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The Last Inquisitor

Phoenix Wright
...We'd been waiting for the professor to show up... ...If there was anyone who could find some decisive evidence to win this thing, it was him... However... ...He ended up standing behind the inquisitor's bench... ...The professor wasn't on our side here... ...I had to wonder... ...What the heck was going to happen?

Chapter 9: The Last Inquisitor is the ninth and penultimate chapter of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Kira's return[]

I am not familiar with this "Kira" you keep talking about... I came from the Eldwitch Woods...

Court resumed with the most unexpected of witnesses: Kira, the witch who had been sent to the flames three nights earlier. She testified that she had come to kill the Storyteller. She had no recollection of her life in Labyrinthia, and could no longer use magic. To fulfill her task, she had waited in the bell tower for her chance. Phoenix Wright asked her how she could have gotten past the Vigilantes, knowing that she could not have used Dimere. She replied that she had used a "robe of invisibility", and Wright realized that she was talking about the flour-covered robe that he had found. When cleaned, only the Shades could see it.

Kira explained that she had been attacked from behind in the middle floor of the tower. Her attacker had restrained her arms and covered her mouth. Kira had fallen unconscious to wake up in the belfry. She mentioned pulling something off of her assailant, scratching the attacker's neck in the process, and Wright realized that she had pulled off the first pendant. Wright told Kira that the only way for her to have reached the pendant while her arm had been restrained was if she had been attacked from the front. It was evident that Kira was lying, and that Darklaw was manipulating her into making these false claims.

Darklaw argued that Kira's assailant must have used Dimere to ambush her and Fainfol to knock her out. Kira agreed with this, claiming that she had heard the incantation for Fainfol before being attacked, but this was impossible because Fainfol would have worked instantaneously. Wright argued that the attacker had donned a robe of invisibility to get past the Vigilantes, and had used sleep medicine to knock Kira out. Darklaw had access to sleep medicine confiscated from the investigation of Newton Belduke's murder. To prove that Darklaw was the assailant, Wright suggested examining her neck for an injury from her encounter with Kira.

Darklaw commended Wright on his argument, confirming that she had indeed sustained an injury. Wright called Darklaw to the witness stand. However, the trial could not continue without someone else at the inquisitor's bench. Just then, Hershel Layton arrived and claimed that he could prove conclusively that Espella Cantabella was the Great Witch Bezella.

Inquisitor Layton[]

Hershel Layton
If seeking the truth requires us to stand on opposite sides of the courtroom, then so be it. I expect you to defend Miss Cantabella with everything you've got, Mr Wright.

Darklaw testified that she had seen footprints on the bell tower stairs, and had gone up to investigate. Wright recalled the two sets of footprints, and Darklaw claimed that she had tried to match the existing footprints as far as possible. Wright pointed out that the initial footprints had had no heels. Darklaw then testified that, upon arriving on the middle floor, she had seen Kira and apprehended her. As Wright asked why Darklaw had used a robe of invisibility, Kira started thinking about her attack, saying she had worn the robe the entire time, until being apprehended. This contradicted the fact that Darklaw had seen Kira, and Darklaw claimed that Kira was lying again.

Suddenly, Kira could no longer stand that Darklaw kept silencing and discrediting her. She revealed that Darklaw had been carrying Espella Cantabella on her back. That weight, plus the slipperiness from the rain outside, was why Darklaw had had to use her whole feet when climbing the stairs. Darklaw admitted to doing all this, but would not say why she had done so. Layton said that her actions and motives were irrelevant, because Cantabella remained the only possible witch of the three, seeing as how the other two needed to use robes of invisibility to get past the Vigilantes. Nonetheless, Darklaw declared that she would tell the truth about her and the Shades.

Darklaw explained that she was the leader of the Shades, who called her the "Great Witch". She revealed the truth behind the fire pit mechanism, saying that witches sent to the flames would really be turned into Shades with no memory of their lives as Labyrinthians. These Shades would perform various tasks, and then would eventually return to the town as brand new people. Kira testified that Darklaw had been the Great Witch giving them the tasks. She also mentioned that the Eldwitch Woods, where the Shades lived, had huge machines that Labyrinthians could not see, some of which spit out fire. Wright began to realize the secret behind the Shades and Labyrinthia's magic.

Wright explained the truth that he had uncovered: "Magic" was not real. It was an elaborate illusion maintained by the Shades. This explained the restrictions involving the Talea Magica and having to say the incantations aloud. The spells Ignaize and Granwyrm really came from the fire-spewing machines that Kira mentioned. Dimere was produced using the robes of invisibility. All of the spells could at least partially be explained this way, though there would still need to be some way of altering people's memories for the spells to work flawlessly.

There was one more truth hidden in what Darklaw and Kira had testified. Namely, Kira had testified that Darklaw had been the Great Witch, implying that she was not anymore. The one who had given Kira her task as Bezella was not Darklaw, but the Storyteller himself. However, Darklaw had tried to put a wrench in the Storyteller's plans, in order to set Cantabella up as Bezella. Darklaw explained that she had sought to change the Story to expose Cantabella as the "witch" behind the Legendary Fire. She then put on a robe of invisibility and disappeared, saying that she would leave the rest up to Layton. The Professor then called his final witness: the Storyteller.


  • During the animated cutscene in which Hershel Layton arrives to take on the role of Inquisitor, Maya Fey appears in her usual spirit medium outfit instead of her "Ironclad Maya" disguise. However, both before and after the cutscene, she is once again in disguise.

Other languages[]

  • French - La Dernière Inquisitrice (lit. "The Last (Female) Inquisitor")
  • German - Die Inquisitorin (lit. "The (Female) Inquisitor")
  • Italian - L'ultimo inquisitore (lit. "The last inquisitor")