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"The Amazing Mr. Hat" is one of the key parts of Trucy Wright's magic act, along with the Magic Panties. It is a human-sized puppet, which is apparently stored on her person at all times. Trucy uses it as a much larger equivalent of a ventriloquist's dummy, being a separate "character" in her act. It wears a magician's outfit that matches Trucy's in color.

Young Trucy[]

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Mr. Hat was in Trucy's possession when she was 8 years old, before the disappearance of her biological father, Zak Gramarye. When Zak vanished from the courtroom during his trial, Trucy brought out Mr. Hat to act as a distraction - Zak would enter a door, and Trucy and Mr. Hat would leave. This proved effective, as Trucy and Zak wore matching red outfits at the time, and court bailiff Mike Meekins was tricked, allowing Zak to escape. A week later, Meekins saw Mr. Hat at the Wonder Bar, and realised how the trick had worked on him.

Trucy first showed Mr. Hat to Phoenix Wright when they met in the soon-to-be-former Wright & Co. Law Offices, two weeks after the trial. According to Phoenix's notes in the MASON System, he considered it startlingly realistic.

Used as a distraction[]

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During the trial of Wocky Kitaki Trucy staged a false kidnapping, with Mr. Hat as the "kidnapper", in order to stall for time. This apparently fooled the courtroom, and the trial was prolonged, so Apollo Justice, whom Trucy was assisting, could find the real culprit.

In Trucy in Gramarye-Land[]

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Mr. Hat played a key role in Trucy's first televised magical performance of Trucy in Gramarye-Land. At one point, Trucy would escape from a coffin before Mr. Hat could stab through it with a sword. However, the trick was almost spoiled when Trucy's assistant Bonny de Famme placed Mr. Hat on the wrong side of the coffin. Thanks to Trucy's quick thinking, the trick was able to be salvaged; however, this caused issues when Mr. Reus was found dead in the coffin.