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The Foreign Turnabout (demo)
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For the full version of this episode, see The Foreign Turnabout.

Phoenix Wright
(Even if I have to fight every person in this country... ...I swear I'll get Ahlbi acquitted of this crime... the main game!)

The demo of Episode 1: The Foreign Turnabout is a demo version of the first episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice. The English version of the demo was made available on the Nintendo eShop on August 24, 2016.

April 24[]


While abroad in the Kingdom of Khura'in, Phoenix Wright suddenly found himself at the defense's bench in a foreign courtroom to defend his tour guide, Ahlbi Ur'gaid, who had been arrested for murder. The judge warned Wright that Khura'in had no need for defense attorneys, as all verdicts were decided by the Divination Séances of Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in, and that Wright ought to be prepared for the consequences if he chose to take Ur'gaid's defense. The prosecutor, Gaspen Payne, seemed to recognize Wright from somewhere, although Wright did not remember ever meeting him before. Meanwhile, the gallery went into an uproar, insulting Wright and telling Payne to crush the "defense devil."

Payne then delivered his opening statement. The defendant was charged with both larceny and murder. The Founder's Orb, a national treasure, had been stolen from the treasure room of Tehm'pul Temple the previous day, and the dead body of a temple guard, Paht Rohl, had been found near the empty treasure box. Payne then submitted the victim's autopsy report and a photo of the crime into evidence. The treasure box had blood on it, leading the prosecution to conclude that it had been the weapon used to bludgeon the victim. Payne also submitted a newspaper article about the treasure box; since only the royal family was allowed to view the treasure, the photos in the article were the only place were the average person could see the box.

Treasure box newspaper

The photos of the treasure box in the newspaper article.

Payne then summoned the accused, Ahlbi Ur'gaid, as the prosecution's first witness. Ur'gaid testified that he was not allowed to go near the treasure room and that he had never even seen the treasure box with the green butterfly on it. Wright then pointed out that the photos in the newspaper article were in black and white, meaning that Ur'gaid could not have known the butterfly on the treasure box was green unless he had seen the box itself. As Ur'gaid reared back in shock at this revelation, a dog jumped out of the bag he had been holding. Ur'gaid introduced the dog as Shah'do, his pet dog. The judge concluded that since Ur'gaid had seen the murder weapon before, that only made him more suspicious; furthermore, Rayfa's Divination Séance left little room to doubt the defendant's guilt. Wright then asked to see the Divination Séance for himself.

Divination Séance (TFT)

The image shown in the Divination Séance.

Rayfa assured Wright that he would see the error of his ways for questioning her Divination Séances. She then performed the Dance of Devotion around the Pool of Souls in the middle of the courtroom, causing an image to appear in the water. The image at first appeared to show Ur'gaid holding something over his head, then it went dark, followed by the word "pain" appearing. Payne explained that the Pool of Souls showed what the victim had experienced in his last moments of life, and that the image clearly showed Ur'gaid raising a weapon over his head to strike Rohl.

Rayfa added that she found it unbelievable that a murder would be committed after the morning Dance of Devotion. This led Wright to find an inconsistency in the Divination Séance: the victim could still hear the Song of Ceremony as Ur'gaid was in front of him, and the song in question was performed during the Dance of Devotion, which contradicted Rayfa's claim that the murder had occurred after it. Rayfa said that there were no contradictions, as what the victim had heard was a practice run of the Song of Ceremony. The judge then asked her to revise her insight accordingly.

Wright, however, found another contradiction in the Séance: Rayfa claimed that the victim's vision had gone dark from the pain of being struck, yet the image in the pool showed that Rohl had felt pain only after his vision went dark. Rayfa was shocked by this, saying that her Insights were never wrong, but the judge demanded an explanation, saying that this contradiction could not be ignored. Wright then vowed to get Ur'gaid acquitted in the main game.

Differences from the full version[]

  • The episode starts in the courtroom, rather than the Bazaar.
  • The playable portion of the trial does not include the initial guilty verdict that the full version opens with.
  • Payne's status as Chief Prosecutor is not mentioned.
  • Ahlbi's testimony has an extra statement in the full version, where he states that he was planning Wright's tour at the time of the crime.
  • The Defiant Dragons and the Defense Culpability Act are not mentioned.
  • Maya Fey is not mentioned outside of the trailer at the end of the demo.
  • The Song of Ceremony lyrics are given to Wright in the courtroom "at gavel-point" instead of at the Tehm'pul Temple.
  • Ahlbi's notice on the monks' duties are not mentioned.
  • Wright asks about the murder weapon of his own accord, rather than being prompted by a multiple choice response.
  • The optional tutorial on cross-examinations is given as internal monologue in the demo. In the full version, Wright explains it to the judge (albeit at the players discretion)