The Case of the Stolen Pudding (盗まれたプディングの事例) is a bonus chapter from the Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igiari! manga adaptation, featuring an original story by Naoyuki Kageyama. It takes place during the "Turnabout Sisters" arch.


Phoenix Wright is surprised to find that he's on trial. His confusion is furthered by the fact that Miles Edgeworth is his defense attorney, while Maya Fey is prosecuting. In her opening statement, Fey explains that Wright is accused of sneaking into the kitchen of Fey & Co. Law Offices and eating her limited edition "turnabout pudding". Maya calls this an "unforgivable sin", and calls for the life sentence for Wright.

Edgeworth objects, asking what evidence there is that Wright stole the pudding. Fey explains that it's happened three times before. Each time she would lock the office up then go home, only to find the empty pudding container in the trash the next morning. Only herself and Wright have keys for the office. Furthermore she has more decisive evidence: She set up a camera at the office.

The video is played to the court, and shows what appears to be Fey herself taking the pudding from the fridge in the middle of the night, before boosting about it to the camera. Fey says she doesn't remember doing it, and Wright realizes that there's something different about Maya on the recording. Declaring it as his chance to turn the case around, him and Edgeworth both object simultaneously.

Maya wakes up with a yell, revealing the events as a dream she's having in the detention center, on April 7th, the morning of her release for her sister's murder.

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