The First Turnabout


The Murder Victim, Cindy Stone.

The First Turnabout is the first case in the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and is the first trial that the protragonist, Phoenix Wright faces. He defends his childhood friend Larry Butz in the murder of Cindy Stone



Warning:Plot and Contradiction Spoilers follow

The Crime

Frank Sahwit, a common burgler who masked his trade by pretending to be a newspaper salesman planned to rob the home of Cindy Stone on the Third of August. When he arrived, he saw Larry Butz leaving the appartment and decided to steal the valuables quickly before anyone returned. However, he was caught red handed by Cindy Stone who had just arrived from shopping. He picked up the nearest item he could find, which was a speaking clock in the shape of a statue called 'The Thinker' and smashed her with it over the head. The clock then involentary told the time after the impact, which was 1 o'clock


Larry leaving Cindy's house; with Sahwit lying in wait

She soon died from loss of blood, leaving Sahwit with a problem. He decided to frame the man he saw earlier, since he knew he was the only witness to the crime and that the courts were biased towards the prosecution. Since there was a power cut at the time, he went outside to find a payphone and called the police. They soon arrived, and after Sahwit gave his testimony to them, they went to arrest Larry Butz.

The Trial

Just before the trial started Phoenix Wright was understandably nervous at the prospect of his first case, but his mentor, Mia Fey soon appeared to give him some moral support as well as a copy of the victims autopsy report. He also met a panic stricken Larry soon afterwards and helped to calm his nerves; Larry seemed to be more concerned about his life without his Girlfriend than whether he was freed or not.


The scene; as testified to by Sahwit.

In the courtroom itself, both Prosecutor Payne and Phoenix address the Judge; and the Judge sets Phoenix some easy questions to see if he's ready for the case. He then asks Payne for the murder weapon, and Payne brings the statue of the thinker into evidence. Larry then takes the stand, and gives a short testimony that stated that Cindy was alive when he visited the apartment. Payne then provides a motive for Larry to have commited the murder; she had just dumped him and had many rich male friends who paid for her expensive gifts.

Frank Sahwit then takes the stand, and claims that he discovered the body at 1:00pm, and that there was a blackout that prevented him from using the victims phone. Phoenix Objects, saying that the murder happened at 4:00PM. Sawhit then makes two more false claims, that he heard the time from the T.V, when the power was out and he saw the clock that was the murder weapon, but Phoenix proves that he couldn't have known that without holding it in his hand. They sound the clock to prove that it was working on the day of the murder, although it was three hours slow.


What actually led to the murder-the victim walking in on Sawhit.

Sahwit then freaks out and chucks his wig at Phoenix. He raises one final claim; unless he could prove the time was wrong on the day of the murder, he couldn't have done it. Phoenix presents his final evidence, Cindy's passport from her trip to Paris. The clock was actually 9 hours fast! Sahwit breaks down and Larry is cleared of all charges.

After the Trial

After the trial ends, Mia congratulates Phoenix on his win; she knows now that she was right about him. Larry interrupts in hysterics again, this time about the fact that Cindy didn't care about him. Phoenix then presents the clock to him; she wouldn't carry a bulky clock around unless it had some significance. Larry gives Mia the twin version of the clock, he had made two as a memento of his and Cindy's relationship. Mia and Phoenix then go out to dinner, and Phoenix's first case ends.

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