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The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band
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Susato Mikotoba
I am still... not able to believe it. For a person's life to end so prematurely... In this manner.

Episode 2: The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band is the second episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō being accused of the murder of his best friend, Kazuma Asōgi. Sherlock Holmes, Nikomina Borschevic and Mitrov Stroganov make their debuts in this episode.

Crime[edit | edit source]

In a corner of that small, dark room, Holmes and I waited with bated breath. In time, there came from the ventilation a hiss and a soft almost growl-like sound. Suddenly, Holmes sprang into action, tackling furiously with his cane at a point in the darkness. "You see it, Watson?" he yelled, his tense voice reverberating through the air. I raised my dark lantern's shutter, and the room slowly came into view. Holmes was staring intensely at one particular corner when he started whispering to me, The victim's most perplexing, final words --'the speckled band'-- "I believe this is the terrible coil to which she referenced, Watson!" In front of us was an enormous adder, its fangs bared as it threatened to strike. It truly was the most terrible 'speckled band' I had ever seen.

The Speckled Band

6:37 AM

A detective was onboard the S.S. Alaclaire trying to solve a murder mystery. The door was latched shut from within with no traces of tampering, meaning the room was at total lockdown at the time of the crime. The victim seemed to write something with the fallen ink, the words were Russian so the detective said the victim was Russian. But the language on the closet seal was different. After spraying pink smoke on the closet, the victim's hand prints are revealed, the detective sees a man inside. The sailors wee very confused at him suggesting they just wait for the police. But the detective said there's no need as he found the culprit. He took the seal of the closet and opened the door. The name of this detective was Sherlock Holmes...

Investigation, Part 1[edit | edit source]

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō woke up, handcuffed and with a headache. A sailor noticed him being awake and asserts he had been unconscious for quite a while despite being violently dragged out of a closet. The sailor then proceeds to call Naruhodō a criminal. As he was about to confess to stowing away, Susato Mikotoba interrupts him, asking why he killed "him". Her and the sailor threaten him to tell why he murdered Asōgi, insisting that feigning ignorance will not work because the latch on the door was shut from the inside, thus Naruhodō was the only possible suspect! As he realizes Asōgi was dead, he begins to scream.

He remembers that half a month ago, Asōgi told him it was alright that he was smuggled in his cabin. It was rough for him in that luggage trunk. Naruhodō just needs to stay in the cabin for fifty days. The ship was filled with soldiers from Russia, they are very strong and very short-tempered. Even Susato shouldn't know about this. For the cleaning patrol, Asōgi told Naruhodō to hide in the closet.

A sailor said they'll drop him off on the next port but he was the only possible culprit. Susato explains that this room had been locked down when Asōgi was killed. The only culprit would be someone on the inside. But Naruhodō doesn't even know how died, no one does yet. Susato always waited for Asōgi in from of the cabin for his routines. However, she heard nothing this time so she knew he was already dead. The door latch was opened by force and she and the sailors saw Kazuma Asōgi collapsed on the floor. Naruhodō admits he was smuggled in the cabin but it was so he and Asōgi could go together. But Asōgi never told him why wanted to go to Great Britain in the first place. He just kept wishing to change the law system. Naruhodō doesn't remember what really happened, Asōgi delivered his meal to the closet and then Naruhodō fell asleep.

He insists he's not the culprit but Susato told him not to move. She'll investigate Asōgi's death alone and flips Naruhodō with the "Susato Toss" when he tries to leave. Since he acted as his own attorney, she shows her a seal saying "Don't Open" that was on the closet door. Asōgi would always place it there when the sailors came by. If he was the culprit, the seal would have to be pealed off, but Susato realizes that they found it still on the closet at the time.

The two of them decide to investigate the room. The utensils and meal on the dinner table were knocked off, Naruhodō doesn't remember what happened last night after eating the roasted chicken. When Naruhodō questions the sailor blocking the door all he does was call him a criminal. Asōgi's katana was on the floor, the door was locked from the inside, and Asōgi apparently wrote some foreign message in ink when dying. They also find pink glass, a large trunk, a message from sailors saying weapons and animals are forbidden on the ship, books fallen over on the shelf which Naruhodō sorted, Asōgi's journal, a calling bell, an air vent, and surprise guest on the desk! The gentleman was busy investigating something then greeted them, he theorizeed that Naruhodō was from Afghanistan. That's wrong but the next theory of being in the middle of an incident was correct. The man then claimed Naruhodō was a Russian refugee who assassinated sixteen people and was going to blow up the Crystal Tower in England. After Naruhodō explained otherwise, the man introduced himself as the World's Greatest Detective, Sherlock Holmes. Susato knew it and believed he knew the truth about the incident.

"Revolutionary, Dmitri Demiglaski defecting from Russia through Shanghai route."

Holmes was famous for being written about in the Great Britain's Strand magazine, Susato has every issue. Although, Holmes said Dr. Watson writes them in their flat, Holmes was on his way back after solving an mystery involving a tiara and an Asian family. He observes every bit of every person and uses logic to figure out the truth. He reveals he's the one who arrested Naruhodō with the sailors. As to explain the Russian refugee theory, Holmes shows him this morning's newspaper. The revolutionary seeking asylum, Dmitri Demiglaski, was defecting from Russia through Shanghai route where the steamship stopped yesterday, he thinks Asōgi was Russian due to the writing, so he concluded that Naruhodō was Demiglaski and that he killed his accomplice.

Asougi's final "message", closet written in Russian.

Naruhodō argued that he looks nothing like Demiglaski. Regarding the current incident, Holmes said that it would be impossible for the culprit to leave this room and Asōgi was a failing Russian comrade, the ink message means "closet". Asōgi and Naruhodō are wearing the same clothes so they must be comrades, he gives them a photo his corpse right after the writing to avoid tampering the scene. Holmes also investigated Asōgi's journal but couldn't read the Kanjis, so Susato read it and it said that Asōgi heard something like a low whistle at exactly 1:23 AM, and twelve minutes afterwards he saw a "speckled band" near the vent that connects to the next cabin.

Sherlock Holmes decides to leave and investigate that cabin, Naruhodō can't come as he was the handcuffed culprit. Holmes suddenly said he didn't make him the culprit and leaves but Susato said they should follow him, but they decide to investigate the current room a little longer. Satoru Hosonaga was there as a sailor, he infiltrated the ship after receiving instructions to keep Asōgi safe until they reach the Great British empire, which he failed. Hosonaga allows his help to the two of them, but he can't let them leave the room. So Naruhodō presents Asōgi's journal mentioning the "speckled band" so Hosonaga allows them to leave.

7:48 AM

Kazuma Asōgi got the first class cabin for being an exchange student from the Japanese government. Finally outside of it, Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba see that a strong sailor was guarding the second class cabin. He was the senior sailor, Mitrov Stroganov, and he's always acting as security. He said the guest in the cabin next to Asōgi's cabin was a man from the Western countries named Grimesby Roylott, but Stroganov doesn't see any relation regarding the Japanese victim. Stroganov didn't notice anything fishy last night but he seemed to glance away when he said that. Stroganov has to go see the captain, he said the door to the second class cabin was locked tight. Naruhodō and Susato find an alarm and a voyage log with last night's page blank. Naruhodō decides to knock on the other cabin door but doesn't get an answer. Suddenly, a female scream was heard, Holmes arrives to kick down the door.

"A Certain Time"

Inside, old Grimesby Roylott appears to be Russian but there's no one in the room but him. Holmes introduces himself to him and noticed the empty closet and small trunk which rumbled. It's obvious Roylott was hiding something, Holmes decides to do his famous Great Deduction, much to Susato's glee. Roylott was definitely suspicious with the beard and sunglasses, Holmes has come up with two conclusions: Roylott was a scissoring scoundrel and he was about to do a crime. Susato explains the novels say that Holmes can see through everything in a single glance, Holmes will now explain how he came up with those two conclusions.

"Famous prestigious Russion ballet group, Novavic Ballet's splendorous dancer disappears!"

The detective starts with Grimesby Roylott's identity, he was always carrying large scissors around. Just by looking at him, Holmes deduces that Roylott intended to cut off his large beard. For a reason why, Holmes notes that Roylott has copy of the same newspaper he has from earlier. Dmitri Demiglaski also has a beard, so Holmes concludes that Roylott was Demiglaski and he was going to cut off his beard to avoid detection. Regarding Roylott's crime, Holmes notes him looking at the trunk nearby which he refuses to open. Holmes deduces that a girl was in the trunk which makes Roylott look at the newspaper. The other side shows an article about a ballet dancer named Nikomina Borschevic who disappeared last night during a performance in Shanghai. Holmes concludes his deduction saying the old man kidnapped her.

Naruhodō and Susato are very confused about the deduction. Grimesby Roylott doesn't look like Dmitri Demiglaski either, and the trunk looks way to small for a young girl to fit in! Naruhodō thinks this was utter nonsense, but Susato said that Holmes was just a little off-point. They decide to examine his keywords and replace them to make the deduction perfect. Holmes allows it and quickly releases Naruhodō from his handcuffs.

Deduction Complete

Grimesby Roylott was intending to cut off something with those scissors. When looking behind him, Naruhodō and Susato find beautiful golden hair and conclude that's the true intention of the scissors. Roylott was actually a girl, they remember the article on the ballerina and realize that the old man was actually Nikomina Borschevic who was also seeking asylum. "Grimesby Roylott" takes off her sunglasses and beard revealing the new deduction to be true, she begs them not to tell anyone. Moving onto to the crime deduction, Borschevic was actually looking at a tiara on the desk. That tiara was used on stage by the ballet company she was in, it's worth twenty-thousand ruble making this a robbery. Borschevic said she was all alone with no money and that a Prussian earl gave her the tiara. However, there was a still a matter of what's in the trunk, Borschevic appears to be looking at the bookshelf but she was actually looking at the disembarking regulation next to it. It said no weapons or animals are allowed on the ship, with the moving trunk this can mean only one thing: Nikomina Borschevic smuggled an animal on the ship!

She confirms that everything was true, the scream came from her, she told them to keep a secret that her friend was in the trunk. When Naruhodō said he cares more about Borschevic's information than Holmes' deduction, the detective puts the handcuffs back on him, Naruhodō was only released for the examination. Borschevic heard that her neighbor was killed from the sailors during breakfast but she doesn't know anything about it. She was going to take a ferry to America when they get to England and start a new life away from ballet. She tired of all the dancing in different countries for no money, she wants to keep the tiara. Holmes reveals that S.S. Alaclaire didn't anchor any harbor last night, Susato remembers Mitrov Stroganov refused to talk about the stops earlier. Borschevic's won't say what pet she was hiding. The group shows her Asōgi's diary but Borschevic didn't know anything about a whistle or "speckled band". Stroganov enters the room and she quickly resumes her "Grimesby Roylott" disguise, the sailor want "him" to see the captain so they leave to see them. Looks like they can't investigate the room right now.

Investigation, Part 2[edit | edit source]

Around the same time

Susato Mikotoba can't believe they were thrown out without any new information, and now Stroganov was guarding the cabin. Holmes disappeared so the Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato decide to investigate Kazuma Asōgi's cabin some more. In there, detective Satoru Hosonaga has a black eye he got from the sailors during his persuasion of the captain, he doesn't seem to mind it. Holmes told him about what happened in the other cabin. Hosonaga doesn't think Nikomina Borschevic would have any relation to Asōgi's murder, he said the scene must kept the way it was for the Hong Kong police. Then he gives the two of them Asōgi's corpse examination report from the ship's doctor, the cause of death was presumably poison or a broken neck. Holmes was looking at the floor then quickly left, he said he found shoe polish near the glass fragment, Susato remembered that Asōgi would use shoe polish. Detective Hosonaga has to go keep watch soon, he and Naruhodō suddenly get headaches.

Back in the Cabin Corridor, Mitrov Stroganov was gone. Someone was heard singing, Holmes was reading the voyage log and gets mad when Naruhodō and Susato interrupt him. He said when Stroganov said there wasn't anything unusual despite that not being in the log, which means that sailor must have left his post for some reason. Holmes gets a headache too and leaves, then Susato admits she's been getting one as well.

In Borschevic's cabin, Susato and Naruhodō find a heavy, iron door and another bookcase of messed up books also sorted, when they are about to open to the trunk the ship's emergency bell rings as they are approaching another ship and might collide. The ship begins to rock and the two of them fall down. When the ship stopped, the latch on the door suddenly closed and the books fall again.

Investigation, Part 3[edit | edit source]

Susato Mikotoba has just opened the door for Satoru Hosonaga and Mitrov Stroganov, Hosonaga reveals they hit some dense fog and will be stopped for a while. Just as Naruhodō realizes that someone must have sounded the alarm, and undisguised Nikomina Borschevic arrives saying they opened the trunk, she and Stroganov demand Naruhodō to be arrested for the murder of Kazuma Asōgi, stowing away and intruding. Hosonaga can't do anything because the ship was Russian but Holmes suddenly appears wearing Borschevic's tiara. He reveals he solved Asōgi's murder as he will perform another deduction.

Is that really the speckled band?

All except Holmes are convinced that Naruhodō was the killer because of the locked door, but Holmes said the culprit didn't use the door, they used the air vent. He said it was the "speckled band" Asōgi mentioned and that it was in this very room. Suddenly, a large, striped snake appears wrapped around Stroganov's head, Holmes said this was the speckled band. But Naruhodō and Susato point out the snake was striped instead of speckled, yet Holmes said it was a trap. He has come up with two conclusions again: Borschevic's "friend" trespassed into Asōgi's cabin and that that "friend" was the killer. Borschevic goes pale, which means Holmes' conclusions must be true as he will now do another one of his "Experimental Theatre's of Logic and Deduction".

Holmes said Nikomina Borschevic was lying when she said she had no relation to Asōgi's murder because her friend trespassed into the scene that night. Borschevic looked at Stroganov with the snake still on his head, so Holmes concluded the snake as her friend. Borschevic appeared to be hiding some speckled snake skin for which Holmes said originally came from the snake, this explained why the snake was now striped. It heard the calling bell in Asōgi's cabin, went through the air vent, and Asōgi saw it speckled as it climbed down the calling bell sash. But there were no injuries on the outside, so Holmes said the snake's poisonous fang was inside the victim's body and that killed him. Borschevic looked at the trunk which moved earlier, Holmes concluded it was the snake that did it. He said Borschevic was the one who blew the whistle to manipulate the snake, she also had milk for it to drink.

Holmes hopes his deduction isn't wrong and everyone was amazed at him this time. Except Susato, she explains that snakes don't drink milk, lack ears, and are unable to climb a sash all by themselves. So she didn't think that the snake was the true culprit at all. She told Naruhodō to examine the deduction and make it right again, Holmes releases his handcuffs again.

Borschevic and Kuroppoi.

Naruhodō noticed claw wounds on Borschevic's hand and that she was actually looking at a photograph of herself and a black cat, Borschevic's real friend. Borschevic said its name was Kuroppo, she was hiding a green foxtail, a cat toy, AKA the real speckled band. Borschevic dangled it through the vent to Asōgi's cabin to call back Kuroppoi, she reveals that her cat heard a calling bell through the vent and scratched Borschevic to follow it. Asōgi's corpse examination report said he broke his neck, the shoe polish stains on the floor cause Naruhodō to say that he tumbled. Inside the current cabin's wastepaper basket, there was glass fragment like the one in Asōgi's cabin. It's a bell that Kuroppoi was wearing, Borschevic is related to the case! They conclude that Asōgi slipped, was tripped by Kuroppoi, and fell somewhere that broke his neck killing him.

Borschevic said this all happened one past midnight, Hosonaga said cats get nervous in new environment. The reasons no animals are allowed on the ship was because they might contain diseases. Borschevic heard Asōgi's cabin to be very quiet. Despite being engrossed to the cat toy and whistle, Kuroppoi didn't return to her, Holmes said when cats are afraid the don't listen. Borschevic heard the cat meow loudly followed by a large thump, that must have been Asōgi's cabin, Hosonaga also said that Asōgi must have stepped on Kuroppoi's bell. Borschevic heard about the death but she had to stay hidden as "Grimesby Roylott" or else she'd be escorted back to Russia. The snake was revealed to Mitrov Stroganov's harmless pet and good friend, its name was Piroshko and it escaped during the alarm.

Susato told Borschevic that despite what happened to her, she has no right to lie when involved with a murder, she doesn't think this was the truth. Naruhodō hands are cuffed again, Holmes agreed that he should listen carefully to Borschevic's out of place words if he wants to find out the true death of their good friend, Kazuma Asōgi. There's a contradiction in his cabin saying his death wasn't an accident. It's the Russian writing, Asōgi died immediately and doesn't even know Russian, so who wrote that? Also, Asōgi stepping on the bell doesn't explain why the other half was in the wastepaper basket of Borschevic's cabin. The must have another person in Asōgi's cabin who altered the crime scene. Stroganov disagreed, the only one was the locked room with him was Naruhodō. But Naruhodō was in the closet and doesn't Russian either, obviously someone who does tried to frame him for the crime and retrieved one half of the bell to avoid finding out Asōgi's cause of death. Hosonaga asks why they didn't take both pieces so Holmes answer that it was pretty dark and they couldn't find them.

Mitrov Stroganov refuses to believe that a ballerina who danced on the ship killed the victim. The door was latched shut but Holmes there was a way of turning the latch from the outside, it's in the bookshelf. The latch moved during the inertia of ship just like the books, Naruhodō remembers that the door was shut after the S.S. Alaclaire pasted that other ship despite neither of them doing it themselves, they believe the same thing happened last night. The others doubt that the ship stopped, but Holmes admits he pressed the emergency alarm button earlier for fun and the safety of the ship, that stopped it so Holmes said someone did that last night too. Naruhodō shows Stroganov the blank pages of the voyage log despite him saying nothing unusual happened last night, which means something must has been transpiring after two. But how come no one noticed anything? Holmes remembers everyone getting headaches, last night Naruhodō suddenly felt sleepy after eating all the roasted chicken Asōgi gave him. Asōgi didn't have any as he doesn't like chicken, Susato and Hosonaga then realize that the chicken was tampered with sleeping drugs. Holmes concluded that the sailors must has been responsible.

That's when Borschevic suddenly speaks up and Stroganov reveals that all the sailors helped her for the glory of Russia and her ballet troupe. The sleeping drugs were put in the dinner right before they received Nikomina Borschevic in Shanghai at 11:30 PM. While the passengers were sleeping, the people of Shanghai sent a fisherman's boat to get her onto the S.S. Alaclaire. Only she, the sailors, and people who didn't eat the chicken were awake, Borschevic used the inertia to cause the emergency stop and shut the latches. This means there was a third party at Asōgi's murder. Sherlock Holmes has one more theater to do, just by observing them Naruhodō can figure out who tampered with crime scene and solve this case once and for all. It's an ink stain on Stroganov's uniform, it's the same purple ink as the Russian writing!

Mitrov Stroganov admits he shut the latch during the emergency stop to divert suspicions away from Borschevic. Around one past midnight he was keeping watch in the corridor, that's when she quickly approached him for help. He opened the cabin door with her and saw Kazuma Asōgi on the floor. Borschevic told Stroganov that Kuroppoi the cat tripped him. The next morning she heard something fall from his cabin and went to check it out, the door was not latched shut. Susato doesn't think Asōgi was dead when Borschevic entered the cabin until Borschevic reassures her. Holmes and Naruhodō note the writing again, Asōgi's hand was in a fist. Holmes reveals he checked that hand and found an earring that's looks exactly like the one, just one, Borschevic was wearing! Asōgi mush have ripped it off her ear when he fell, which means she was there at the time of his death. Naruhodō demanded to know what happened last night and Borschevic screamed and passed out.

Nikomina remembers what happened last night.

It turns out when Kuroppoi ran away, Borschevic came to Asōgi for help, he originally thought it was Detective Hosonaga knocking but promised to keep a secret. When they found Kuroppoi, Asōgi recognized Borschevic from a ballet performance back in Japan. Borschevic got scared so she tried to make him an ally. Asōgi agreed to help her get Asylum and was going to introduce her to someone, then he looked to his right. Borschevic said he was looking at the calling bell like he was going to call the captain. When she screamed, Kuroppoi ran to Asōgi,

"In the time frame when the exchange student swung around to look..."

and when he turned around a panicking Borschevic thrusted him with all her might, Kazuma Asōgi hit the bedpost and died. Borschevic didn't know why she did that, it was then she had Mitrov Stroganov help her tamper the scene to pin the blame on Ryūnosuke Naruhodō. Naruhodō doesn't understand why she would panic about the captain if every sailor on the ship was her ally, but when Asōgi thought Borschevic was Hosonaga she thought if he notified him she would be arrested. Susato and Naruhodō realize what happened last night was just like Holmes' joint reasoning, Asōgi was actually looking at the closet to introduce her to Naruhodō. Naruhodō thanks Borschevic for telling the truth but told her that the fact she killed someone will never disappear. Nikomina Borschevic apologized for everything and cried with her hands in her face.

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

7:14 PM

Satoru Hosonaga said that Borschevic will be handed over to Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes will negotiate with the immigration office for her asylum but she'll most certainly never go back to her hometown in Russia. Naruhodō was finally free of his handcuffs, Mitrov Stroganov apologized for only thinking about her and never about Naruhodō, he intended to hand himself over to the Yard as well and promised to take care of Borschevic. Hosonaga told Naruhodō he will have to go back to Japan, he understood due to being a stowaway.

Back in the cabin, Naruhodō was very upset about not going to England. Susato Mikotoba was sobbing while holding Asōgi's katana. She couldn't believe Nikomina Borschevic's mistake, Hosonaga was sad that he failed his mission and made Naruhodō and Susato suffer pain. Suddenly, Naruhodō was handcuffed again and Holmes appears. Susato thanks him for his help and he express his condolences of them losing their friend. Holmes told them to study in England for him but Hosonaga said that's not happening. The Ministers of Justice agreed to send an attorney and legal assistant from Japan, with Asōgi dead the exchange has to be suspended. Holmes said the journey will continue as long as there was another attorney, this gives Naruhodō the idea of replacing Asōgi. They have forty days before they reach London so he will study and become an attorney for Asōgi. Susato thinks that's wonderful, Hosonaga reluctantly agreed, he will try to send a report to the government and leaves to see the captain about the incident. Susato will teach Naruhodō all there was to know about being an attorney and gives him Asōgi's katana. Susato also requests Naruhodō to toss her five times, after a conversation on martial arts she performs the "Susato drop" on him.

In a flashback, Kazuma Asōgi told Naruhodō that his katana was named "Karuma". It was down through generations of the Asōgi house. He said there something he must do in London no matter what and Naruhodō swears to see it.

References to Other Cases[edit | edit source]

References to Popular cultures[edit | edit source]

  • Ryūnosuke Naruhodō mentions Mitrov Stroganov as a Herculean, bulking sailor.
  • At one point, the game mocks the original source material (The Adventure of the Speckled Band) by pointing out numerous problems with the story's conclusion.
  • When Susato revealed that snakes are deaf, Holmes mentions Snake charmers in Arabia

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Errors[edit | edit source]

  • Sherlock Holmes said Kazuma Asōgi wrote "closet" in Russian but "гардероб" actually means "wardrobe". The fanmade English translation fixes this by correcting Holmes’ translation of the word. The word was then accurately referred to as meaning "wardrobe" throughout the case.
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