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The Adventure of the Great Departure
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Ryunosuke Naruhodo
I won't deny that I'm no expert. I'm just a student. And one who could arguably study harder, too. But standing here now in our Supreme Court, there is one thing that I feel very strongly: A country that fails to uphold the truth in its justice system is a country with no future at all.

Episode 1: The Adventure of the Great Departure is the first episode of the game The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and follows Ryunosuke Naruhodo's first appearance in court. In his first trial, Naruhodo is tried for the murder of a visiting British professor, John Wilson. Ryunosuke Naruhodo, Kazuma Asogi, Taketsuchi Auchi, Satoru Hosonaga, Yujin Mikotoba, Susato Mikotoba, Kyurio Korekuta, Iyesa Nosa, and Jezaille Brett all make their debuts in this episode.

Out of all tutorial episodes in the Ace Attorney games, The Adventure of the Great Departure is the longest, consisting of three trial segments.


The Empire of Japan - after opening its doors a push for cultural transformation brought great waves of Western influence to this Far Eastern island nation. The revolution washed over the land, making life in the capital exciting and unsettling. It was a period of great change, and some were swept away by the tide. But for one man the turbulence of that era was just the beginning of an extraordinary story.

Wilson's body slumped over in his chair.

In the 19th century, the Meiji period had begun in Japan. It was a time of revolution, where Western countries began to influence Japanese culture. But one day, a gunshot rang out in the Western restaurant of La Carneval and the body of a deceased English gentleman was found. As the authorities arrived, a young Japanese man was seen holding a gun in front of the victim.

Ryunosuke's trial[]

Before the trial[]

8:43 AM

Three days after the murder, the suspect, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a student at Imperial Yumei University and ancestor of Phoenix Wright, was waiting for his trial at the Supreme Court of the Empire of Japan. His friend and defense attorney, Kazuma Asogi, told him to keep his chin up and that he has faith in him.

Naruhodo remembering his meeting with Asogi.

Naruhodo recalled the events directly before the murder. He was dining with Asogi at La Carneval and was informed that Asogi was participating in a student exchange program between Japan and the Great British Empire. Asogi aspired to study the leading judicial system of the world, then change the judicial system of Japan. He has offered Naruhodo an opportunity to accompany him on his trip.

Naruhodo then snapped back to the present. Yujin Mikotoba, professor at Yumei University and Asogi's mentor, arrives, accompanied by his daughter, Susato. Yujin sends Asogi to the Judge's chamber, then tells Naruhodo that if Asogi lost the trial, his exchange program will be suspended. Yujin then instructed Naruhodo to answer "I am" to the first question the judge asks during the trial.


9:00 AM

Naruhodo's trial was conducted under absolute secrecy because of the recent signing of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Friendship and Navigation between Japan and the Great British Empire. Asogi stands as Naruhodo's defense, and Taketsuchi Auchi as the prosecution. As the trial starts, the judge asks, "Who will be standing as the defense attorney in today's trial?".

Naruhodo remembered Yujin's instructions and replied, "I am," officially establishing himself as his own defense. When everyone, including Asogi, was shocked by his decision, Naruhodo explains that he has heard from Yujin the consequences of the trial on Asogi's upcoming exchange and does not want to ruin his trip.

The judge tests Naruhodo on the basics of the case. The victim was John Wilson, a British professor of medicine at Yumei University, and the cause of death was blood loss from a gunshot wound. The murder occurred in the western restaurant La Carneval. Because the victim was British, the Japanese government was looking to wrap up the case in haste. Naruhodo was the prime suspect because he was present at the scene of the crime, holding a gun. Auchi also presented a photograph of the body as evidence.

"The First Witness"[]

Auchi then summons Satoru Hosonaga, a waiter at La Carneval, who testified that the victim was dining at the restaurant a little after 2 PM. Hosonaga was cleaning utensils in the kitchen when he heard the gunshot. He then exited the kitchen to see the victim killed and Naruhodo, with a gun in hand. According to Hosonaga, Wilson was alone at his table, and no one approached him except for Naruhodo.

The mysterious woman.

The testimony conflicted with Naruhodo's memories, who remembered a woman sitting at the victim's table. Naruhodo tried to point this out, but he was ignored. Hosonaga presented a map of the seating arrangements in the restaurant, which he had drawn on the back of his business card. The judge accepted the card as evidence, but Hosonaga was notably shaken at the notion.

The judge and prosecution offered to reduce Naruhodo's sentence if he pleaded guilty, but Asogi, believing in Naruhodo's innocence, insisted that the defense will plead for an innocent verdict.

"The Next Witnesses"[]

Naruhodo picking up Wilson's gun.

Then, Auchi summoned the next two witnesses, Iyesa Nosa, an imperial army sergeant, and Kyurio Korekuta, an antique dealer, who were present at the restaurant at the time of the murder. Nosa claimed to have witnessed the moment Naruhodo shot Wilson in the back, and Korekuta said that he fell to the floor.

Naruhodo recalled that on the day of the crime, he greeted the victim at his table, but when about to leave, he noticed an English-made pistol next to him. Thinking it belonged to Wilson, he picked it up, right before the gunshot rang out.

Asogi instructed Naruhodo to assert the right to a cross-examination. With some help from Asogi, Naruhodo pointed out a contradiction: Nosa claimed that the victim was shot in the back, while the crime photo and the autopsy both prove that he was shot in the front. Moreover, the autopsy report states that the bullet did not go through the victim's body.

Nosa admitted that when the gunshot rang out, he was actually looking at his beefsteak and did not witness the moment of crime. At the time, Korekuta was looking under the table for a valuable Hōei era Koban coin that he lost. Asogi concluded that the testimony was inconclusive. It was also revealed that Iyesa brought along his son, Aido.

Nosa then testified that even though he did not see the moment of the crime, the victim was dining alone at the time, and no one but Naruhodo could have committed the murder. Naruhodo again proclaimed that he saw a woman dining with the victim, but Auchi presented a photo showing the table with a beefsteak for one, meaning that the victim was eating alone. When asked why the victim had such a late lunch, Auchi presented a medical report, which stated that the victim had just underwent a tooth extraction from and could not eat solid food. Naruhodo used this to counter the witnesses' statement: the victim could not have been eating at his table because he was unable have been the one responsible for the half-eaten beefsteak. This proved that another person was present.

As the defense continued to press with the threat of possible charges, Korekuta let slip that he and Iyesa were ordered to conceal the presence of a woman in their testimonies. It appeared that they were silenced by someone with great influence. Naruhodo examined the card the waiter submitted earlier and discovers that Hosonaga was in fact a detective. Hosonaga was investigating undercover at the restaurant due to a string of incidents occurring there. When the crime occurred, he saw Naruhodo, the victim, and a British woman sitting with him. He was told to release the British woman due to orders from the police headquarters. Asogi pointed out that there was a British female exchange student under the victim's research facility named Jezaille Brett. Hosonaga confirmed this, and the judge declared a recess while the court summoned for her.


11:38 AM

During the recess, Asogi complimented Naruhodo on his sharpness and ability to find contradictions in the testimony, noting that he was perhaps suited to be an attorney. Yujin Mikotoba congratulates the two, then explains that he wanted to prevent having Asogi's exchange program suspended. Asogi stated that if he cannot save his friend, he will resign from the exchange. Yujin revealed that he was acquainted with the victim, Doctor Wilson, and offered him the position at Imperial Yumei University. At the end of the recess, Naruhodo expresses his gratitude to Asogi for putting faith in him.

"The Phantom Woman"[]

12:09 PM

As the trial reconvened, Auchi commented on how Japan's relationship with Great Britain could be worsened by the trial, but Asogi and Naruhodo criticized the Japanese government for neglecting justice in favor of politics and good ties.

The exchange student, Jezaille Brett, arrived. Because she spoke fancy English, Hosonaga stood in as an interpreter. Brett testified that she was having a late lunch with Wilson and ordered a beefsteak for herself. She then saw Naruhodo come over and shoot the victim. She stated that she could not have committed the crime because she was wearing the same clothes as she wore on the day of the incident, and there was no place to conceal a handgun.

The defense cross-examined Brett and found out that she and the victim had a toast with carbonated water. However, Naruhodo pointed out that the photo of the table has only one wine glass, making a "toast" impossible. Brett explained that she hid her wine glass in her handbag due to shock. Naruhodo then realized that if she had a handbag, she could have also hidden a handgun in it. According to Hosonaga, the police did not examine the contents of Brett's handbag, but they took a picture. The handbag has an open side and all that was visible was the wine glass.

The victim's burn mark.

Believing that all doubted are cleared up, the judge was about to hand down his verdict. But Naruhodo interrupted, saying that they have yet to inspect the photo. They inspected the photo to find that the victim has a bull-shaped burn mark on his hand. Naruhodo identified the shape of the burn mark as a replica of La Carneval's bull insignia on the iron plate that the beefsteak was served on. Such a severe burn would have had the victim screaming in pain, but no such scream was heard. Therefore, Naruhodo reasoned that the victim had acquired the burn mark after his death.

"A Different Cause of Death"[]

When questioned on this, Jezaille Brett began to speak in Japanese and agreed to talk to preserve the relationship between Japan and Britain, claiming that she wanted an interpreter because she thought the language was unfit compared to English. She did not know about the burn mark and believed that Japan's inexperienced police force cannot produce any new evidence.

During the cross-examination, the defense questioned Hosonaga and find out that since the Japanese police force was still developing, he had taken the bottle with carbonated water from the crime scene. Naruhodo believed that since no traces were left behind, the victim had to be poisoned by the carbonated water. However, Hosonaga revealed that the police had investigated the bottle and found no traces of poison. Naruhodo was devastated and about to give up, but Susato Mikotoba burst into the courtroom.

1:14 PM

Susato introduced herself as a judicial assistant and presented the defense with a new piece of evidence, Jezaille Brett's research notes. Then she exited the court, and Asogi and Naruhodo discover that Brett was researching the poison, curare, which was currently undetectable in Japan. The victim would not scream or writhe in pain because curare paralyzes muscles. Not only that, but the muscles that control breathing are also paralyzed, resulting in death by suffocation.

The defense accused Brett of poisoning Wilson with curare in his carbonated drink, but Brett took a drink from the bottle and survived, demonstrating that the bottle contained no curare. Naruhodo pointed out that curare was only deadly when entering through a wound, and drinking it was completely safe. Then, Brett argued that the victim drank it as well and would have survived.

A righteous anger boiled within Naruhodo, and he declared his first "Objection!". He stated that since the victim had undergone a tooth extraction prior to the murder, the poison could have entered through the wound in his mouth. Suddenly, Brett snatched the bottle and destroys it in front of the court, leaving the defense with no evidence to prove their poison theory.

"One Incident revealed Another"[]

The bloodstain on the plate.

Just when everything seemed to be over, Naruhodo identified a clue from his memories: he recalled seeing blood on the plate of the beefsteak. This would prove that Wilson was facing the table when he was shot. Hosonaga then retrieved the meal tray in question, but no blood was found on it, much to Naruhodo's surprise.

Iyesa Nosa, the La Carneval thief.

When the defense examined the tray, they find a golden koban underneath; the same koban that Kyurio Korekuta lost. Hosonaga explained that he had been investigating a series of thefts at the restaurant. Naruhodo accused Iyesa Nosa as the thief, his son Aido pulls on his father's mustache, does a horseback ride, and salutes with him. It turns out Iyesa has been stealing valuables from other patrons at the restaurant while biting on his beefsteak, having resorted to theft because his low pay was insufficient to provide for his son.

Jezaille Brett commented on the soldier's eating habits and actions as barbaric and motioned for the trial to end. But Naruhodo pointed out that the beefsteak had bite marks, so it belonged to Nosa and not Brett like Hosonaga claimed. This meant that Nosa had switched the plates. Hosonaga presented the other steak, and the traces of blood were clearly seen. It served as evidence that the victim's back was turned towards Naruhodo, which meant the perpetrator who shot Wilson from the front was Brett. Jezaille Brett was dragged around by birds and ascended to "heaven".

Finally, Brett confessed to the crime and revealed that she had intended to leave immediately after poisoning Wilson with curare. However, Naruhodo showed up, forcing her to stay. She used the chair Wilson was sitting in to prop up his corpse, then put his handgun on the floor for Naruhodo to pick up. She then used her own gun, hidden from under her skirt to shoot the corpse. As Hosonaga detained Naruhodo in the kitchen, Brett rotated Wilson's chair.

As the trial concluded, Auchi swore vengeance against Naruhodo. Asogi said that the prideful will be uprooted by the next generation. He sliced off Auchi's hair with his katana, promising that even after a thousand years, Auchi's descendants will never rival those of Naruhodo. The judge declared Ryunosuke Naruhodo not guilty.


2:46 PM

Yujin Mikotoba and his daughter congratulated the two on their victory. However, it was revealed that Jezaille Brett cannot be tried for her crimes in Japan due to the consular courts of Great Britain. Instead, she will be sent overseas to Shanghai, China. But Asogi pointed out that the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Friendship and Navigation should have rendered those courts void. Nevertheless, they can only hope that Brett will be brought to justice one day.

Naruhodo thanked Asogi, who again noted Naruhodo's talent as an attorney, despite Naruhodo's lack of enthusiasm. Asogi told Naruhodo that an attorney's greatest power was their belief in their client and in themselves. They then leave to celebrate Naruhodo's acquittal.

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  • Wilson's unfired gun was never mentioned to have been examined and the player is unable to do so themselves due to the firearm not appearing in the court record; this is due to technology in the game's setting being insufficient to perform a ballistics test. But if it were sufficient, it would have immediately proven Naruhodo's innocence, thereby rendering the entire trial irrelevant.

Other languages[]

  • Japanese - 大いなる旅立ちの冒険 (Ōinaru Tabidachi no Bōken)