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The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story
AoUS Card
Trial data

April 15-17, 1900

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Susato Mikotoba (investigative partner)
Iris Watson (investigative partner and co-counsel)
Sherlock Holmes (investigative partner)


Barok van Zieks


Gina Lestrade


Hatch Windibank
Sherlock Holmes (non-lethal)
Cosney Megundal

Time of death

April 16, 1900; 1:15 AM (Windibank, Holmes)
February 18, 1900; 5:15 PM (Megundal)

Weapon/cause of death

Gunshot to the back (Hatch)
Stabbed in the stomach by an exploding test tube (Holmes, originally thought to be a gunshot there)
Immolation (Megundal)


Not Guilty

Tobias Gregson
Nemmy Tinpillar
Tully Tinpillar
Robert Crogley (arrested)
Gina Lestrade
Other characters
Hart Vortex
Mortar Milverton
John Garrideb (Juror No. 1)
Dmitri Demiglaski (Juror No. 6)
During credits
Taketsuchi Auchi
Sanmon Sonohigurashi
Taizou Uzukumaru
Judge (Japan)
Satoru Hosonaga
Sōseki Natsume
Patrick O'Malley
Rola O'Malley
Naruhodō Law Consultation Office
Holmes's Room
Baker Street
Hatch's Pawn Shop
Detention Center
St. Entre-Deux Hospital
Chief Justice's Office
Storage Room
Old Bailey
Defense Armband
Deposit Receipt (Small Box)
Gina's Written Request
Blood Discrimination Samples
Deposit Receipt (Coat)
Iris's Manuscript
Megundal Case Materials
Today's Newspaper
Autopsy Report
Crime Scene Photo
Crime Scene Floor Plan
Hatch's Pistol
Tinpillars' Pistol
Shop Interior Recording Photo (Gina)
Shop Interior Recording Photo (After the Incident)
Music Box Disc
Holmes's Pouch
Third Bullet
Cat Door Maker
Barok van Zieks
That incident two months ago... was quite the interesting one. To think I would once again meet the people connected to that trial once more like this...

Episode 5: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story is the fifth and final episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's fourth appearance in the British court. It has been two months since Ryūnosuke and Susato Mikotoba arrived in London, and both are living in Holmes' Attic. While there, he becomes acquainted with Hatch Windibank and once again meets Gina Lestrade.


"It's coming!" Holmes' cry pierced through the thick wall of fog around us. Wisps of vapor flowed over the pistol as I cocked it, and I waited breathlessly in the stillness. The silences lasted for what seemed an eternity until, at last, it appeared. From the shadows of the cloud, an enormous beast sprang out upon us. A hound it was, but not such a hound as any mortal had ever seen. It eyes glowed with a smoldering glare and the whole of its ox-sized body was outlined in white hot flames. Its panting caused the ground to quake and its hideous howl -- so terrified was I that I began to tremble with fear. "Look well, Watson!" Holmes declared gasping upon the mystical beast. "For this! This is the diabolical Hound of the Baskervilles!"
Hound of the Baskervilles

It's the Hound of the Baskervilles!

It all started after Cosney Megundal was found not guilty of the murder of Mortar Milverton. Only minutes after his acquittal, Megundal burned to death inside the omnibus crime scene, his trial was prosecuted by the "Death Bringer". Two months later, a pawn shop owner was shot in the heart in his shop. The famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, doubled over in pain after being shot in the stomach. Only one person remained unharmed, but armed: Gina Lestrade.

Investigation, Part 1 Edit

It's been two months since Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba came to London. They managed to win two trials and haven't gotten any clients since, until a telegram arrived. Sherlock Holmes is playing the violin and is pretty depressed that they don't seem to be getting at it. Wagahai comes through the "kitty door", Iris Watson made it herself using a new machine, she also made a place for her. Iris has made breakfast for everyone, but Holmes wants to die because of the violin. His desk is quite empty, Iris reveals that the omnipotent analysis scope is at the pawn shop of someone named Hatch. Naruhodō and Susato can't believe Holmes pawned off such unique equipment but Holmes says the pawn shop's are like banks in London, you can get the stuff back. Wagahai scratched Holmes' violin very badly but he doesn't seem to mind at all. Susato and Iris note that the violin looks different than usual, different color wood, new hole, it's not a violin, it's a viola! Holmes is extremely mad about this, Iris suggests that it was just an exchange mistake and they should go to the pawn shop to get the violin.

Hatch's pawn shop is filled with all sorts of knick knacks and odds and ends. Hatch Windibank, the owner comes in from behind the counter. When Holmes tells him about the mistake regarding the viola, Hatch suddenly deems himself unworthy, grabs a gun, and threatens to kill himself! Hatch mentions an unpublished manuscript of Holmes that he brought in and trusted him with it. Hatch offers to buy Susato clothes and confirmed that the shop is like a bank. The items on the shelf aren't for sale for two months, that way people have time to redeem their items. The shop also has a special device that looks like a camera merged with a clock, it takes picture of the shop every half hour as a surveillance system. Holmes gets his violin back and Hatch says the suicide thing happens all the time and he doesn't really mind.

Maid Stereoscope

Image in stereoscope.

Susato Mikotoba checks out a stereoscope, which is some sort of device with two windows, the shelves with overdue items for sale, the calendar that's not for sale, all the different kind of clocks, and a music box. A girl enters the shop, it's Gina Lestrade, from Cosney Megundal's trial. Lestrade is surprised that they remember her but Holmes is impressed with her stealing the smoke prototype. Hatch Windibank is holding some sort of disc that Lestrade came for. It was made for a music box but it doesn't seem to play any music. Hatch refused to sell it no matter what but Lestrade desperately wants it for some reason. She's always been delivering goods to his shop that includes the disc Hatch has, she was hiding it in her long coat.

Suddenly, a young gentleman in white clothes comes in with business with Hatch Windibank. He says that the article Gina Lestrade withdrew is his, he demands the coat and disc. Lestrade claims the gentleman is lying but the gentleman says the pickpocket robbed him. Hatch surprisingly agrees, the gentleman has proof, Hatch may not know the original buyer but he has passwords for everything. The gentleman correctly says this item's is PROFESSOR. Naruhodō and Susato introduce themselves to the gentleman who says his name is Egg Benedict. Reluctantly, Lestrade gives the coat back to him, he also gets the disc. Benedict claims there is another item that Lestrade is hiding, but she attacks him, grabs the disc and gives it to Naruhodō. Sherlock Holmes was getting lonely, he decides this situation calls for Joint Reasoning.

He says Lestrade is in a pinch and Egg Benedict likes to gather items. Holmes' two deductions are Benedict's motive and plotting a crime for money, they must be true since the subject has gone pale. Benedict is holding a Help Wanted poster for Hatch's shop but he's obviously not here for a job. Benedict's cane looks like the nearby shovels without the blade. Holmes concludes that he was intending to dig under the shop. For the reason for digging, Benedict looks at a notice letter regarding underground water pipes. Holmes claims that Benedict plans an underground bank heist. But he's not done yet, there is a postcard of the London World's Fair, which is near completion. The funds are being protected in the bank nearby, Sherlock Holmes concludes that Egg Benedict was to plunder the World's Fair funds. Naruhodō is not impressed, especially since Holmes just blurted out secrets from Scotland Yard. Susato says that anyone would try to rob the bank when they heard that, even Hatch. It's time for Naruhodō to reexamine the detective's deductions.

On the back of the Help Wanted poster are scribbles describing Gina Lestrade's appearance and a withdrawal deadline of today at the shop. Egg Benedict came here for Lestrade's withdrawal. The initials on his cane say R.C. instead of not E.B., that means Egg Benedict is not this gentleman's real name. The black coat is too small for him, he just wanted the withdrawn article. Moving on towards "Benedict's" great crime, he was actually looking at a memo of Hatch's, which contains all the passwords for each item. "Benedict" must have been here before and saw Lestrade and Hatch regarding the passwords so he can have the item. Upon looking at the disc, Naruhodō and Susato discover a tag that says "To Megundal", Cosney Megundal. In conclusion, "Benedict" wanted an item belonging to the late Cosney Megundal.

It's been two months since Megundal's trial and death, he deposited this disc the exact same time "Thrice-Fired" Mortar was killed. R.C. pulls out a gun demanding the coat and disc but Naruhodō refuses. Tobias Gregson suddenly comes in with the Scotland Yard, Hatch Windiback sent a telegram regarding a circuit through his shop. "Egg Benedict" gives up the coat and escapes, Gregson mentions an incident but refuses to talk about it and confiscates the disc for Scotland Yard despite Gina Lestrade's protests.

Investigation, Part 2 Edit

Lestrade hates adults, she already got her coat back from Inspector Gregson but she really wanted that music box disc. The officers are interviewing Hatch Windiback now so they can't enter the shop anymore today. Yet Lestrade says she had another item in there even though she didn't know what it is, she blames Sherlock Holmes so he decides to invite her over for dinner but she refuses and sprints away. Holmes still thinks she'll show up and he'll also show Naruhodō and Susato something interesting later.

Iris Watson greets the two of them back at Holmes flat. She is super excited about Lestrade coming over. Holmes says he is away but he is right there at his desk, Iris says when he's like that nothing goes into his mind. Susato comments on how the two are like parent and child but Naruhodō wonders what happened to Iris' real parents, Iris reads his mind. Apparently, Gina Lestrade stole her "Smoke Launcher Prototype" during their dinner before Megundal's trial, they've been friends ever since. Regarding why she lives here, Iris is an orphan, her mother died in childbirth and her father was pursuing a case with Holmes and went far away. They always went on cases together, all their records are in the metal trunk in the room, Iris' father was Holmes partner and he wrote them all. Alas, Holmes refused Iris to open it. Iris was shocked to find out that Holmes wasn't her father, he had to tell her because she "had to be hidden". She can't wait to read Holmes' stories, he apparently forgets all the cases he solved. Iris Watson says her father is John Watson, the medical doctor, so she tried to study and become a professor herself. Naruhodō remembers that Dr. Watson was the Teito Yuumei University professor that was killed before he left Japan.

Burning Omnibus

Megundal's Demise

Sherlock Holmes surprises them, he got Megundal's disc from Gregson! He actually gave the inspector a caramel mold of the disc. But he doesn't know what music plays on the disc. Iris shows how a music box works and Holmes says the discs are new on the markets. Holmes tries to use it with the many music boxes he has but none of them work. Naruhodō also can't believe he's hearing about Cosney Megundal again, especially since he died in a burning omnibus along with evidence and all his cases. He doesn't know if it was really due Barok van Zieks' curse of the Reaper or not. "Thrice-Fired" Mortar's murder was never resolved, Holmes comments that the case is not over. Iris and Susato begin to make dinner, Holmes is soon off to Hatch's pawn shop to check on the manuscripts. When Iris mentions some Baskervilles story, Susato identifies it as "The Hound of The Baskervilles", surprising everyone except Naruhodō. Holmes didn't want that book published to the world yet so it's still in Hatch's vault, and yet Susato somehow knew it's title! Suddenly, Gina Lestrade arrives, Iris feels happy again. Holmes is ready to play his violin, Wagahai enters the room, and the night was wonderful.

In Sherlock Holmes' attic, Naruhodō and Susato talk about Iris' cooking and Holmes' violin playing. Susato tells Naruhodō that the telegram she got was from Hart Vortex's office. Only Susato is to go there, when Iris knocks on the door and enters with Lestrade. Susato pours tea for everyone and Iris learned lots of pick pocketing trips from Lestrade. Iris also returns Naruhodō's armband and the young girls comment on the office. Susato refuses to talk about the unpublished manuscript but Iris understands, they explain happened earlier to Lestrade who is surprised that Iris' father was Holmes partner. "The Hound of The Baskervilles" was based on a real case that was more unique than the others. When Iris wrote the story, Holmes turned pale and refused to publish or even talk about it until the time is right. Lestrade says Holmes is feeding her lies, when asked about her parents she says she's been a pick pocket ever since birth, and she loves it. Her parents were said to have "thrown her away", but the urchins of London see each other as their family. But she still thinks it would be nice to have parents and sees how difficult it is for Iris to have them not around. Anyway, Lestrade doesn't think the manuscript's in the pawn shop but that he sold it for money. Iris doesn't believe he would do that. When everyone is about to go to bed, Iris tells Naruhodō and Susato to keep this conversation a secret from Holmes.

Sherlock Shot

Sherlock on the floor after being wounded during the crime.

Just when Naruhodō and Susato were in bed, Holmes wakes them up saying Lestrade is not in bed with Iris. She talked about Susato's breakfast tomorrow and left an hour ago. Looking out the window, Naruhodō sees the lights of Hatch's pawn shop on. They realize that Lestrade must be there to get Iris' manuscript. They all leave to go to the shop, the doors
Gina on the floor

Gina on the floor next to Hatch, clutching Hatch's revolver.

are open so they enter. Two people are there and a gunshot is fired, Holmes is down! Naruhodō tries to chase after the shadowed pair but they escaped, a police officer appears saying they got an emergency report from the shop. Naruhodō brings him in to help Holmes. Holmes tells Naruhodō to go through the door to the vault. It's locked, so Naruhodō looks through a small window on the door and sees Hatch Windiback's corpse that was shot in the back along with Gina Lestrade unconscious and armed with a gun!

Investigation, Part 3 Edit

Ryu tells Iris

Iris is told what happened to Holmes.

The next morning, Iris Watson asks Ryūnosuke Naruhodō about the incident. The police don't think the two burglars shot Sherlock Holmes, they arrested Lestrade. Holmes is not in any danger of dying but it's obvious that Lestrade is the prime suspect for Windiback's death. Holmes is currently having surgery in St. Antrewd Hospital, no one can meet him during that time, not even Iris. The shop was completely dark last night, Naruhodō is ashamed that the burglars got away but Iris is glad he wasn't shot too. Susato is being question at the police station, Naruhodō didn't go because he didn't really see the culprit. The two of them decide to check out the crime scene, but first they visit Holmes' ward.

Holmes is not in his bed, a policeman comments on an odd "family" of Holmes. His operation started hours ago, he'll pull through eventually but it'll be sometime before the operation's over. The two decide to go to the pawn shop where Tobias Gregson and the police are investigating. Gregson mistakes Iris as being another witness, he hired the best doctor in London to work on Holmes. Naruhodō doesn't understand why Gregson's attitude changed so suddenly, Iris gives him some tea. Gregson says this case is simple with conclusive evidence, the trial will be held tomorrow. Iris deduces that the two burglars will be witnesses as they were arrested by police on patrol. Holmes' was shot in the stomach and lost a lot of blood. Naruhodō asks why Gregson acts so different around Iris compared to him, he says it's because she has him as a character in "The Adventure's of Sherlock Holmes". Holmes said Gregson was the smartest in Scotland Yard, but the inspector is jealous of Holmes' character in the novels compared to him. Gregson relays a message to Naruhodō saying Susato went to the High Court of Justice so Naruhodō and Iris decide to go there.

Susato is talking with Hart Vortex about her returning to Japan tomorrow! She tells the two that her father has a terrible fever, she has to go early in the morning for the better, but it's also the day of Gina Lestrade's trial. Vortex tells them that the Scotland Yard has to quickly arrest criminals before they lie to prevent crime, just like what Tobias Gregson said. Lestrade has no attorney due to being poor so Vortex allows Naruhodō to be hers before he leaves for a meeting. Susato's job is only to assist the attorney so she doesn't mind leaving at all. The three go to see Lestrade.

In Cell 13 of the Gaol, Lestrade doesn't trust that Naruhodō could pull his job off. Considering she's a pickpocket, she already turned down another attorney. She doesn't trust any adults due to living in the alleyways, but she will tell them about the incident last night. She snuck into the safe room of the pawn shop to get some money and got caught. Yet, she says everyone lies, and she's the biggest liar around. It's almost time for her inquiry so she gives them a picture of a cat with a snowman that was in the coat's pocket. Susato tells Lestrade she's going to leave for Japan and she says she will part with a sad Iris because of her. So Susato asks her to betray the belief she placed on Iris and Naruhodō or she will be all alone. As a final request, Susato demands Lestrade proof that she lies.

Naruhodō realizes that the lie was said during Cosney Megundal's trial. Lestrade was called by the police and her lying testimony got Megundal Not Guilty. The inside of the omnibus had items and was pitch black but she heard a loud sound like someone fell over. That's when Megundal found her and had her sit next to "Thrice-Fired" Mortar's corpse. The carriage was dark and her hands got bloody at the time, she was too scared to speak, Naruhodō realizes that she was seen through the skylight. Lestrade actually cooperated with Megundal, he made her promise to keep everything a secret. Lestrade's arm was grabbed when she screamed and she saw a shiny dropped disc next to Mortar that Megundal quickly hid and told her to keep secret about, it was the same disc Tobias Gregson took yesterday. Lestrade heard two people climb into the carriage, Megundal wasn't sleeping like in the testimonies, he was whispering to Mortar. Oscar Fairplay and Adam Redifast discovered the incident immediately, when the carriage stopped Megundal hid her in the container.
Megundal and Lestrade

Megundal tells Lestrade what to do.

When the two passengers left for the police, Megundal bribed Beppo to deposit a coat into Hatch's pawn shop and let Lestrade out to escape under the condition that she keeps quiet about this and more importantly holds onto the coat's deposit receipt for two months, if he isn't at the shop she would extend the time frame, he gives her five pounds to be safe. He also told her what to testify in the trial. So Lestrade hid the receipt in some bushes and went to pick it up the next night.

Gina Lestrade wonders if Ryūnosuke Naruhodō is mad that she lied during his important trial. But everyone is really mad at Cosney Megundal for using children like her. Lestrade learns of Sherlock Holmes' shooting and Naruhodō asks if she really want him to defend her. Reluctantly, she signs the written request, but says she doesn't need an attorney. With the request, they are allowed to investigate.

Investigation, Part 4 Edit


What's the difference?

Back at Hatch's pawn shop, Tobias Gregson gets the written request and some more of Iris' tea. He leaves to continue the investigation allowing the three to check the storage vault. But first, on the store's desk, they find an photograph identical to the one Lestrade gave them but it has the exchange proof scribbled on it. Iris says these photos have a secret, they aren't the same. They just feel a bit off, they decide to use the stereoscope to see the difference and just cross their eyes while looking at it. Each eye is for one picture, they all practice crossed eyes and see the picture in 3D, they have learned stereoscopy. The three notice the shop's calendar covered with blood and shot with a bullet. Iris fires pink smoke at it and the blood turns green. There also a bloodstain on the new photograph, this one turns purple. Naruhodō deduces that the blood most likely belongs to "Thrice-Fired" Mortar that was left here two months ago. Megundal wore leather gloves and the stain seems to be made from a glove, but since he wasn't hurt the blood on the gloves were from Mortar. It is time to investigate the storage vault.

Iris Watson is suddenly very sad which makes Tobias Gregson nervous. He says only one door was locked from the inside. The police broke the lock and saw Hatch Windiback dead and Gina Lestrade asleep with a gun on the floor. She also had a key to the vault door in her pocket. Holmes is finished with his surgery but is asleep due to the anesthesia. Iris sprays pink stuff on the bloodstain on the floor where Windiback's body was found and it turns blue. There is a chest in the back with all of Iris' written manuscripts including "The Hound of The Baskervilles". The gun on the floor is same gun Windiback always uses for his suicide threats, but it seems like he was actually killed by it and it was used by Gina Lestrade. The gun is empty so there must have been one round. The photograph Lestrade gave them has an exchange proof on the back mentioning Cosney Megundal depositing a small box put here two days ago. When they show it to Gregson and say Megundal deposited another item because that was in his coat pocket, Gregson notes that the deadline is overdue so the box must have been pawned off.

When they exit the vault all the clocks of the shop suddenly go off. Susato Mikotoba realizes how late it's gotten, so they decide to visit Lestrade once more. There, her interrogation has ended, but she doesn't want to hear what the group found at the crime scene, everyone is saying she's the killer. The attorney paperwork cut off time is approaching, so they ask her again if she wants Naruhodō to defend her. But first, they show her Iris' manuscript that was the only thing that was sought for in the vault, Naruhodō correctly guesses that she did it. Lestrade says she just wanted to know if it was really in the pawn shop like Holmes said. She reveals that Iris was actually writing about Holmes and his partner, her father. Lestrade doesn't like being called nice, that's when Naruhodō sees that her sleeves are stained with blood, so Iris sprays her and it turns purple like Mortar's blood, there's more on the black coat too. The coat originally belonged to Cosney Megundal, he really did kill the bricklayer! Naruhodō can't believe he let him get away, Kazuma Asōgi told him to always believe in his client. Gina Lestrade is still not accepting him as an attorney, especially after she lied in the previous trial, but Naruhodō believes her despite that trial. There are always trustworthy allies in the world, Lestrade reluctantly agrees with the written request. Tobias Gregson is hiding near the cell because of an "insolent underling who's always late coming back from after visiting hours". But he's got some emergency with Hart Vortex and quickly leaves. Susato is going to the executive office in the court so Naruhodō goes back to Holmes' flat with Iris.

Back in the office attic, Naruhodō and Susato compliment each other. They think two months in London is two months is too short for them. They both have extremely important mission's tomorrow, Susato with her father and Naruhodō with Lestrade's trial. Susato gives Naruhodō the case files from the trial with Cosney Megundal. She bids him goodnight with her "Susato Drop". Meanwhile, at Saint Antrewd's Hospital, Sherlock Holmes has fully recovered and tells Susato to have a nice voyage and thanks her for all her help.

Former Session, Part 1 Edit

On the day of the trial, there was a storm. Gina Lestrade asks where Susato Mikotoba is and Ryūnosuke Naruhodō says she left hours ago. Iris Watson suddenly comes in with Wagahai and a newspaper about the rainy weather. There's also an article about Hatch Windiback's murder, much to Lestrade's dismay. Iris is going to be Naruhodō's co-council for this trial, Inspector Gregson will let her know as soon as Sherlock Holmes wakes up. As the trial is about to start, Naruhodō remembers the belief Kazuma Asōgi entrusted him with.

Lestrade Jury

Today's Jury.

The judge commences Lestrade's trial and asks why Barok van Zieks returned as a prosecutor after five years but van Zieks says he wouldn't tolerate two things: greedy wealth (Cosney Megundal) and betrayal, which actually came from a Japanese person. The judge then announces the jury that gives Naruhodō some serious Déjà vu. It consists of a retired soldier, a young maid, a blond man with a stereoscope, an elderly doctor, an indifferent woman with a telegraph, and a Russian "tourist".

Hutch Shot

Hatch's body after being shot in the back.

Prosecutor van Zieks gives the opening statement. Pawn shop owner, Hatch Windiback, was shot once from the back through his heart and died immediately. Van Zieks shows a photo of Windiback's corpse and the examination result from Scotland Yard. Apparently, the bullet's trajectory was an upward angle, which means the victim was shot by someone shorter than him, like Gina Lestrade. Van Zieks adds a map of the crime scene with where the victim and the defendant were as evidence too. Lestrade was holding the gun that shot the bullet, she's looking guilty already but Naruhodō won't allow it. Van Zieks also has some decisive witnesses who will be brought out immediately.

Their names are Nemmy and Tully Tinpillar, criminal brothers who like pears and apples respectively. Tobias Gregson is also there who they claim is their third brother. The Tinpillars snuck into the pawn shop intending to burglarize it, they stumbled onto the murder and were arrested as suspects, they intend to be prosecuted in another trial. In their testimony, something drove the brothers to enter the shop. They heard a gunshot behind the vault door that was locked from the inside, they did not steal anything. The testimony matches the crime scene map but Naruhodō sees a big lie. He says they were the ones that shot Holmes. Van Zieks announces that a gun was found in their pockets with on round being fired, he presents it as evidence. Even though Naruhodō was there, he can't prove the gun was fired unless he has evidence, so Naruhodō shows the blood test samples, only one bloodstain was unconfirmed, the green one with the bullet in the calendar. Van Zieks has no objection as it means they didn't shot Windiback and are not related to the murder. He then shows the surveillance camera Holmes installed in the shop and reveals it took a picture every half hour, one of them was at 1:00 a.m. with Windiback shocked and Lestrade holding a gun! This results in the whole jury to cast fire balls in the black scale for Guilty, leading Naruhodō to do a closing argument.

Hatch and Gina

Let's compare the two

Juror 1 says all the evidence points to the defendant, 2 disposes eyesore trash as a maid, 3 says the picture is clear, 4 claims someone wouldn't be alright if he forgot him, 5's thoughts will be carried to the world on waves, and 6 doesn't think the Tinpillar brothers did anything wrong. Juror 2 meant the brothers by "eyesore trash," she passes through East End to get groceries and the beggars turn to thieves and shooting London's great detective is truly trash to hear. That's something wrong about the brothers for Juror 6, he doesn't like lies at all. Iris suggests to look at the photographs to see if nothing was really stolen or not. But nothing looks stolen, much to Demiglaski's relief, he votes Not Guilty and another photo is added to the evidence. Juror 5 is using sound waves and compliments Iris, but she insults the stereoscope angering Juror 3. He says a stereoscope can help you find hidden clues in two photographs, this is just what Naruhodō needs for the two photos he has. Everyone learns about stereoscopy making the juror very happy. In the later picture, the objects are moved on the table. Naruhodō says the Tinpillar brothers did it, much to Juror 6's dismay. The rest of the jury realize that Lestrade must not be a thief but she still has the gun, nonetheless the brothers are clearly hiding something. Jurors 4, 3, and 5 vote Not Guilty allowing the trial to resume. Iris gives Naruhodō a stereoscope he can use later.

Former Session, Part 2 Edit

The witnesses return to the stand having heard the closing argument. The Tinpillar brothers are to speak a true testimony about that night. They admit they shifted the things on the counter but didn't rummage, they just accidentally bumped into them along with Naruhodō when they heard the gunshot. They thought the murderer would come through the vault door so they had no opportunity to shoot Hatch Windiback. When Nemmy says there was dead silence and then a loud bang, Tobias Gregson quickly eats his fish and chips because he remembers their interrogation saying they heard yelling before the gunshot. Tully then remembers some yelling "Give me that gun!", but they say Windiback was holding his gun in his hand but the photograph of his corpse contradicts that, but prosecutor van Zieks reveals that the gun is the one Gina Lestrade was holding. There is still a contradiction, the testimony would have he defendant and victim facing each other but Windiback was shot in the back. But the Tinpillar brothers know they saw the victim with his gun, which means they met the victim. Naruhodō, van Zieks, and the judge chew the brothers out for lying so much, they have one last chance to testify the truth of they will receive harsh punishment.

They say when they snuck in the pawn shop Hatch Windiback suddenly appeared. He was the one who yelled and he leaped at them. Tully was thrown up and against the counter as Windiback was stronger than he looked. They pointed the gun at him and he ran past the door, they claim they really have nothing to do with it. Windiback was the one who locked the door from the back, Gina Lestrade is still looking guilty. Naruhodō believes someone else could've shot the victim through the window on the door, he suggests that Windiback was on directly on the other side of the door. That's why the trajectory of the bullet was upwards, because he was running, Naruhodō also says Lestrade was the one who locked the door. Barok van Zieks asked why she would do that, Iris says it was to prevent from getting shot also. The Tinpillars brothers assure the court that they are not the killers but Naruhodō doesn't believe them as they shot Holmes.

Barok van Zieks starts laughing, only two bullets from two guns were at the scene, if the Tinpillars gun shot Holmes they couldn't have possibly shot the victim. Van Zieks call Lestrade a scoundrel and shows everyone Cosney Megundal's disc that van Zieks says she got from swindling. Suddenly, Tobias Gregson, he says the disc was not to be presented but Van Zieks ignores him. With the motive, evidence, and personality of the defendant in their minds, the jury votes Lestrade Guilty. Looks like Naruhodō has to do another closing argument. Juror 1 sees thieves as insensible citizens, 2 sees that only two bullets settle the case, 3 finds the girl Guilty no matter the way he looks at it, 4 says the operation troubled him deeply, 5 notes that Lestrade attempted to steal before the day of the murder, and 6 reveals he is an expert on firearms.

Juror 4 reveals that he is the doctor that operated on Sherlock Holmes. Alas, he couldn't find a bullet wound anywhere. He demands a firearms expert, so Naruhodō asks Juror 6's opinion. Dmitri Demiglaski mentions an incident back in Russia, running through mountain trail in a freezing blizzard, he was attacked in the back by a sniper. Only the bullet didn't strike him at all, it ran into some ice which landed on Demiglaski, badly injuring him. Iris remembers that Holmes always carries his pouch with glass tubes around his belt. Van Zieks reveals that the police took off the belt to look at Holmes' injury but they didn't check it,
Third Bullet

A third bullet!

the pouch has one broken test tube broken and burned. Despite solving the mystery of Holmes' injury, this doesn't help Gina Lestrade get innocent. When observing the pouch, Naruhodō and Iris find another bullet. Juror 2 gets presented that third bullet surprising everyone as there were only two guns. The judge suspends the closing argument and brings out the witnesses. The Tinpillar brothers deny shooting that bullet, and Naruhodō agrees saying there is a third shooter and an accomplice to the brothers at the time of the crime. Van Zieks won't have it without evidence, so Naruhodō shows the blood test samples of the calendar saying if there was a third bullet that struck Holmes, the green stain can't belong to him, it must belong to the third party as the Tinpillars we never shot. Naruhodō suggests that third one is the gentleman, "R.C.," formerly known as "Egg Benedict," he tried to rob Lestrade of the disc and her coat. Gregson shows a photo of him and Hatch Windiback at 11 a.m. The Tinpillars deny ever seeing "R.C.", Naruhodō reveals that the disc has a bloodstain that turned green, it was from Lestrade attacking the gentleman the other day. Van Zieks and the public don't know anything about Sherlock Holmes' fancy inventions,
Lestrade Juror No 5 taping fast

I know that man.

but Iris compares that to how Naruhodō handled the jury, so the judge asks their verdict. Jurors 1, 2, 3, and 6 vote Not Guilty but 4 and 5 still vote Guilty, van Zieks won't tolerate this but the judge ignores him. Unfortunately, no one knows R.C.'s real name ... except Juror No. 5. After looking at Gregson's photograph, she reveals that the man in white works as a technician in the same communication office as her. The judge agrees for this new witness' testimony.

Recess Edit

Gina Lestrade doesn't understand why Naruhodō and Iris are working so hard help a pickpocket like her, even with that photograph of her with the gun. Lestrade reveals that she couldn't sleep that night, she needed to check Hatch's pawn shop to check for Iris' manuscript. She broke the entrance lock and lit the lamp on the counter, that's when someone was there. So she grabbed a gun to defend herself but it turned out just to be Hatch Windiback. Reluctantly, he agrees to let her see the manuscript, he unlocked the vault door and she realized that Holmes wasn't lying, that's when she heard noise from the shop. Windiback takes the gun and tells Lestrade to stay in the vault. She heard a fight and two gunshots then Windiback was dead, she locked the door to prevent the killer from getting her too, then she fainted. No one believed her story, except Iris and Naruhodō now.

Lestrade thinks that man in white is laughing at her, she still can't Iris and Naruhodō trusting her after what happened with Megundal. Naruhodō tells her about the murder of John Watson, when he was the defendant it so hard for him with no one believing him. Except of course Kazuma Asōgi, even though he was his best friend Naruhodō somewhat doubted him. But he was wrong, throughout the trial he came to believe Asōgi just as much as vice versa. Lestrade has believe someone first so they can believe in them too, she is different than Megundal, she's their friend. She begins to cry and the bailiffs order they all to go back into the supreme court. Naruhodō hopes Susato is watching him.

Latter Session, Part 1 Edit

Barok van Zieks announces the telecommunications towards the new witness were a success, but due to the rain his carriage will arrive late. Tobias Gregson apologizes for looking over the third bullet and the judge will not accept Holmes' smoke as evidence. A policeman announces that the witness has arrived, "Egg Benedict" takes the stand with the Tinpillar brothers and Gregson. His real name is Robert Crogley, Juror No. 5 confirms that he works as a telecommunication technician. He acknowledges that he's being accused of being at the crime scene that night but he sees this as a joke.

Crogley admits that he visited Hatch's pawn shop once but denies being there at the time of the murder with the Tinpillars. He also doesn't see Holmes' science as proof that the blood on the calendar is his. Crogley insults the jurors for listening to Holmes in the first place and gives Naruhodō his top hat after another introduction. Crogley suggest that the blood on the calendar belongs to the Tinpillars, Nemmy gets a thought when he says "Great Detectives exists only in fiction" and looks at him.
Bloody calender

The calendar with a bloody bullet

Naruhodō presses Nemmy who has a slip of the tongue saying Crogley was shot two days ago. Crogley denies Nemmy's words, but Naruhodō notes the bullet in the calendar looks like it was shot through someone's arm. Crogley refuses them to look at his arm unless they can find a connection between him and the Tinpillars, he adds that there is no connection to him with Hatch's pawn shop. That's when Naruhodō presents the music box disc whom Crogley tried to rob Lestrade of the other day, there is even a bloody fingerprint from when he was cut. Crogley tells the court the disc was his, Barok van Zieks notes that this connects him to incident so he requests him to testify. Robert Crogley says the disc is his despite it saying "To Megundal" on the back. Gina Lestrade stole the proof exchange from him, so he rushed to the shop attempting to withdraw it but the disc ended up in the hands of the police. So there was no reason for him to break into the shop. The judge remembers Megundal and is surprised Crogley was acquainted with him. Naruhodō remembers that Megundal ordered Lestrade to deposit the disc into the shop which makes Iris realize Crogley's testimony is a lie. Naruhodō announces that Megundal also deposited a small box in the shop and Crogley snuck in with the Tinpillar brothers to get it.
Box photos

Nothing was stolen?

Crogley responds by saying he could've just waited two days for the box to got on sale. Van Zieks suddenly claims that no box was stolen that night. Gregson shows everyone two photos of the shelves two days apart and says nothing was stolen. Naruhodō is about to lose when Iris says she doesn't think the photos are the same. announces that a box stands out between the two of them and concludes some touched it and tried to return it. The judge orders the bailiffs to retrieve it from the shop.

Barok van Zieks denies a recess and says the box is not worth stealing, to which Robert Crogley agrees. Cosney Megundal was declared Not Guitly, him giving those items to someone is impossible since he was rich. Van Zieks demands evidence that the disc and small box are related to the case, Naruhodō is unsure if he should admit that he got Megundal free and the fact that Lestrade committed perjury. Iris reminds him that the truth will always come to light, so Naruhodō decides to have Lestrade testify while the box is being brought to court and she knows something about the deposits in the pawn shop. The judge agrees and suspends Crogley's testimony, but he is to listen to her testimony.

Gina Lestrade takes the stand, prosecutor van Zieks and Naruhodō remember the case two months ago where "Thrice-Fired" Mortar was killed. He was said to be stabbed on the roof seating of the omnibus and was dropped down from the skylight. Lestrade was hiding in the carriage doing her "job", and Megundal was killed right after the trial in the omnibus that caught fire. No disc or music box was mentioned in the trial, Lestrade reluctantly agrees to talk. She testifies that Mortar was really riding in the omnibus back then. When dragged out she saw a disc fall to the floor. Then she heard two passengers yell and go to the police, which was when Megundal bribed the coachman who went to the pawn shop nearby, Megundal told Lestrade not to tell anyone. The judge immediately realizes that this was different than her testimony in the other trial which was really unjust. Naruhodō accepts whatever punishment awaits him after the trial but he demands that Lestrade's testimony is understood. During the cross examination, Crogley and Tobias Gregson are whispering something to each other like a negotiation, Naruhodō notices but they deny anything, yet the judge forbids them from doing that again. Lestrade says Megundal quickly put the disc on the floor into his coat and told her to sit next to the victim and not talk. Before Oscar Fairplay and Adam Redifast left, Megundal hid her in the compartment. She heard "I know nothing" from his conversation with Beppo, the coachman didn't mention Hatch's pawn shop in the other trial. The black coat was deposited in the shop, that's when Lestrade exited the carriage and told to make a false testimony and retrieve the items. Naruhodō says Megundal probably put them in the pawn shop to avoid the police. Mortar and Megundal were apparently talking about some purchases, they came a verbal fight and loud thump that Lestrade heard in the compartment. The judge says that enough, the negotiation in the carriage was about the disc, Megundal killed Mortar to get it. An officer announces that the small box has arrived!

Latter Session, Part 2 Edit

The box is revealed to be a music box, it goes perfect with Mortar's disc. Gregson suddenly refuses for the disc to be played, but Naruhodō and van Zieks agreed that it is evidence. But the disc just plays the same note over and over again, Robert Crogley calls the box faulty but Naruhodō assures the judge that it is significant. He wonders why Gregson and Crogley are acting so strange so he says the sound is music at all. Iris confirms the box isn't broken, Naruhodō presents the back of the newspaper he got earlier, it says a spy broke into the Ministry of Justice, stole government secrets and leaked them to enemy countries through telecommunications. Juror No. 5 realizes that the disc sounds sound similar to Morse Code. This explains the negotiations in the omnibus and why the culprit broke into the pawn shop. Crogley says this all nonsense so van Zieks demands a testimony why, the Tinpillar brothers want to join the testimony too.

Robert Crogley says that a operator couldn't possibly steal government information and that music box embedding is not Morse Code. He has nothing to do with Megundal and Mortar. The Tinpillars say they just snuck into the shop following what Crogley planned, if they knew about the secrets they wouldn't have done it. They admit Crogley was there in the shop with them. Juror No. 5 explains Morse Code to Naruhodō, the disc sounds nothing like it. Iris tells him to stick to logic, Naruhodō finds another compartment in the music box for another disc, almost as if they were meant to play at the same time. Alas, there is no second disc and Mortar made the negotiations. Tully reveals that Crogley and the brothers were childhood friends, they used to be called "Milverton & Tinpillar bosombos", they pulled pranks and tried to sell milk. Milverton turns out to be Crogley's original last name, he changed it after his poor parents divorced. "Thrice-Fired" Mortar's full name was Mortar Milverton, he was Crogley's father!

Crogley and Megundal

Megundal proposing a deal with Crogley

They tried to negotiate with Cosney Megundal using the music discs with government secrets, both of them crumbled and led to the incidents. Crogley wanted the other disc that night before the Yard did, his arm just suddenly starts bleeding meaning he was the one who took the third bullet which hit the calendar. Crogley is forced to admit everything except stealing the secrets for Megundal. Alas, only he could've shot the bullet that killed Hatch Windiback, until the telegraph operator suggests he is only a witness to seeing Gina Lestrade show him. Barok van Zieks warns him not to lie in his new testimony.

Robert Crogley says he was at the entrance when he heard something going on with Windiback. When he went off at Nemmy, Crogley was shot. He ran after Windiback, looked through the door window, and saw Lestrade wearing black coat shooting Windiback from the back. Crogley saw the blood spurt out of his back and onto the black coat. After Lestrade discarded her gun through the window she picked it up and ran. The shocked judge wants the coat as evidence so van Zieks will have a professional from Germany detect the blood. Iris and Naruhodō realize Lestrade will be convicted for the murder if they did that, but their plea is rejected. Hatch Windiback was quite impressive taking on Crogley and the Tinpillars, Van Zieks says that a third gun must exist for Lestrade, Iris and Naruhodō still can't believe the court won't accept Holmes' inventions. Crogley took Lestrade's gun to prevent something from happening. When Naruhodō asks if Crogley got the second disc, Gregson starts shaking Nemmy off the ground, the inspector demanded to know why the police weren't informed about the third gun. He apologizes, Naruhodō and Iris begin to suspect something about him. The blood results are in but it doesn't say anything about who's blood it is. Naruhodō argues that it's Megundal's coat but everyone says he got him free and they still don't trust Holmes. The jury all vote Guilty and all hope seems lost, but suddenly the bailiff who brought the results comes in, he's Sherlock Holmes! He gives Naruhodō a parting gift from Susato Mikotoba, it's Iris' "Cat Door Maker". Susato said she'd ought to be disqualified as a legal assistant as she actually used the invention to do something. Naruhodō request for the cross-examination to resume much to van Zieks dismay, yet the judge only gives him one chance. Holmes collapses and wishes Naruhodō good luck.

Naruhodō presents the invention and says Susato used it to create a peeking window on the door. It happened when Holmes was shot, which means when Hatch Windiback died it wasn't there! Iris proves that it works by creating on door on the defense bench for Wagahai, it can do any size. Van Zieks says there's no evidence that reveals when the window was made, but Naruhodō shows them the photo of Lestrade and Windiback with the vault door having no window. Yet, there still isn't evidence to prove Crogley as the killer, but his statements contradict each other because he said there was a window on the door but he shouldn't have known about it because it was created after the murder. Tobias Gregson asks to leave but van Zieks denies it. Naruhodō reveals that the inspector is the one that told Crogley about the window, it was when they were whispering earlier. Naruhodō suggests there was a negogiation between the two of them and that Crogley gave Gregson the music disc with the government secrets he wanted when he was in the pawn shop the other day. He has the second disc right now, but everyone is disgusted that Naruhodō would want to search an inspector of the Scotland Yard. With Iris' compliments of the Great British Empire, Naruhodō requests the body search of Nemmy Tinpillar. Gregson objects to this but van Zieks ignores it as he is not an attorney or prosecutor, the bailiff found the other disc! Gregson put in on his person when he shook him, he had orders under the British government not reveal the secrets in court. Yet, Crogley is still not admiting he gave it to Gregson, neither is Inspector Gregson who persuades the jury he would never do such a thing, they agree with the two of them are about to send Gina Lestrade to the gaol.

Naruhodō decides to play the music box with both discs this time to see if it was really Morse Code, that way they'd admit to the illegal negotiation, van Zieks agrees. The discs play and they sound a lot more like Morse Code, in the middle of it Gregson finally admits he told Crogley about the crime scene in exchange for the disc. With the deal out and open, it means the one who killed Hatch Windiback was Crogley. Robert Crogley breaks his cane out of anger and uses it to strangle Tobias Gregson causing him to spit a chip out, the judge has the guards restrain him.

Crogley broken down

Crogley defeated.

Crogley was a poor boy in the ghettos despite his divorced parents working so hard. So he worked hard himself and became a telegraph operator. Cosney Megundal promised him a lot of money if he used his abilities to steal records of the government's telecommunication, Crogley disguised them as a music box in order to avoid suspicion. Mortar Milverton was an apprentice to a music box craftman before he was a bricklayer, so he visited him to make the secret out of Morse Code.
Milverton and Crogley

Father and Son.

It's been a decade since the father and son united and they almost didn't recognize each other. Crogley told his dad it was just music for a friend. When Milverton met with Megundal in the omnibus two months ago, the second disc was worth a hundred times more guinea than the first. Crogley already gave him two hundred but Milverton never returned with the other disc. When he heard the truth about Megundal, Crogley used his money to hire many people, including a fake bailiff, to trap him in the omnibus and set it on fire to kill him. Before that, Megundal told Crogley about Hatch's pawn shop and the password to get the other disc, but he realized that he passed it onto Gina Lestrade. Yet, she only had Megundal's coat with the first disc. Scotland Yard was instigating who stole the secrets, Crogley had to get the discs before them. So he rounded his old friends, Nemmy and Tully Tinpillar, to sneak into the shop. They got the disc but Hatch Windiback shot Crogley in the arm and beat up the brothers. He attempted to use his own gun to fire a warning shot but he was out of reflex and it killed the shop owner, after which he ran away. Barok van Zieks says that what Crogley has done is no better than Cosney Megundal.

Robert Crogley was taken away to the Yard for the murder of Hatch Windiback and an accomplice to stealing government information. Tobias Gregson will also punishment for helping him. Juror No. 1, John Garrideb, is ready for the final verdict, he and the other jurors vote Gina Lestrade Not Guilty. Yet, for her false testimony two months ago, entering the pawn shop during the incident, and attempting to pass off Megundal's articles as her own, she will have to face charges. Van Zieks notes that Naruhodō just released the government secret to the court, but Juror No. 5 wonders if they weren't Morse Code. The judge, despite several minor crime charges, gives Lestrade her Not Guilty verdict, she adds her own firework. With everyone gone, Barok van Zieks tells Naruhodō once again that a Japanese man betrayed him and that he'll eventually know. They vow to meet again someday.

Aftermath Edit

Iris is nowhere to be found, Lestrade calls Ryūnosuke Naruhodō a weirdo despite him believing her, she is surprised at the first time this happening. She understands that living in the alleys was only because of being scared by betrayed, it was painful for her having Naruhodō believe her. Naruhodō tells Lestrade she also has to believe in herself, he's happy about believing and remembers Kazuma Asōgi's words. Sherlock Holmes once again reveals himself as a bailiff, he slipped out of the infirmary. He congratulates Naruhodō as a friend, much to Lestrade's disgust. Holmes worried that the Death Bringer curse just like Megundal, but Lestrade isn't worried. She won't be like him or Crogley, Iris surprises Holmes and is upset that she can't celebrate Lestrade's freedom. The pickpocket says she'll make a proper place for the others in the alley, a bailiff is going to escort her to the back gate. Before she goes, Gina Lestrade, after spraying green smoke, cries while thanking Naruhodō for what hid did. Iris has good news and bad news, the good news is that the rain stopped, the bad news is it was the heaviest rain and it made the seas do a lot of damage. Port Dover got hit meaning the group has a chance to say goodbye to Susato Mikotoba!

After taking the train, the group sees Susato about to throw a book into the ocean. Naruhodō stops her, she was about to give up on being part of the law because she made that window in the door. She took the device during the dinner, the window was created because she was worried about Lestrade. Susato comments this is England's darkest trial so far, the only person who knew about her crime was Holmes, she was the one who told her to bring the device to him. Susato thanks Naruhodō for saving her in her pursuit of the law. As they wonder about how everything's not all cleared up, Iris Watson suddenly says the Morse Code on the discs were actually Japanese called "iroha", apparently it was a telegram from England to Japan. She shows Susato a paper of the code and she tries to translate it. She says it's only four names: K. Asōgi, A. Sasha, T. Gregson, and J. Watson. The rest of the telegram just cuts off with "THE ABOVE FOUR". They all wonder why these four names are together, Naruhodō never heard of anyone named Sasha, and Iris is very surprised her father's name is there, she doesn't know about his death. Suddenly, the steamship is about to depart for France, Susato will be transferring to Japan from there. The group bids her farewell and for her to come back soon to be Naruhodō's assistant once again. After the steamship leaves, Holmes and Iris says the railroad company is going to sue and that Naruhodō will be on his own. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō can only say one word to that:

DGS Igiari

Where are they now? Edit

  • Sherlock Holmes ended up buying a mountain's worth of music boxes from all over Europe, with the papers saying that he uses them to solve cases. He noted that they've been selling like hot cakes.
  • Iris Watson had been working on her new novel all night to finish before the deadline. Luckily, Holmes tried to make breakfast for her, but believed she'd end up getting sandy toast and muddy coffee, missing the wonderful Japanese breakfasts Susato made her.
Taizou Uzukumaru larceny trial
Trial data
Courtroom No.


Presiding judge



Taketsuchi Auchi


Taizou Uzukumaru

Stolen item

Sanmon Sonohigurashi's koban

Time of theft

November 19, 1899



Sanmon Sonohigurashi
Other characters
Koroumaru Uzukumaru

  • Taketsuchi Auchi declared Sanmon Sonohigurashi's testimony a complete contradiction. The latter objected to this statement, asking if his koban let itself be stolen, but Taizou Uzukumaru pleaded his innocence, saying his son Koroumaru believes in him. The judge politely told them he would rather not have the Supreme Court be involved with this fight.
  • Satoru Hosonaga decided to infiltrate the Steamship Aliclaire, and remain a sailor after sending Nikomina Borschevic to Shanghai. He ended up picking up the very suspicious Sōseki Natsume. Natsume was enraged that holding a mere kitten that Wagahai had was an offense.
  • Hart Vortex stated that scientific investigations are the symbol of a new era for the police. He compared his ideal world of law and order to one hundred clock gears moving together without deviation. He had to cut his speech short, citing that he only had two minutes and thirty-seven seconds until his next meeting.
  • Tobias Gregson ended up making another appearance in the newest issue of the Strand Magazine. He stated he could already hear the cheers from the pub when he speaks his line "Rather good, for an amateur." He stated he must look ever upwards to Iris.
  • John Garrideb has been meeting with Joan Garrideb every day since her arrest. Since he's been using the stairs so much, his legs have started to regain their strength. He tried out being a maid for himself, but was baffled when no one realized it was him.
  • Rola O'Malley was excited that her husband, Patrick O'Malley returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Pat found himself picking up small changes on paroles more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Rola happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.
  • Gina Lestrade had to stay in prison for a while, but doesn't seem to mind, as Iris comes to play with her every day. She states that Iris always has a Holmes story or two ready to tell her, making her think that investigating crimes might be fun.
  • Robert Crogley decided that he had no regrets about taking the path that he did, but Nemmy and Tully Tinpillar tell him to take it easy and that they should bring back their milk business.
  • Susato Mikotoba says she will never forget the time she spent in London with Naruhodō, Holmes and Iris, understanding that life consists of farewells and meetings. She promised that one day, she will return, and hopes that Naruhodō will keep her in his memories until then.
    Happy Family

    The photo of Holmes, Naruhodō, Susato, Iris and Wagahai.

Notes Edit

  • Holmes' deduction of Benedict's plan in the pawn shop is the actual plot of the second Doyle short story "The Red-Headed League."
  • All of the Jurors for this trial, except Juror 3, have appeared in the game previously, as Ryūnosuke notes.
  • Aside from Vortex, Lestrade, Iris and Gregson (the latter two whom appear briefly and unnamed), no other character introduced in The Adventure of the Runaway Room appear in the credits.

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