"The Guitar's Serenade" is a 2026 hit song. It was sung by Lamiroir and accompanied by Klavier Gavin on the guitar and Machi Tobaye on the piano. The song was performed once during a Gavinners concert; however, Lamiroir's bodyguard was killed during the performance, which started an investigation leading to the conviction of Gavin's fellow guitarist Daryan Crescend as the killer. After that, Gavin swore never to play the song again. Nevertheless, the song became a huge hit, and it was played at Themis Legal Academy's 67th school festival, sung by Juniper Woods and accompanied by Gavin on acoustic guitar.


Gavin met Lamiroir during a trip to Borginia, Lamiroir's home country. Gavin watched one of her singing performances and was inspired, referring to her voice as "divine". They wrote a song together, and Lamiroir gave Gavin a guitar, which he cherished deeply. Gavin invited Lamiroir to the United States, in which he was performing a concert with his band, the Gavinners.


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Guitar's Serenade

Guitar's Serenade

The live performance of "The Guitar's Serenade".

Magician Valant Gramarye was hired to arrange an illusion for the performance of "The Guitar's Serenade", which was to be performed after the first intermission. While Gavin and Lamiroir were performing the song, Gavin took her cloak and pulled it downwards; she seemed to disappear. The cloak floated across the stage to a platform on the other side of the hall, where Lamiroir reappeared as the cloak gracefully floated onto her again. During all of this, Gavin's guitar, the one that Lamiroir had given him, mysteriously caught fire, ruining the guitar.

In reality, the "Lamiroir" on the stage was Valant Gramarye. The real Lamiroir sang into a headset to give the illusion that she was singing on the stage. She crawled through the building's ventilation system to get to the platform. During her time in the ventilation shaft, she heard a gunshot, causing her to pause and make a minor mistake in the lyrics. Later, defense attorney Apollo Justice found Lamiroir's bodyguard dead, and some time after that, the body was found on stage next to Lamiroir's pianist, Machi Tobaye, who was unconscious. Tobaye was arrested for the murder.


Justice put together the mysterious incidents surrounding the performance to conclude that Daryan Crescend, one of the band members, was the killer. His investigation of the crime led to the exposure of a plot to smuggle a Borginian cocoon into America. Crescend had hidden the cocoon in Gavin's guitar, and when the bodyguard, actually an Interpol agent, found him out, he had shot him and burned the evidence - the cocoon - by remote control. It was initially believed that the killer had followed the lyrics in committing the crime, but Justice exposed this as a ruse to get investigators to get the order of events wrong.


Guitar's Serenade lyrics

The original lyrics of The Guitar's Serenade, signed by Klavier Gavin and Lamiroir.

Japanese Version Romaji (Hepburn) English Version

Sugar, Sugar...
腕に 抱かれて
こころのカギは 今 盗まれた

...Pleasure... (The original lyrics read "Pleasure, Pleasure..." but in the concert recording, the line was sung, "...Pleasure..." due to Lamiroir being startled by the sound of a gunshot.)
いとしの メロディー
この身をつつみ 今 放たれた

Uh... uh...

胸を焦がす Fire...
恋人も 燃える
愛の弾丸よ Fire
いのちまで 奪って

Guitar, Guitar...
ふたりは 空へ

Sugar, Sugar...
Ude ni dakarete
Kokoro no kagi wa ima nusumareta

Itoshi no merodī
Kono mi o tsutsumi ima hanatareta

Uh... uh...

Mune o kogasu Fire...
Koibito mo moeru
Ai no dama yo Fire
Inochi made ubatte

Guitar, Guitar...
Futari wa sora e

Sugar, Sugar...
O that night, in your embrace
When you stole away the keys
my heart held on to so tight.

Pleasure... (The original lyrics read "Pleasure, Pleasure..." but in the concert recording, the line was sung, "Pleasure..." due to Lamiroir being startled by the sound of a gunshot.)
But a fleeting melody
It wraps itself around me,
And now through the air I fly.

Woh... Woh...

Burning on in my heart. Fire.
Burn my love away. All away.
Like a bullet of love. Fire.
Take my life away. All away.

Guitar, Guitar...
Up together to the sky.


  • The melody and lyrics of the song were created by Shu Takumi. The melody came about while he was playing his guitar at home. He then figured out what he wanted to use the song for, and the lyrics were written with this purpose in mind.[1]

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The song is called "Koisuru Guitar no Serenade" (恋するギターのセレナード) in the original Japanese version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


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