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The Final Witch Trial
Espella Cantabella
My name is... Espella Cantabella. But I have... another name, too... Bezella.

Chapter 8: The Final Witch Trial is the eighth chapter of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Notably, it features both trial and adventure segments, with the trial continuing without a verdict into the following chapter. The chapter also features the highest number of witnesses in one trial session, with a total of 12, 10 of which, namely the Vigilantes, are all present on the witness stand at the same time.

The last witch trial[]

Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and Espella Cantabella were inside a tent being used as a makeshift waiting hall for the Special Court. Fey had gone to the Inquisitors' Hall and taken Zacharias Barnham's helmet so as not to be recognized. She peeked outside and saw the crowds watching the trial. Wright glanced at Cantabella, who remained completely silent, before going outside with Fey for the trial. The trial began with High Inquisitor Darklaw giving a speech about the implications of what was to transpire. She said that the accused would admit to the crime herself, and had her come out of the cage to confess.

Wright attempted to obtain as much information as possible out of Cantabella. She testified to realizing that Bezella had been lying dormant within her, after having flashbacks of the Legendary Fire starting when she looked at the mural in the Great Archive cellar. She then testified to climbing up the stairs of the bell tower to wait for the parade. Wright asked how she had gone there unseen by the Vigilantes, but Darklaw replied that Bezella could use any spell without a Talea Magica, and could simply have used Dimere to hide herself. She submitted a sketch showing muddy footprints on the bell tower stairs, which matched Cantabella's shoes.

Cantabella then testified that she had used the spell Granwyrm to kill her father, the Storyteller. She did not know why she had done so, but despite Wright's insistence that she had not committed the crime, she admitted that she had. Suddenly, Eve walked to the witness stand and curled up near Cantabella. Cantabella then remembered that Eve had followed her, but Wright pointed out that, in that case, Eve's paw prints should be in the sketch as well. Wright asserted that either she was being controlled or she had no clear recollection of the incident. Either way, her testimony was not credible. Cantabella then fainted and was sent to emergency care.

Wright and Fey decided to try to buy more time and convince the judge to adjourn the trial, but he was stopped by the Vigilantes, who demanded that they testify. As they did so, one of them, Lottalance, mentioned the pendant that the Vigilantes had confiscated from Wright, which Darklaw brought out. The gallery recognized the pendant, but also recalled that Cantabella had been wearing her pendant. Wright noticed that the pendant's strap had a dark stain on it, and saw Darklaw rubbing her neck right after submitting the pendant.

Wright questioned the ten Vigilantes on their testimonies. Lyewood testified to seeing muddy footprints on the steps soon after the rain had stopped. He could not remember why he had not reported this to Boistrum, the captain. Foxy testified that she had had tea made by Treddon inside the tower, not wanting to dirty her stilettos. Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil had also seen the footprints and had reported it to Boistrum, who had ordered Shakey to investigate the incident, but no one had asked Shakey to give his report on his findings.

The Final Witch Trial (bell tower)
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Inside the Bell Tower
Puzzle 64: The Bell Tower

Lyewood then remembered that the footprints that he had seen were pointy, like Foxy's stilettos, and he had initially believed that the prints were from her. However, she had not even gone outside, meaning that the footprints belonged to someone else. The footprint sketch showed rounded footprints, but Wright explained that the rounded footprints must have stepped over the pointed footprints. Wright asserted that there had been two intruders, and submitted the flour-covered robe that he had found at the crime scene, which was too large for Cantabella to wear.

The Vigilantes testified again, describing how they had ensured that Cantabella would not escape before she was captured. Foxy claimed that there was nowhere for anyone to have hidden in the bell tower, but Wright suggested the belfry. Treddon claimed that there was no other witch because he had not heard any incantations or strange noises. However, Wordsmith said that he had heard something like faint, delicate sobbing from a woman, and Lottalance and Shakey remembered hearing this as well.

Wright and Shakey realized that the strange contraption in the middle floor of the bell tower was the source of the noises. Boistrum activated the contraption, and indeed the same noises were reproduced, but nothing else happened. Wright insisted that the second intruder had used the contraption to hide in the belfry, and suggested that the pendant was the key to operating it. He finally had the chance to try using the pendant on the contraption, causing a light to emanate from it.

The contraption was a puzzle in which mirrors had to be moved to reflect the light beam to hit two red gems simultaneously. However, this was impossible with just one beam. As Wright came back down, Cantabella regained consciousness, returned to the witness stand, and again admitted to being Bezella. The situation seemed hopeless until Wright noticed that Cantabella was wearing her pendant on her left arm. There were two identical pendants all along, allowing Wright to solve the bell tower puzzle.

The ceiling lowered to reveal a staircase to the belfry. At the top was someone whom Wright had not expected to encounter there: Kira.

Searching the Storyteller's Tower[]

The Final Witch Trial (investigation)
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Storyteller's Tower:
Puzzle 65: Tower of 'teller
Puzzle 66: Tower of 'teller 2
Puzzle 67: Tower of 'teller 3
Puzzle 68: Musical Score
Puzzle 69: Battle of Wits

Hershel Layton and Luke Triton entered the ground floor of the Storyteller's Tower. To their surprise, there was a lift, a modern device, at the center, which they rode upward. Along the way was a series of traps in the form of puzzles.

At the lift's last stop was a beautiful garden surrounding a building constituting the rest of the tower. Triton saw a glimpse of something moving at the top. Inside the residence was a flight of stairs leading to a child's room, where Espella Cantabella had grown up. On her bed was a doll and a picture book titled The First Story and written in the Storyteller's handwriting. In it, a witch terrorized a town until a brave girl convinced the townsfolk to take away her scepter so that she could no longer use spells. The witch was punished, but Bezella, the source of all witches, was still among them.

Further up was the Storyteller's room. Among the mess of papers on the wall above the Storyteller's desk was a photograph of two girls, one of them Cantabella. Both girls wore identical pendants. On the piano was Newton Belduke's suicide note, which had been finally delivered to the Storyteller after Maya Fey's trial. The piano itself contained a puzzle.

Solving the puzzle caused another stairway to appear, leading to the very top of the tower. The Storyteller was standing there, still alive. He told Layton that he was tired of the Professor's meddling in the Story, and by writing in his book, he brought suits of armor to life to attack the duo.

The Knight drew his blade. As the battle came to a close, he raised his blade overhead and delivered the finishing blow!

A new knight stepped in for his fallen comrade. He slashed quickly, delivering three blows before finishing the battle with a three-hit combination attack.

The final knight drew his sword. As he attacked, he began to vanish into thin air, his movements veiled in the embrace of the shadows...

Layton was able to outwit the Storyteller's manipulations of the suits of armor. Layton asked the Storyteller why he was not watching his grand finale, seeing as they had both realized that someone else was twisting the Story. The Storyteller explained that there was a final spell, "concealed at the start", which, when invoked, would reveal Labyrinthia's true form. However, Layton told him that even his grand finale had been twisted, as his daughter was the accused in the trial. Layton said that he knew who Bezella was, and intended to return to the final witch trial and see it through to the end.

References to other cases[]

  • There are some optional pressed statements during the Vigilantes' second testimony in which Wordsmith claims to have heard the incantation "Ignaize". Phoenix responds to this claim by saying that Wordsmith has the current case confused with that of The Fire Witch.


Other languages[]

  • French - L'ultime Procès de Sorcières (lit. "The Final Witch Trial")
  • German - Das Ende der Hexenprozesse (lit. "The End of the Witch Trials")
  • Italian - L'ultimo processo alle streghe (lit. "The last witch trial")