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Ryūnosuke Naruhodō
The impact of the trial from yesterday... Is still strongly echoing within my heart, even right now. But even so... I'm not going to turn my back on it anymore.

Episode 4: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro is the fourth episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's second appearance in the English court. Following Megundal's acquittal and subsequent murder in the previous episode, Ryūnosuke immediately begins investigating another case. Hart Vortex asks him to defend Sōseki Natsume, whom no one will defend because he was Japanese. He once again meets the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes and his little biographer, Iris Watson.

Crime[edit | edit source]

"I begin to think, Watson" said Holmes, turning his head languidly in my direction, "that there is more to this case than what we have observed. Indeed, that there may be another part to this story that have we yet to discover." His eyes wandered, following the steam rising from his cup of tisane to the memory of that snowy evening in his mind-- to the young lady, collapsed on a path along Briar Road, and to the knife in her back. Lit in the soft glow of the gas lamps, a most extraordinary scene has been set, and under the cover of a light fog, the curtain had risen silently on the insoluble mystery of our invisible killer.

A young woman stabbed on a road

On a cold winter's night, soon-to-be writer Sōseki Natsume was returning home after buying some books from a book store. On the other side of the road, a policeman and his wife witnessed the Japanese man stab a young woman in the back before running away. He was arrested by the Scotland Yard after Sherlock Holmes deduced he was on the same road that night.

Investigation[edit | edit source]

"A New Assignment"[edit | edit source]

The episode starts with Hart Vortex accepting Ryūnosuke Naruhodō as a bona fide defense attorney. He was so impressed by Naruhodō's performance in court yesterday that he already has a new client lined up for him. Vortex leaves, telling him to ask the detective in the corner for information about his new case. The detective was Inspector Tobias Gregson enjoying some fish and chips, and he told Naruhodō that the victim in this case was a woman named Viridian Green who was stabbed in the back while walking down Briar Road. She was alive, but in critical condition in the hospital. Gregson said that Barok van Zieks will be the prosecutor in tomorrow's trial. He reveals that he's called the Grim Reaper not because he never loses a case, but because when he does lose the defendant somehow winds up dead soon after. Gregson also thinks that van Zieks arranged for Cosney Megundal's murder to protect his perfect record, but that case was not Naruhodō's problem for now. Gregson invites Naruhodō to meet his client, Prisoner 53, at the detention center.

Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba went to Cell No. 9 at the Gaol Jail to meet their client, who introduced himself as Sōseki Natsume. One year ago, Natsume was ordered by the government to research the English language, and he has been in England ever since. On the night of the crime, Natsume was walking home along Briar Road after buying some books at an antique bookstore. He only saw one other person on the path, a woman in a green jacket. As he was passing the woman, she suddenly screamed and collapsed with a knife in her back. Natsume called to her, but she didn't move, so he assumed she was dead and ran away, Natsume did not know the victim. He was woken in the morning by the police and Sherlock Holmes, who had deduced Natsume's presence at the crime scene. Sōseki Natsume was so panicked that the only English phrases he could remember were "Yes, I do!" and "I'm fine!" Natsume had asked several lawyers to defend him, but because he ran from the crime scene and was a suspicious foreigner, no one will take his case. Naruhodō agrees to help and goes to the crime scene to search for clues.

Briar Road.

The two of them arrive at Briar Road, the Scotland Yard are there with "headpieces of steel". Detective Gregson was also there, he informs them the police's patrolling distance around the city was twenty miles a day. Viridian Green was still unconscious so they can't interview her, but Gregson then gives the group a map of the area of the crime scene. Natsume was the only one there at the time and there are even two decisive witnesses. One of them was a policeman so Gregson considers him the most reliable witness in London. But he won't let Naruhodō and Susato meet him until tomorrow's trial.

A policeman was a witness

Tobias Gregson reveals that all the defendants Barok van Zieks tried to get guilty were criminals capable of capital punishment. Naruhodō told him that might not be the same with Natsume but Gregson doesn't believe him. Gregson loathes Sherlock Holmes for taking his case and calls his stories mockeries. Naruhodō and Susato decide to go to Holmes place on 221B Baker Street.

When arriving at Holmes office they are greeted by the same little girl from Megundal's trial. After giving the two of them wonderful tea, she introduces herself as Iris Watson who lives with Sherlock Holmes. Apparently, she knows Gina Lestrade pretty well. Iris has nowhere to go so Holmes took her in, now she calls him Papa. Susato compliments Iris on her writing of Sherlock Holmes' adventures in Strand Magazine. It turns out they're actually based off his real adventures, she's currently working on "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" which Holmes told her about. Susato thought they were written by John Watson and wondered if Iris was related to him. Next, Iris performed "Little Iris Watson's Theater of Logic and Deductions" to show how she knew about the two.

Obliviously, Naruhodō looked like an attorney from yesterday, he came to the country recently due to his steamship passport and accepting the Reaper van Zieks' trial in London. Susato had a stamp from the visit to Sōseki Natsume, they're only for foreigners. Since they aren't sad, the defendant must have been someone they could relate to. Holmes told Iris he arrested a Japanese man, Naruhodō had a katana and Susato was wearing a kimono so they must be Japanese as well. In conclusion, they came to ask Holmes about the case, the two are amazed at Iris' perfect deduction. Iris said to Tobias Gregson came to Holmes about the case. She gives them a card with fives shillings to give to the inspector. They decide to head back to the site.

They give the card to Inspector Gregson who reveals that Iris was going to put him in her stories. Natsume lives on the second floor of a large house just across the street of the crime scene. The landlord was named John Garrideb and the two of them decide to visit the lodgings. They are greeted by a maid named Joan, many rich people in England hire maids. Garrideb used to be a soldier and apparently he can't get up due to being shot in the knee. He comments on how the incident will affect the society due to the the Japanese-Anglo Treaty of Commerce and Navigation and Holmes was investigating Natsume's room. Sōseki Natsume took up residence a week ago, the lodgings are split in the first and second floors. Joan thinks Natsume did it because he's nervous. She said he was a loner who always goes to the used book store and returns at 5 P.M. to light the stove everyday, he also gets up the latest out of everyone every night. Susato asks how she knows such details about Natsume but doesn't get an answer. The window in Garrideb's room has a perfect view of Briar Road but the two of them didn't see anything but darkness. Joan asks Naruhodō to forget their conversation as it seems unimportant. Naruhodō and Susato think something did happen. Natsume's flat was on the second story and they are allowed to search it.

Naruhodō and Susato are amazed at the amount of books. There was a cat in the flat probably brought by Natsume from Japan. They find a receipt for the Ragged Books shop that said Natsume was there at the time of the incident. Sherlock Holmes was found reading one of the books. Naruhodō thanks him for helping clear his name for Kazuma Asōgi's murder. Holmes was simply following orders when arresting Natsume, he doesn't think he's the culprit either, but he can't be sure. He also reveals that not just rich people can hire maids. Apparently, Natsume's window was sealed with bricks because he didn't pay his tax and the flat was rented on a cheap rate. Holmes got disracted by all of the books that he didn't find any clues. Naruhodō and Susato decide to go back to Garrideb's room and investigate that secret window.

"Sherlock Holmes' Joint Reasoning"[edit | edit source]

John Garrideb almost immediately wants them to leave, but Ryūnosuke Naruhodō was told by Holmes that he's hiding something from them. Suddenly, Sherlock Holmes appears by the window surprising everyone. He said it's time for his and Naruhodō's Joint Reasoning. Holmes has two deductions: Garrideb has a terrifying beast and he lost something due to it. Garrideb's going pale so it must be true. He looks at a small statue of a lion, so Holmes concluded that the beast Garrideb raised was a lion from India. Joan had a flyer for the Valenvoir Circus in her pocket, so Holmes said they sold it to that traveling troupe. Now regarding the lion's fury, Holmes noted Garrideb must've had an affection towards the lion due to grabbing his cheek. Then he and Joan looked at some bills on a desk, they were for a wagon filled with food, probably for the lion. Since the bills were so high they had to let it go. Judging from a cake stand on a nearby table, they tried to feed it the deserts causing the lion to go on a rampage and try to eat the carpet up.

The Garrideb's wedding picture

Just like last time, everyone was dumbfounded by Holmes deductions. Naruhodō doubted that a lion could be in such a small flat. Susato noted that lions don't eat the food that's on the bills and Mr. Garrideb and Joan look completely unharmed. It looked like Naruhodō had to correct Holmes again. He revealed that Garrideb's eyes went to his wedding picture behind the lion statue. It showed him carrying his wife, although her face couldn't be seen due to a crack, it's obvious that's she's the beast. But where was Mrs. Garrideb? Joan was wearing a wedding ring that's looked just like the one in the picture. John Garrideb's wife was Joan, the maid! John didn't make much money from being a soldier and couldn't afford a maid. So Joan took on the job as his maid to make him look rich, he wanted this a classified secret.

Moving on to the beast's fury, John Garrideb was grabbing a large hand print on the right side of his face from Joan slapping him, which explained why he never looked directly at them. That slap must have something to do with the bills, but they were really looking at a book. The bookmark in it was actually a love letter from "Maria" to "James". John Garrideb claimed that the letter was already in the book when he bought it. Joan Garrideb was furious as she thought he was cheating on her. Next to the cake stand Joan appeared to be looking at, there was a candle stand missing a candle. That candle was on the floor near the burnt carpet, therefore it must have caught fire from when Joan slapped John. John Garrideb, amazed by the correct deduction, attempted to stand up but almost fell over, Joan catches him. They admitted they got into a heated argument because of that love letter. Behind the curtains, the book stand was burned too. It happened exactly during the stabbing on Briar Road, they also lost a book entitled The Adventure of the Lion's Mane. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything relevant to Sōseki Natsume, so they decided to leave.

"Interviewing Natsume"[edit | edit source]

Do these guys matter?!

Outside, they see two mysterious men arguing. A flamboyant and fancily dressed man called a yellow clothed man with a huge chin "Horatio". After the two introduced themselves to them, Mysterious Man B left but vowed to meet the other one again. Mysterious Man A was actually the tenant of the first floor, he apparently was a huge fan of William Shakespeare's works, he then went to his flat. Naruhodō decided to get them a carriage to visit Natsume.

Back at the Gaol jail, Sōseki Natsume was glad Naruhodō and Susato are back. Holmes suddenly appears and said words that are art to Natsume even though he calls the detective a spy. Holmes compliments the defendant on the books in his flat. But Natsume knows he's doomed. Natsume said that John Garrideb's lodgings' are cursed. He was loner because everyone else was foreign to him. So Natsume went to a place where the rent was low, but Garrideb said the flat was cursed but wouldn't say anything else. This made Natsume extremely paranoid, but what's even worse was Barok van Zieks was prosecuting his trial. Everyone was really worried he'll end up like Cosney Megundal, dead if not arrested. They wonder if he was a killer, but Holmes said he's merely a prosecutor. It's almost impossible to keep a perfect record in the trials of Great Britain due to the Jury. It was made to prevent false evidence and bribery in the trials. Barok van Zieks' defendants were hit by carriages, drowned, and caught fevers but Natsume has to believe them just as Holmes believed Naruhodō on the S.S. Alaclaire. Naruhodō has to believe in himself, that's what Kazuma Asōgi told him.

Former Session[edit | edit source]

Before the trial, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō was almost ready. Sōseki Natsume woke up early, he didn't sleep must last night. Susato Mikotoba read a newspaper saying Barok van Zieks hasn't stood in trial since he was called the reaper. Cosney Megundal's trial was his comeback. Naruhodō prays to Asōgi to watch him over.

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Barok van Zieks both inform the judge they are ready. Van Zieks said a Japanese defending another Japanese was conceited but Susato disagrees. The judge announces the six jurors for this trial: Oscar Fairplay, a victorian lady, a mild-mannered young man, Joan Garrideb, an impatient laborer, and an elderly man. In the opening statement, van Zieks said it's despicable for Natsume to stab the English victim after the the Japanese-Anglo Treaty of Commerce and Navigation was made.

"Inspector Gregson's testimony"[edit | edit source]

Viridian Green's collapsed, but alive, body on the street after her stabbing.

The judge asks to see the inspector of the case and Tobias Gregson takes the stand and explains the case. A twenty year old woman named Viridian Green was stabbed in the back with a knife, she has been unconscious every since. Her life was no danger so Sōseki Natsume will only suffer assault charges. It happened three days ago at 5 P.M. on the intersection of Briar Road. Green was walking after a snowfall but when Natsume approached she was stabbed. Green was currently in the hospital so she couldn't testify. The court accepts documents of the case and the large knife that stabbed Green as evidence. There was no current relation between Green and Natsume yet Gregson will testify why he arrested him.

It was a foggy day but the visibility on the site was still good. The defendant and victim were the only ones there. When Sōseki Natsume fled, he dropped his books he got from the secondhand bookstore. By finding out who owned those books, Scotland Yard arrested Natsume. Gregson adds a photograph of Green stabbed on Briar Road. Susato and Naruhodō remember Natsume saying he saw Green scream and fall. Natsume loves English literature, the bookstore he got the books from was called Bourbon Books and was located on the other end of Briar Road next to Misham Road. Naruhodō reveals that a receipt found in Natsume's flat said he bought the books at a bookstore named Ragged Books. Ragged Books was just a few rows of units from Bourbon Books, but it's so small Scotland Yard didn't think Natsume would buy books from there. Naruhodō claims that if Natsume


went to Ragged Books, there's a chance he didn't pass the crime scene, half the jury agrees. But seeing the actual location of Ragged Books doesn't change his theory at all. Naruhodō argues that there a longer route avoiding the crime scene but Barok van Zieks said there's no need for a detour. He said the jury should consider their verdict now and they agree, they all vote black Guilty! Now it looks like the time for Naruhodō's closing argument.

"First Closing Argument"[edit | edit source]

Juror 1 asks if Sōseki Natsume admitted himself, 2 can't think of anyone wearing a green coat except Viridian Green, 3 agrees that there's no reason for a detour, 4 was horrified that Natsume stabbed Green in the back, 5 just wants the trial to end so he can get back to his job, and 6 prefers Ragged Books over Bourbon Books. Naruhodō wonders why Natsume fled the scene in the first place, he just needs to change four juror's verdicts. He presses Juror 5 saying a trial should never be rushed, but 5 said if he rests from work his wife and kid won't get food. He was a road worker and said the water and gas pipes would rupture this time of year. Turns out this man worked on Misham Road, this was the detour Juror 3 and van Zieks overlooked. If there was road work, Misham Road would be blocked off forcing Natsume to take the long detour. Jurors 3 and 5 vote Not Guilty white. Pressing Juror 6 reveals that the old widower was at Ragged Books at the time of the incident. He slipped on the frozen Calabash road on his way home and fainted, but then he woke up and went to see his grandchildren. Juror 6 said he wore his green coat which he's wearing right now, that's someone else for Juror 2 to think of. 6 and 2 both vote Not Guilty, only Fairplay and Garrideb think Natsume's guilty but the trial continues! Except, Barok van Zieks correctly said Juror 5 didn't put a sign up over the site so Natsume could've jumped over the hole, his books were also found near the victim. Also, Juror 6 doesn't remember seeing any Japanese man. Van Zieks kept silent during the closing argument because he didn't want to taint the hearts of the jurors. He decides to bring the next witnesses to the stand, Naruhodō and Susato remember one of them was a policeman, but they're not giving up on Natsume.

"Cross-Examining the Policeman and his Wife"[edit | edit source]

The policeman's name was Patrick O'Malley and he's a rather sleepyhead. The other witness was his wife, Rola, who was exited about their one year wedding anniversary the other day, they love each other very deeply. Patrick patrols the streets of lighting, cleaning gassing lights, and stuff like that. Rola testifies that on their wedding anniversary they went to eat, they saw two figures walk on the the opposite pavement. One of them fell and the other ran away, the clearly remember him as Sōseki Natsume. She and Patrick gave chase and notified the nearest police station. If the testimony was truly decisive then Naruhodō's closing argument was completely ruined. Scotland Yard only allows young men to be police officers. Pat was going to change but Rola wouldn't recognize him. He shows his patrol guide to Naruhodō. Rola notified the police while Pat watched over the scene. Even though the fog was thick, it cleared up and showed Natsume to the couple. Rola gets angry, she thinks Naruhodō was doubting her testimony. After the judge calms her down she said that Natsume dropped four books. But Naruhodō points out that receipt said he only purchased three books and there were only three book in photo of Viridian Green.

Viridian Green holding The Adventure of the Lion's Mane.

Barok van Zieks revealed this as a trap, he showed another book in Green's hand, which he said was hers, and the receipt matches the names Rola O'Malley saw. Van Zieks presents the fourth book, The Adventure of the Lion's Mane, as evidence and requested the jurors to go with the verdict. Susato said they needed further examination due to new evidence, Naruhodō said there was a clue on the book, it's burned! Van Zieks said that had no connection but Naruhodō remembered his meeting at the lodgings and announced that the book was actually John Garrideb's. Naruhodō acknowledged the court that Joan was Juror No. 4 and revealed that she had an argument with John at the same time Green was stabbed. Naruhodō suggested that the book was thrown out the open window. But both van Zieks and Joan said there's no reason for it to be open and the jury agreed that Sōseki Natsume was guilty, so they voted. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō demanded the right for another closing argument.

Latter Session[edit | edit source]

"Second Closing Argument"[edit | edit source]

Juror 1 stated that Natsume left the crime scene leaving behind three books, 2 would reconsider something else similar to the stabbing, 3 said Joan throwing the book out the window was irrelevant, 4 thought it's cute, 5 would be in trouble if he didn't earn money soon, and 6 had a burning incident at his home too. His grandchildren lit his birthday cake with seventy-five candles. When the elder tried to blow them out, the candles burned up and the whole flat caught fire. They all tried put it out with water and opened the windows to let the smoke out, the old man got a cold from the outside. Letting the smoke out was a perfectly good reason for opening the window for Juror 3 as Naruhodō remembered that the Garridebs' rug caught fire. Juror 4, Mrs. Garrideb, started drinking tea, so Naruhodō pressed her to acknowledge the open window. She admitted that she threw that book but she said the title had no correlation to her mind. However when she said that, Juror 5 remembered that two weeks ago on his way home from work, he lost his money because of a hole in his pocket. When he told his wife, she threw a cleaver near his ear hitting the wall. Women will throw deadly things at their husbands, Susato thought that might be important and it was for Juror 2. If the Garridebs' book was found near Viridian Green, they maybe the knife that was in her back was theirs too! Juror 4 fell down at this and 2, 1, 5, and 3 vote toss fireballs in the white scale; Naruhodō still had a chance.

But Barok van Zieks wasn't giving up, Green was collapsed fifteen yards away from the Garridebs' flat. He called the Sherlock Holmes' novels "shoddy" angering Susato Mikotoba. She requesteed that they cross-examine Joan Garrideb but van Zieks, throwing his whole bottle of wine away, said it was not needed as they're still cross-examining Patrick and Rola O'Malley. Pat was finally fully awake to testify so the request for a juror testimony was denied by the judge for the policeman's testimony. Patrick said that the Garridebs aren't related to the case due to the awning window. Rola added they would've noticed a flying object and reminds that Pat keeping watch of the scene, he never looked away for an instant. The only way for things to out the window would be straight down, otherwise it would break.

After mentioning his patrolman's guide again, Patrick O'Malley decided to give Ryūnosuke Naruhodō his police handbook. When asked how he knew about the window, Patrick said he helped with the investigation yesterday, but Naruhodō's noticed Rola giggling when he said that. It turned out the place where Viridian Green collapsed was out of Pat's jurisdiction. If she was stabbed on the other side than the two of them couldn't go for their anniversary dinner. Patrick said no one passed the body while he was looking, he suggested that the burned book could just be coincidentally another one. Patrick said that she came back late but Rola said that's because she bought a bouquet of flowers for him as an anniversary present. Pat didn't really want to talk about it but Naruhodō asked Rola who said she dropped the bouquet at the crime scene. While she was looking for it after returning from the police station, she couldn't find the victim's body, but it was just on the other side. Barok van Zieks showed her the exact bouquet saying it was found in front of John Garrideb's home therefore no relevance to the case. The judge still wanted it as evidence for precautionary measures, which Naruhodō used to point out Rola just saying she couldn't find the body. Van Zieks tried to say the wind might have blew the bouquet there but Naruhodō said Pat would have testified about that as he claims he saw everything.

Pat and Rola watch Green.

Regarding both the book and bouquet, Naruhodō theorized that Viridian Green was moved as a cover-up by Pat O'Malley. He said the real crime scene was the west side of Briar Road right next to the Garrideb's house. But Pat overlooked the bouquet, van Zieks said it wasn't found until the brighter morning, which explained why only that was left on the west side. Patrick admitted that exposing him was a nightmare come true, Naruhodō seemed to know why the Scotland Yard officer would do that,

Pat and Rola confess to tampering the crime scene.

Green was stabbed where Pat patrolling area was so he would have to join the investigation and not go with Rola for their wedding anniversary. Patrick O'Malley started to cry apologizing for what he did. He moved the books, but the burned The Adventure of the Lion's Mane was still in the victim's hand, though they still thought Sōseki Natsume was the culprit. Patrick asks if this was the end for him but Barok van Zieks allows him and Rola to return home, he just hopes he's learned something about trivial matters during crime investigation's.

Now that the true crime scene was revealed, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō requested "once again" for Joan Garrideb to testify. She had a fight with her husband, John, who opened the window facing the crime scene to let out smoke, when Joan threw he book at him it hit the west pavement of Briar Road. So Naruhodō wants her to verify that the knife in Green's back was something she remembers. Van Zieks didn't say jurors couldn't testify, when she admits she has many like those everyone was surprised. The judge and Van Zieks agree for Juror 4 to take the stand.

"Cross-Examining the Garridebs"[edit | edit source]

Juror No. 4, Joan Garrideb, takes the stand, John was also there to testify with her since her was there too. They say during their fight, a candle knocked on the floor caused the fire. John extinguished it and opened the window while Joan tossed whatever she could find at him. With so many knives John wouldn't be aware if one got lost, he wants evidence to prove the victim's knife was theirs. Joan doesn't remember tossing a knife, when mentions the things she did throw John Garrideb plays with his pipe, he said the correct things his wife threw, they all had weight and were hard. During the fight, John's pipe broke, Susato wants the pipe to be inspected so it was submitted as evidence. She and Naruhodō find some sort of sharp metal piece stuck in it, this was the evidence proving the chipped knife in Green was the Garrideb's. Sir van Zieks was astonished by the perfect match of the metal objects, he calls it a miracle. Naruhodō and Susato realize that John Garrideb said he felt something sharp when the pipe fell out of his hands, Joan threw the knife and it went in the pipe before hitting Viridian Green out the window.

Viridian Green picking up book before getting stabbed.

Barok van Zieks was not giving up though, if the knife really fell through the window there was no way it would hit the victim's back, everyone agrees. Just when Ryūnosuke Naruhodō was about to give up, Susato Mikotoba encourages him not to. He presents how Green was stabbed on the back: The burned The Adventure of the Lion's Mane book. Since she was confirmed to be holding it when Patrick O'Malley first found her stabbed, Naruhodō said that when the book fell out the Garridebs' window, Green curiously picked it up. Bent down, the knife wouldn't most certainly stab her in the back! Joan Garrideb admits that's what really happened, she and John apologize for that fight, Joan faints begging for forgiveness, John tries to carry her as she did to him but falls backwards.

"Not Guilty!"

The Garridebs were carried off to the first aid room and Viridian Green was to fully recover very soon, even though nothing was ever revealed about her. The defendant, Sōseki Natsume, takes the stand and the British judge apologizes to the Japanese man for not believing him. Natsume and Patrick O'Malley really thought Green was dead, Natsume thought she was a ghost and apologizes for damaging the trust between Japan and England. The judge compliments both Naruhodō and Barok van Zieks for their work in the trial. Juror 1, Oscar Fairplay, does not like false charges, 2 comments how hard the truth was handled, 3 comments on how Joan Garrideb was gone from the jury bench, 4 was replaced with John, 5 was glad to finally get back to his job, and 6 can tell this as a story for his grandchildren. The judge told them to pass judgement and this time they all vote Not Guilty. The judge announces Natsume's verdict and everyone cheers. The judge hopes that a scholar like Natsume won't be put on the stand ever again and concludes the trial.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Sōseki Natsume very happily thanks his "substitute" for clearing his name. Natsume was very impressed with the Japanese attorney for not feeling like an outside in the British court like he did, it would make a good tale to tell his friend back in Japan. Sherlock Holmes arrives thinking the trial was just starting, Natsume was really mad at him for arresting him. Holmes points out that if he sent Viridian Green to the hospital instead of running away she would've recovered a lot faster. Despite getting off innocent Natsume thinks he's cursed to die soon because of Barok van Zieks. Susato Mikotoba vows to protect him and uses the "Susato drop" on Ryūnosuke Naruhodō. Natsume wishes to stay in England a little longer to study more literature. Holmes asks the Naruhodō and Susato if they'll return to Japan but it hasn't even been a week yet. They realize they're going to run out of money for the hotel so Holmes invites the two of them to stay in his attic. They agree, it has a window, unlike Natsume's flat. Iris will make them all dinner, including Natsume. He and Naruhodō are so glad to meet each other.

Naruhodō's new office

In Sherlock Holmes' attic there a lot of space for Naruhodō and Susato to make their new office. Naruhodō wishes for Asōgi to watch him when Iris and Holmes come in without his uniform. Dinner's ready, Naruhodō was exited at his own office. But Holmes told him that there was a darkness lurking in the bright blossoming capital of London. Naruhodō didn't know what Holmes meant at the time, but he saw a peek of it a little later on.

References to popular culture[edit | edit source]

  • Kokoro was a novel by Sōseki Natsume, with the title literally meaning "heart" or "the heart of things" or "feelings." Thus, the full title means "The Adventure of the Clouded Heart," referencing Naruhodō's mixed feelings about his previous trial.
  • Holmes' deduction of what happened in the Garridebs' flat was similar to the plot of the The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger.
  • The book the Garridebs and Green had during the incident was The Adventure of the Lion's Mane, a Sherlock Holmes story.
  • Mysterious Man A calls Mysterious Man B Horatio, a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. He quotes Hamlet on several occasions, telling Mysterious Man B to “get thee to a nunnery” and saying to both Naruhodou and Myserious Man B that “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Neither character gets the reference, both protesting that their name isn’t Horatio.
  • When Juror No. 6 mentioned the candles on his birthday cake, Naruhodō originally thought it was Witchcraft as that concept was not practiced in Japan at the time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This was the first case in the Ace Attorney series in which the victim was attacked, but survived the ordeal (attempted murder). The second case would be its sequel case, The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro.

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