went behind her and stabbed her. Mamemomi claimed he didn't enter the shack nor met Brett, but the fountain pen Brett was holding had the initials H.M., they can also stand for Heita Mamemomi. He claimed he only uses pencils but his right hand is stained with blue ink. What's more, the pen had the symbol of the Taikoku News that matched Mamemomi's armband. Mamemomi admited that the interview was just a few minutes before she was killed. The judge demands that he testify about the interview, Mamemomi agreed to but only if Sōseki Natsume can be with him as he suspected he was hiding something.

With Natsume back on the stand, Mamemomi testified that Brett refused an interview. So he left, then saw the murder through the gap, that's when Natsume and Satoru Hosonaga came in. Hosonaga felt a pulse through Brett so he went to Yūjin Mikotoba for help. Mamemomi then claimed that Natsume asked a question to Brett but didn't testify about it. Auchi and the judge are very surprised that the victim actually regained consciousness. Natsume admited that he asked Brett who killed her, and she pointed behind her towards Haori Murasame! But Natsume felt that the girl was simply in the way, vaguely to the back of the wall. Auchi said Brett's consciousness was fading, her finger was shaking, and no one else was in the hut but Murasame. The judge is about to end the trial but "Ryūtarō Naruhodō" pointed out that Brett was pointing to the back because the one who stabbed her was outside. Susato shows the first crime scene photo and revealed that the reeds on the back wall are uneven enough for a knife to get through.

Then she immediately accused Heita Mamemomi as the culprit. Auchi argued that victim was lying in the middle of the shack, but "Ryūtarō" noted that Murasame said she was sitting all the way in the back when she came in, the uneven reeds are right by her seat. Susato concluded that Jezail Brett stood up when stabbed and then fell. Mamemoni suddenly reminded everyone about the stolen poison, it was the true cause of death due its effects being in the coroner's report. The judge asked how the poison got into her and Yūjin says she most likely drank it because the crime scene photo showed a bottle and wine glass on the sand.

Heita Mamemomi gave his testimony on why he couldn't have put the poison in Brett's drink. First, he admitted he stabbed her, but points out that if she drank the poison she wouldn't have needed a stabbing. He was just enraged by that argument she had with Haori Murasame, he had to pass judgement on a murderer walking free. He demanded the Japanese court to deal with the murderer charges of Murasame before the assault charge of himself. Susato had gotten so far , she wondered how Naruhodō and Asōgi would do. When she pressed about John Watson's murder, Murasame suddenly came to the stand claiming Mamemomi's testimony was a complete lie.

"Cross-Examining Murasame"[edit | edit source]

She testified only about the stolen poison not Professor Watson. Jezail Brett was studying drugs and it would be difficult to take one out of the lab, so she had to have been the thief of the poison. Murasame told Brett that if she used the poison, the whole government would be involved with whoever was killed by it, not just the labs it was from. Yūjin revealed that Mamemomi wrote the article on the stolen poison. He was writing it based on what he heard in the shack. Susato remembered that Mamemoni say anything about Murasame tampering to Brett's drink. The only person who could've slipped the poison in was someone who did not know about the side effects, that would be Heita Mamemoni. Susato said that the stabbing was to kill her before the poison kicked, that way he wouldn't get caught by that problem.

The judge is fully convinced by this logic and Auchi couldn't come up with anything. But an angry Mamemoni noted that there is no evidence that he had the poison in the first place. After observing that his fountain pen is empty, Susato announced that the poison was in his pen. They can use the reagent on the pen to test for the poison. Defeated at last, Heita Mamemoni swung his camera around really fast, ranting about how he is better than the empire of Japan. But then Murasame and Susato suddenly appear between him and throw him up backwards with the "Ryūtarō Toss".

Brett and Mamemomi.

Sure enough, there was a reaction with the reagent and the pen. Mamemoni confessed that he stole the poison from the lab, he pretended to go the washroom and filled it in his pen to save for a big scoop. When he interviewed Jezail Brett, she just laughed, calling him a monkey and insulting his journalism. He got fed up with this horrible woman and remembered the poison, so he slipped it into her drink. Mamemoni also claimed he found out the truth about John Watson's murder, he though that there was a shady deal with Britain and Japan. The Taikoku News refused to publish his articles, Mamemoni wanted to bring justice. But Susato reminded him that killing Brett and attempting to frame Murasame made him no better than Brett.

The judge was quite impressed with "Ryūtarō Naruhodō's" performance as an attorney, just like "his cousin", Ryūnosuke. Taketsuchi Auchi, having been humiliated by "another" Naruhodō, announces that his "Bakumatsu era" has (once again) ended, so he decided to literally cut his shame to pieces in a manner of Seppuku. He recited a death poem and, with crying hesitation, cut off the hair on his forehead and let it blow away. The judge proceeded to give Haori Murasame her not guilty verdict.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

2:38 PM

Susato Mikotoba had finally felt the life of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Murasame couldn't stop thanking her. Sadly, this would be the only time she will actually be an attorney, she was overheard by Satoru Hosonaga and Sōseki Natsume who were surprised to learn the truth about "Ryūtarō Naruhodō". Hosonaga lamented that now that Jezail Brett is dead, the world will never know why she murdered John H. Watson. They all wondered if that man was really the partner of Britain's great detective, Sherlock Holmes and how Iris Watson would react when she finds out her father was killed. Right when Yūjin revealed that he was just faking an illness, Heita Mamemoni suddenly appeared. He said Yūjin is in cahoots with Kazuma Asōgi who was supposed to do something in Great Britain before he was killed. But then the judge of the trial suddenly appeared and flipped Mamemoni over for the bailiff to take away. The judge introduced himself to Susato as Seishirou Jigoku, an old friend of her father's. He revealed that he knew that "Ryūtarō" was a girl all along, but he needed to discuss something with Yūjin Mikotoba. Natsume said that Yūjin appeared on the steamship he was on when returning to Japan. He said he was interested in that second incident involving him in Great Britain, Susato remembered that Holmes refused to have it published.

Back at Asōgi's grave, Susato Mikotoba expressed how it felt to be in Naruhodō's shoes. She mentioned that second incident with Sōseki Natsume, saying it may unlock a secret mystery. She wished to meet Ryūnosuke Naruhodō again.

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References to popular culture[edit | edit source]

  • Taketsuchi Auchi stated that his loss to the Naruhodōs marked the end of his Bakumatsu era. Bakumatsu was the final years when Japan was ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate government.

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