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The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

Iris Wilson
'The Case of the Haunted Lodgings'... Do you want to read them, Runo?

Episode II: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro is the second episode of The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. The day after the events of The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, on a visit to the now awakened Olive Green, ends up defending Soseki Natsume once again for the attempted murder of William Shamspeare.


It was a ghastly tale of a winter's night -- one of an invisible killer and a crime perpetrated on the pavement along Briar Road. As the victim lay at death's door, the mystery of just who had stabbed the young lady from behind had been resolved. But no sooner had my friend saved that Eastern exchange student from his harrowing plight, that in the dim, flickering shadows of gaslight did a second bizarre crime rend the stillness of that very night. I daresay most can still recall the sensational headlines of the day.

'Haunted Apartment of Death'
'The Condemned Criminal's Curse'
'The Dread Demon of Coal Gas'

Yet, though the great detective had at once discerned the truth upon his arrival at the scene, it only proved to be the overture that announced the rising of the curtain on a most tragic play.
Petenshy Novel

And now for a most tragic play...

Soseki Natsume had just been cleared of all charges regarding the stabbing of Olive Green. But he becomes the prime suspect once again when his fellow lodger, William Shamspeare, is poisoned.

A past case[]

7:28 AM

Ryunosuke Naruhodo woke up in Herlock Sholmes' attic, his new law office, to the smell of Iris Wilson's breakfast. He got a letter from Susato Mikotoba from Japan. It said she stood as an attorney and won, and that Soseki Natsume was a witness. The letter also told Naruhodo to look back on the second incident Natsume was involved in, "The Case of The Haunted Lodging". Apparently, Susato hearing about it was the real reason her father called her back, despite his original claim that he was sick. Sholmes forbade the story of the case from being published but Susato wanted it to be examined anyway. Sholmes was going out so he allowed Wilson to get out the documents of that second incident for her and Naruhodo to read.

Investigation, day 1[]

Meeting Olive Green[]

Main Article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

The first incident happened half a year ago on a winter night. A young woman named Olive Green was found collapsed on Briar Road with a knife in her back. Fortunately, she survived after a few days, but a Japanese exchange student, Soseki Natsume, was passing by and was arrested by Herlock Sholmes for the assault. Ryunosuke Naruhodo, defended him and revealed the truth about the incident. Sholmes then telegraphed Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba to come to St. Bartholomew Hospital to visit the recovered Green.

5:30 AM
Ross picture

A mysterious young man.

In the hospital ward, Sholmes chewed them out for making him wait. Olive Green was there on the bed for them to greet. She was a budding painter and rather gloomy, she immediately wonder if they were the ones who stabbed her. Green was an art student at Thorndyke Academy of Fine Arts and lives in a flat on Brixton Street, which was ten stops away via the tube from the hospital, yet the school was only a minute away. During the stabbing incident four days ago, Green couldn't see through the fog, she blames herself for all the trouble she caused. Naruhodo found a photo of a young man in the ward and Susato wondered if he's Green's "fated other". Suddenly, a policeman came in to deliver a note to Naruhodo, it's from Soseki Natsume. Sholmes snatched it and it said someone was killed in his house. Susato called for a carriage there.

Soseki Natsume accused again[]

7:18 AM
Unconscious petenshy

The victim

In the first floor of the Garrideb complex, the wigged, fancily dressed man from the other day was collapsed at the table. Inspector Tobias Gregson arrived and revealed the victim's name to be William Shamspeare. Natsume and John Garrideb first discovered his body, Shamspeare lived a life of extreme poverty and had previously been to jail for fraud. Natsume denied knowing Shamspeare even though they were neighbors. Sholmes got an idea of what happened: the victim tried to protect himself and was ingested with the scent of surrounding poison, Natsume got really nervous so it must be true. Herlock Sholmes will now commence his dance of deduction!

Sholmes said Shamspeare choked on bubbles of poison due to what's in his mouth. There was half a bar of soap on a plate. The fork in his hand revealed that he ate it for supper, which was not surprising considering he's poor. But since London soap was poor in quality, it resulted in the victim's death. However, was this really suicide? A single teacup sat on the table. The lock on the room's door was broken, so it was locked at the time of Shamspeare's death, the only key was in the victim's pocket. So the victim was completely alone at the time of his death. Everyone was confused, but Sholmes admitted that he also ate soap once to clean his stomach. Anyway. It's time for the examination!

The other half of the soap was on the floor, meaning it wasn't eaten. The teacup was empty so it's more likely that Shamspeare drank poison in tea. But there was another teacup in his hand and a candle nearby, meaning someone else was here. On another table, there are the same books Soseki Natsume had in the previous incident. This meant Natsume came here right after his trial! Gregson took him to Scotland Yard, but Naruhodo promised to defend him again and feed his cat. He and Susato decided to investigate the scene while Gregson was gone and talk to John Garrideb later.

They found a torn piece of an envelope and a gas meter which gives people gas for coins so they could use the lamps and stoves for two hours. The window was blocked by bricks to escape tax but it had a small opening with two aligned soap bars, one of them had something dark red in it. There were two teacups with red tea, but Soseki Natsume didn't drink the poison. Gregson returned to cordon off the crime scene in five minutes. When Naruhodo suggested they see Natsume was his cell, Shamspeare suddenly came back from the dead! Or so they thought, at least. He quoted Macbeth, with the help of Gregson, before passing out again.

Sometime later on Briar Road, Naruhodo and Susato wondered what to do. They saw the other mysterious man with the yellow clothes and huge chin peeking into Shamspeare's flat. When Naruhodo tried to ask him something, he just ran away.

Interviewing John Garrideb[]

"Some time later"

The two meet up with John Garrideb in his flat who thanks them for yesterday's trial. He said Shamspeare wakes up every morning at five but he didn't light his candles today until a half hour after. That's when Garrideb knocked on the door with no response, Natsume begged him to break it down, that's when they found Shamspeare unconscious. The victim was staying there for three months, he was poor just like everyone in Garrideb's complex. He was researching William Shakespeare, Britain's greatest classical playwright whose Japanese adaptions are called "Shao", this explains all the stage costumes in the flat. Anyway, Garrideb returned home around 6 PM but Shamspeare wasn't there. He said that "joke of an actor" was surely alive until 1 AM as he returned around 8 PM, he knows because of the gas. This complex's gas was supplied through the pipes, meaning the flats of Garrideb, Natsume, and Shamspeare all share the same pipe. If Garrideb turns on his gas lamp, the lamps in the other flats will dim for a moment. If his lamp was turned off, the others will turn on. Naruhodo wondered why John Garrideb was so fixated on watching his tenants' lives.

Interviewing Soseki Natsume[]

"Sometime later"

In the Gaol, Soseki Natsume was extremely upset with Herlock Sholmes for putting him in jail again. Naruhodo and Susato tell him about the victim briefly coming back to life, but it didn't cheer him up much. He revealed that he met with Shamspeare the night before. After the trial regarding Olive Green's stabbing, he visited Shamspeare's flat for the first time around 9. After a discussion about Shakespeare, he had to go out, but before that Natsume served tea for them. But he didn't leave any poison and Shamspeare was alive when he left.

Novel Natsume and Ross

The ex-resident strangling Natsume?

Natsume said his life was cursed; he could never adjust to Great Britain. Garrideb's flat was cheap so he moved in, yet he said it's cursed because the previous owner died recently under mysterious circumstances. But Natsume wanted to save all his money for his books so he signed the contract anyway. Then when he moved in, he felt like he was being watched, he had nightmares about the ex-resident ghost strangling him. Regarding what happened when Shamspeare was poisoned, Susato suggests that Natsume moves out of the flat as soon as possible.

Natsume then said that Garrideb might be interested in the cursed flat as well, he was probably using the gas lamp to make sure his tenants are safe. Just then, Tobias Gregson arrived with good news and bad news, which must be said in that order. The good news was that William Shamspeare was expected to make a full recovery. The bad news was that he was accusing Soseki Natsume for trying to poison him. Naruhodo was determined to defend him in court and remove his curse.

Trial, day 2[]

Before the trial[]

9:23 AM

The next day, in the defendant's lobby of the Old Bailey, neither Naruhodo nor Natsume expected to come back to court in just two days. Susato arrived and announced that Barok van Zieks was the prosecutor for the trial. He's the prosecutor known as a Death Bringer because all of his defendants who get acquitted mysteriously die, like Naruhodo's first British client. In the last trial where Olive Green was stabbed, he got Natsume acquitted and he hasn't died yet. But today, it seems like the curse of van Zieks and Natsume was going to come into effect, yet Natsume assured them that he was innocent and Naruhodo believes him. Susato wondered where Herlock Sholmes is, but Naruhodo said it's best if he didn't come since then they'll need to rely on his help.


9:40 AM

As the trial starts, Barok van Zieks, who took a leave of absence from prosecuting, immediately insults the Japanese. The jury was the exact same group from Natsume's previous trial as he just got acquitted, except that Garrideb was replaced with a woman in fancy yellow clothes. Juror 1, Bruce Fairplay, knew Natsume was never innocent, 2 said this was worse than her hat straightening decisions, 3 wishes to be killed by people like the defendant, new 4 had an executive meeting at ten, 5 needs to prepare fifteen shillings by today, and 6 prays that the "lost lamb" get his proper verdict. Van Zieks gives the opening statement and had Tobias Gregson take the stand with Natsume. The judge was very disappointed that he didn't keep his oath from the last trial about becoming a defendant again.

Cross-examining the defendant & the detective[]

Garrideb Boarding House

The "cursed" complex.

Gregson then explains the case: On the first floor of John Garrideb's complex, the man living there, William Shamspeare, was found poisoned by strychnine and unconscious. Natsume admitted that he visited his room, the next morning Garrideb broke down Shamspeare's locked door and discovered the crime scene. Shamspeare survived but he was almost killed. Gregson admits that he was present at the incident and submits a photo of Shamspeare unconscious to the court as evidence. Natsume said the boarding house was cursed by an evil spirit because the previous owner of his flat died, Green was stabbed just outside, Shamspeare was poisoned, and he was the defendant twice. He claims he lit his gas stove after he left Shamspeare's room before going to bed to keep himself warm, but in the middle of the night the flame went out and he almost died. Van Zieks then announces Shamspeare's immediate accusation towards Natsume putting the poison in the black tea. Naruhodo wonders why Shamspeare was accusing Natsume if he was really innocent, Natsume said he served tea because the water pipes were frozen.

Gregson and Natsume begin their testimony about the incident. Natsume visited Shamspeare's room with tea around 9 PM, had a discussion about literature, and left for his own room at 11. He said the tea was harmless and Shamspeare locked his door. Gregson added that strychnine was slow reacting poison that didn't bring instant death, so it was possible for Shamspeare to lock the door. Susato correctly guesses that the investigation was not complete, van Zieks and Gregson say there was no tea left at the crime scene and England didn't have the technology to detect poison yet anyway. Alas, the victim drank nothing else, the jury was already silently thinking about voting guilty, but Naruhodo was not giving up.

In the cross-examination, Gregson said that strychnine takes a half hour to kick in and paralysis, spasms, and the inability to breathe will occur. With Shamspeare able to lock the door after Natsume left, it's possible for him to do it. The detective presented the diagnosis record from the doctor who worked on Shamspeare as evidence. Naruhodo presented the medical report that said the victim ingested the poison at 1:30 AM, two and a half hours after Natsume left. But Barok van Zieks said the victim simply drank the tea alone after the defendant left. Naruhodo said there's another possibility but it looks like he's got nothing. He nervously said maybe another guest came after Natsume or Shamspeare poisoned himself. Van Zieks dismisses the suicide theory because the victim himself denied, Naruhodo responds that he could've been lying. Van Zieks goes silent as if listening to a carriage outside, then he announces that the man himself had just arrived.

Suddenly, Macbeth was heard again. The victim, William Shamspeare, had entered the courtroom. Van Zieks had invited him as a witness much to Natsume's angry protest and the judge's interest. He allowed the victim's testimony to the court.

Cross-examining Shamspeare & Metermann[]

Shamspeare was now at the stand with the mysterious, stern man that Naruhodo and Susato encountered the previous day. After Shamspeare poetically announces he's the reincarnation of William Shakespeare, the other man's name was revealed to be Adron B. Metermann, and he works at the East End branch of the Altamont Gas Company. Van Zieks got permission from the doctor for the victim to give testimony. Susato notes that the jury are already siding with this "angel". Van Zieks brought Metermann to crush Naruhodo's other theories. The judge offers a testimony to these two men about the winter night tragedy to which they agree to do.

Shamspeare said Natsume visited his room with black tea that night. When the latter left the former went face down on his table after drinking the bitter tea, which was the only thing he drank that evening. Metermann was watching through the semi-bricked window the whole night and assured the court that Natsume was the only other person. Metermann said Shamspeare had some "this and that", he simply dismissed it by saying it's not relevant to the case. Van Zieks and the judge agreed that all that matters was what happened that evening.

During their tea, the two had a Jujutsu battle dressed as Shakespeare's characters, Shamspeare was Romeo and Natsume was Juliet who actually won. As to explain the three hour time gap from the medical report, Shamspeare said he didn't drink the tea until 1 AM due to their debate. Shamspeare revealed in pressing that he only ate one meal a day, so only the tea could've been poisoned. The window was open only a little due to bricks to avoid tax, Metermann said Shamspeare didn't leave the room, he only peeked because he had a "mission". The police investigated the environs and found no poisonous containers, so Metermann must have taken it. Metermann couldn't see the dark room clearly, but Juror No. 1 declared that he had heard enough. He and the rest of the jury all gave Natsume a guilty verdict by tossing fireballs in the black scale above them. It seemed over but Susato encouraged Naruhodo to do a Summation Examination. He needed to find contradictions in the jurors' thoughts to make the jury change their verdicts so the trial can continue.

Summation Examination[]

Natsume Jury3

The jury.

Juror 1 saw Shamspeare as good and honest despite being poor, 2 thought he wouldn't lie, 3 said Natsume on the other hand did it because he's Japanese with a suspicious mustache and hunched back, 4 said she didn't have evidence that pointed to Shamspeare being a thief yet, 5 just wanted this over with, and 6 agreed that the three hour gap meant nothing. Basically, the jury was just voting guilty because they liked William Shamspeare, but Naruhodo proceeded with his closing argument anyway.

Naruhodo argued that poor people can still lie, but Bruce Fairplay said Soseki Natsume was one of them since the tea was Japanese. He wouldn't change his verdict unless Shamspeare was proved to be lying, the other male jurors agreed, this was a promise. Juror 4 said the company needed evidence so they can sue the potential thief, she revealed that her husband was Valve Altamont, president of the Altamont Gas Company, and that she sent Metermann to see if Shamspeare was stealing gas. Shamspeare assured Quinby Altamont he was innocent to which she reluctantly admitted that there isn't any evidence. However, Naruhodo presented being a possible gas thief as a reason to lie for Mr. Fairplay, Metermann would testify about it in a bit. As promise, the English gentlemen jurors toss fireballs into the white scale to vote not guilty, except 5 because he's in a hurry, so 4 does it for him allowing the trial to continue.

Although the judge seemed to think Natsume was the culprit, he sided with the jury on the theory of Shamspeare being a gas thief despite van Zieks trying to say this was a waste of time. Metermann said that the Altamont gas didn't lie so the judge allowed Metermann's testimony. Juror No. 4, Quinby Altamont, would like to take the stand with Metermann as a supervisor!

Cross-examining the Altamont Gas Company[]

In their testimony, Adron B. Metermann said his job was to collect the money from the meters in the area where Shamspeare lives. If you insert a three pence coin into it, you get gas to use for two hours. But Quinby Altamont said there weren't any coins in Shamspeare's meter despite gas constantly being used. Metermann had the only key to the meters, so that must mean Shamspeare was stealing. Barok van Zieks insisted that they focus on Soseki Natsume and the poisoning, but Naruhodo was sure that the gas theft had a link. It was happening for weeks with the company's new meter, they had to order another with an unbreakable lock just for Shamspeare but gas still got stolen. When it was brought back to the office they couldn't find any evidence, Metermann had the gas meter right there and it's submitted as evidence.

Upon inspecting it, Naruhodo and Susato found a tiny and jagged hole at the bottom. When presenting it to Altamont, Naruhodo learned that the gas meters only take the required coins as it measures the size, shape and thickness equally, other coins wouldn't fit. When Altamont added that statement to her testimony, Naruhodo and Susato noticed a two-centimeter diameter depression in the soap they found in Shamspeare's flat, that's the length of a three pence coin. After Naruhodo presented this to the court, the judge had someone from the gallery put a three pence coin in the soap slot and it fitted perfectly. But even if the molds were used to make fake coins, they should have been found inside the meter. Naruhodo noted the hole in the meter and said the fake coins were made of ice since the soap was placed at the open window. The hole in the heated meter was used to get rid of the melted liquid in it. Mrs. Altamont demanded evidence, so Naruhodo presented the picture of William Shamspeare unconscious and gave attention to the floorboard stain directly under the gas meter. Then he remembered how the victim had utensils and soap with him on his table when he was found, he must have been extracting fake coins when the strychnine kicked in.

Barok van Zieks has had enough, Shamspeare being a thief and liar had nothing to do with him being poisoned. The facts are that while the police couldn't find any poison, Soseki Natsume was the only person with the victim, so he must be the culprit. However, Naruhodo said the situation had just changed, he suggests that the poison wasn't in the black tea. He presented the soap and, remembering the dark reddish things inside when he found it, said that the ice used to make the coins was frozen tea! Natsume said the water pipes were frozen so Shamspeare couldn't have used water, Naruhodo demanded an examination of the second bar of soap. The judge agreed and had the bailiff send a police officer to the crime scene. The trial was put on hold and will reconvene tomorrow much to Naruhodo's relief.

Investigation, day 2[]

1:11 PM

Later that day in Sholmes' attic, Ryunosuke Naruhodo was exhausted from barely making it through the trial. Susato Mikotoba was admired by his very misguided defense. The two of them can't believe how the victim appeared in court like today and how he was a gas thief. William Shamspeare went back to the hospital, it's the same hospital as Olive Green. They wonder how Shamspeare was poisoned if it wasn't Natsume's tea and if Tobias Gregson examined that puddle yet. Then Naruhodo remembers Kazuma Asogi, his late best friend who was also a lawyer. He helped clear Naruhodo's name when he was a suspect of murder. Naruhodo had a flashback of a conversation with Asogi on the SS Burya until Susato snaps him out of it. She remembers Asogi only wish was to change the Japanese judiciary. Naruhodo believed his true mission had something to do with "Karuma", his katana sword. He revealed to Susato that Asogi told him Karuma was down through generations of the Asogi house and that he must do something in London no matter what. Naruhodo was determined to find out what that mission was and do it, but right now the two need to focus on freeing Soseki Natsume.

In Sholmes's suite[]

In Sholmes's suite, Wilson greets the two while making tea. Naruhodo smells something bad, Sholmes said it's his "scientific history" and seems to have forgotten about the trial and wanted to speak with Barok van Zieks, Naruhodo wonders if there's a connection between the two of them. Susato thought that van Zieks was killing all his not guilty defendants but Sholmes said he always had a solid alibi. The prosecutor was a reaper for five years and didn't return until Naruhodo arrived. Naruhodo remembers his first trial with van Zieks and commented on how bad luck it was to face him again. The smelly scientific history was a new testing fluid Sholmes made to prove of tea was real, street vendors try to sell fake tea left in the alleys. They test it of Wilson's tea and it turns black and smells horrible which makes it the highest quality of Darjeeling.

Investigating Shamspeare's flat[]


The handprints all over Shamspeare's wall.

Back at Shamspeare's flat, Gregson meets up with them. He allowed them to search the crime scene as long as they don't ruin it. Barok van Zieks ordered him to find some new evidence. The fact that people pay for gas made it really hard for poor people in the winter, but Susato said it's the same for rich people. They admit that William Shamspeare making ice coins was pretty impressive. John Garrideb had a fireplace instead of a gas lamp. Sholmes was there investigating too. He said he invented a kind of fingerprint detection device. He tested on the cup William Shamspeare drank from and it worked. All you need to do was spray something look through special goggles. There are a lot of handprints around one part of the floor, which had a secret compartment but detective Gregson demands to investigate it first, and on the wall which a photograph was taken of. But there's nothing behind that painting, just a plain wall. After one unsuccessful attempt by Sholmes to appeal to Gregson, Gregson did let them hear about three items he found in the hiding place. The first was a three month old newspaper article on a death row inmate from Manchester named Selden who died of an illness, he was a serial burglar and murderer. He's said to have a stash of one thousand pounds of stolen money somewhere, but it hasn't been found yet since he died, Gregson will find more information about Selden. The second was a fairly recent photo of John Garrideb and the same man from the picture in Olive Green's ward, they receive the photo. The third was a small empty tin box, they wonder what these items mean and why Shamspeare had them hidden. Suddenly, a cat appeared on a prop castle, they call it Wagahai for now. The cat received its dinner which it happily enjoys then went to sleep.

Meeting with Natsume again[]

Back in the Gaol, Soseki Natsume said he's a cat in solitary and didn't know anything about this case. He also said he didn't have a name, but this was all just an act. He still believed there are curses everywhere around him. Natsume thanks Naruhodo for the trial today and said he drank the tea he and Shamspeare had first during their conversation that night. He can't believe Shamspeare used it for gas and was now accusing him. Natsume said his flat was cheap since it was considered cursed by an evil spirit of a death row prisoner.


Selden, the spirit that was supposedly haunting Natsume's flat.

That's when Natsume had a look at the newspaper article and said that Selden was the spirit that haunts the boarding house, he killed a young man and his next target was Natsume. He revealed Selden was arrested just a year ago, his hideout was the flat that Natsume was living in. His curse took affect when he died of an illness three months ago before he could be executed, the next lodger mysteriously died of asphyxiation in the locked room. When the body was discovered, the room was full of gas fumes. The nights after Natsume first moved in, he first felt like he was being watched. Next, he had nightmares where the deceased criminal was choking him, finally he woke up having trouble breathing within the freezing room. Winter in London was freezing cold, it's impossible to sleep without a gas stove on. When Natsume falls asleep, his stove went out and the room filled with gas fumes, just like the previous lodger.

Meeting in St. Bartholomew Hospital[]

At St. Bartholomew Hospital, William Shamspeare seems to be insulting Olive Green's painting. He asked for forgiveness since he was poisoned, she said he should've died for all she cared, then Shamspeare started dancing until he noticed Naruhodo and Susato. He said he walked into this ward instead of his own by mistake and saw Green's painting. Shamspeare was actually impressed by Naruhodo's defense today, but said that may not be the same tomorrow and leaves. Naruhodo was starting to think that Shamspeare isn't just a victim. Olive Green apologized, she's preparing for her hospital discharge. Susato congratulated her, she's woken up right after he stabbing case was solved.

Meeting with Garrideb again[]

Garrideb and Ross

The late Duncan Ross.

Back in John Garrideb's flat, the landlord revealed that he watched the trial to know the fate of the boarding house which got the reputation of being cursed. On his way back he visited his wife, Joan, at the detention center. Garrideb revealed that after Selden was arrested, the lodger who rented out his room suffocated to death, with what happened with Green and Shamspeare, Garrideb worried that he's next. Sholmes thought a haunted apartment could make gorgeous tourism, but Naruhodo disagreed. They say Soseki Natsume isn't suspicious despite being out for renting out Selden's old room, he showed up the same day Garrideb approached the real estate office with his ad. Shamspeare came here three days after Selden died of an illness in his cell. He wanted the second floor room but it was already occupied, Garrideb offered him the first floor so Shamspeare agreed to sign the contract.

When the group presented the photo of Garrideb and the other man to him, he revealed that the man was the previous tenant, an art school student named Duncan Ross. He moved into that room after Selden's arrest, he wanted a room with a history. But one morning, Garrideb noticed the gas lamps and fumed as a scent of death, this was when he first started using them to watch over his tenants. He called the police, broke down the locked door and went inside. Ross had suffocated and the room was full of gas, apparently while he was sleeping and the flame on his gas stove went out, Garrideb blamed Selden's curse. John Garrideb then remembered one more thing: before Duncan Ross died, he wrote a love letter he has. Sholmes reads it much to Susato's dismay. There isn't any address on it but it ends with "...My undying love to you, my colourful darling, Olive Green."

Meeting with Green again[]

The group went back to the hospital again, Susato learned from the doctor that Green will soon be released. They see a hard thinking Green about to drink from a blue bottle, she stopped when she noticed them. She said she was getting ready to go home and was just about to take her medicine. Green didn't really want to have a conversation, she faints when she saw the picture of Ross, knocking over the bottle that spills out a pink liquid. They tell Green what happened when they visited John Garrideb. She revealed that she was studying painting and met Ross at the school, they were both studying to become artists. They weren't only dating, they were engaged. Ross moved into the cheapest boarding house in East End to save money so they can get married, but then that incident happened.

Sholmes in the corner denied the two of them to leave Green, a great detective must solve incidents to prevent them from happening. With that in mind, Naruhodo found a dead rat that appeared to have drunk the pink liquid from the blue bottle. They realize what was just going to happen upon their arrival: Olive Green was about to kill herself! After collapsing, she said she secretly stole the label-less bottle from the doctor's cabinet, Sholmes took it. On the table, there was a card that Green was holding. There's also an envelope that she got in the mail the day before the incident. It said, "I have information regarding the death of Duncan Ross. Come to The Slug and Salad, on Briar Road at 5 p.m. on 17th. Don't tell anybody else about this letter or the meeting. It is a matter of utmost importance". February 17th, 5 p.m. was the exact day and time Green was stabbed by Joan Garrideb, she was on her way to the Slug and Salad. With everything she's knows told, Olive Green had to leave now. Susato begged her not to consider suicide again, and she wouldn't since this probably means she still had a destiny.

With the night fallen, Sholmes decided that was enough investigating for today. Naruhodo didn't think they got close to the bottom of the case, Susato hoped the tea stain didn't have poison. Sholmes said they can only do their best and he plans to support them during the trial. All Naruhodo had to do was fight to the bitter end for the truth!

Trial, day 3[]

Before the trial[]

9:23 AM

A close-up of Soseki Natsume's "cat face" was seen, he was trying to get English information through "death". Today, Ryunosuke Naruhodo plans to get rid of his curse once and for all. Natsume plans to talk with him about something after the trial, Herlock Sholmes was still not here.

Beginning of second trial day[]

9:40 AM

The trial got back in session, the defense and prosecution are ready. Juror 1 intended to pass down righteous judgement for the good name of his family, 2 said she's her cruelest when her hat angle looks good, 3 wished she'd adjust the angle of his own hat, 4 wanted gas thief Shamspeare to die, 5 really didn't have time for this, and 6 once again prayed that the "lost lambs" get their proper verdict. Barok van Zieks summons Tobias Gregson to give the report of the tea. They found traces of Natsume's tea left in the soap. However, there were no traces of strychnine found, so the poison wasn't in the tea. Naruhodo thought he's already won but van Zieks said one drop like that isn't a big deal. He was calling William Shamspeare to the stand, he's probably going to testify about something that'll make Natsume look guilty.

Cross-examining Shamspeare again[]

Upon being reminded of yesterday, half the jury wanted Shamspeare in jail. But Shamspeare said that while he may be a gas thief, but the court should really punish Japanese Natsume for trying to poison him. In his testimony, he said Natsume only put poison in his teacup, not his own. He left without drinking any tea due to their debate and Shamspeare used that to make the fake coins. That's why no traces of poison was found in them. Natsume brought his kettle back to his room and this wasn't suicide, Shamspeare never met Natsume until that night. Naruhodo and Susato find a tea stain in Shamspeare's cup but not in Natsume's, Japanese people usually drink their tea in one gulp while it's still hot, this proves that Natsume indeed drank it. Van Zieks suggests that he used the tea in Natsume's kettle, what he said in his testimony was just a mistake. He said there are two points: the victim's tea cup had poison and the coins were made from another cup, therefore Naruhodo's contradiction didn't exist. Shamspeare tells the jury to give their judgement and they actually agree to vote guilty as they think they were being fooled by Naruhodo. His only chance was to do a closing argument.

Second Summation Examination[]

The exemplary Juror 1 determined Natsume's guilty by considering all the evidence, 2 understood why someone would want to steal expensive gas, 3 agreed that it's deadly and dangerous, 4 insisted that gas and maintenance cost money, 5 thought the tea his mother made was fishy, and 6 said Shamspeare didn't consume anything else that night. Mrs. Altamont wouldn't stop talking about gas due to all the criticism it's getting. She also mentioned illegal companies that don't manufacture their own gas, they secretly steal it from Valve Altamont by diverting the pipes in the networks to houses with their own contracts and profit. So the company sends investigators during the fee collecting, this made Juror 3 react strange, he was visited by one the other night. After he let him in, the investigator removed a gas lamp and literally blew into the pipe. Mrs. Altamont reluctantly explained that if you blow hard into the end of a gas pipe, the low pressure inside temporarily drops causing every connecting lamp to flicker, therefore gas would be confirmed to be used illegally if any lights flicker in a neighboring and uncontracted house. Juror 3 said that the investigator blew too hard causing the gas supply to cut off. All the flames on the lamps and stoves went out, they had a major gas leak and he thought the investigator was going to kill them! Naruhodo presented this lead to Juror 6 claiming someone put strychnine on the tip of the gas pipe.

The jury and van Zieks thought it was nonsense, so Naruhodo presented the handprints photo as proof that Shamspeare may have touched the lamp's gas line in between. But van Zieks said that Sholmes' experimental chemicals aren't admissible evidence. However, Susato convinced jurors 3, 2, and 6 to withdraw their votes anyway. Juror 1 agreed with van Zieks to ignore Sholmes' inventions, so Naruhodo reminded him that Natsume testified earlier about his gas problems. Half the jury was surprised when they remember what Natsume said yesterday, so Juror 1 was convinced and he votes not guilty.

Shamspeare denied having anything to do with gas, Naruhodo demanded to have the gas pipe tested for poison but van Zieks said it would've been dry by now. Naruhodo suggested that William Shamspeare was trying to kill Soseki Natsume! Van Zieks reminded the court that they still don't know who put that poison there, they'd have to plan that Shamspeare was going to do it. It must have been Natsume to prevent him from getting killed, that's a motive. Susato encouraged Naruhodo to reveal who he thought the true culprit is. Before the jury can vote again, Naruhodo suggests to the court that the true culprit was Olive Green due to her possessing a deadly bottle of poison. Van Zieks states that that's impossible since she was in a coma for five days due to her stabbing, but Naruhodo requests testimony from her anyway.


11:32 a.m.

During an hour recess, Soseki Natsume was glad to finally be almost free of charges. Herlock Sholmes had arrived to deliver the bottle Olive Green had in the hospital, it tested positive for strychnine. Naruhodo was right but it's not enough to prove Green's guilt. Tobias Gregson arrives but almost leaves due to apparently interrupting Sholmes. He delivers files on the death row inmate, Selden. Susato will tidy up the court record a little, Gregson only gave Naruhodo the documents because he found the clue in the first place. The court was about to reconvene so Sholmes leaves for the gallery.

Cross-examining Green & Shamspeare[]

12:30 PM

With the court back in session, Naruhodo's accusation was naturally surprising. Olive Green takes the stand with an easel next to William Shamspeare. Since Shamspeare was saying he's a victim right now and Green said she's a failure of an artist, Barok van Zieks concludes that they're both unemployed. Shamspeare was almost having charges for the attempted murder of Natsume but he didn't know Green nor does she know anything about this incident. Green and Shamspeare will now testify about what they were doing the night she was stabbed six days ago.

Olive Green was stabbed in the back at 5:00 PM while walking in front of the boarding house. William Shamspeare was having supper at a tavern at the time. Green was on Briar Road because she had something to do there, it was her first time there. She didn't know anything about the current incident due to being hospitalized. Shamspeare returned the next morning and saw the police officers investigating Natsume's room. Green lives on Brixton Street, apparently, she was at East End to find ideas for a new painting. The pub Shamspeare went to was named the Slug and Salad, van Zieks finds this odd because that restaurant was rather expensive. Naruhodo remembers the card Green tried to hide before she attempted to kill herself. Shamspeare goes deep into thought during this pressing, he didn't know anything about Duncan Ross, Green gave the court the card so they can tear it up later. Naruhodo notices that the envelope matches the scrap they found in Shamspeare's room. He presented it as to why Shamspeare went to the pub that night. It contained a letter telling him to meet at the Slug and Salad that night regarding Duncan Ross' death, it was really for William Shamspeare. Green assured the court that the letter was addressed to her and had no relation to Shamspeare, but Naruhodo revealed that there was a scrap of it found in his room, it's a perfect match. Green broke into Shamspeare's room, the judge requests another testimony. Van Zieks warned Green that false testimony was a crime despite her coming out of the hospital.

The contradictory letter[]

William Shamspeare received the letter about a week ago. When no one showed up for an hour at the pub he went back home, then Natsume came and the letter disappeared. Olive Green insisted Shamspeare was the real bad guy and was lying about getting the letter because it came to her house. She claimed she had nothing to do with what happened, but that contradicted her bottle of strychnine. Green entered Shamspeare's room to poison the lamp pipe! Olive Green fell down with all her art supplies. The murder should've taken place six days ago but then there were the police officers during the time of Green's stabbing. Shamspeare's target was locked up in the gaol and didn't come home until after the trial, that's when the gas stove flame went out. The letter was to have Shamspeare drawn out of his room, the motive was Duncan Ross, the previous owner of the "cursed flat" who was suffocated to death last month. Except Naruhodo didnn't think it was an accident, but that Shamspeare murdered him by blowing into the gas pipe! Green, being Ross' fiancée, wanted revenge against him.

Barok van Zieks didn't see any motive for why William Shamspeare would kill Duncan Ross in the first place. Olive Green claims she went to Shamspeare's room just to look around for evidence regarding Ross' death. He showed Green how to pick an old lock and found out about the hiding place under the floor of his apartment too. She said the tin box Naruhodo and Susato found contained the key that's currently around her neck and without thinking, Shamspeare screamed fearfully saying it was his. Naruhodo needed something that connected the two cases, that's the Selden files. Selden lived in the flat before Duncan Ross and Soseki Natsume. He hid a stolen treasure valued at one thousand pounds and it had still yet to be found. But according to the files, there was one other prisoner who was there at Selden's deathbed. This key must be to wherever he hid the loot, he gave it to that other prisoner. Selden must have hidden the treasure in his old room, that prisoner was William Shamspeare! That's why he wanted to live in the room on the second floor, why he killed Ross, and was trying to kill Natsume by using gas fumes.

A flashback of Selden talking to Shamspeare was heard, he gave him the key and passed away. Shamspeare starts wandering around the stand like a madman saying that the treasure belonged to him. He refused to accept anything as there was no proof, he reminded everyone that he was the victim and that they couldn't arrest him. Naruhodo had an idea for a finishing blow: they will find the treasure themselves. But van Zieks noted that the police already searched his room when Ross died. Naruhodo brought up Sholmes' handprinting invention again as a way to search for the jewelry. Shamspeare was about to make them deny it again when Herlock Sholmes suddenly appeared next to him. The detective was able to make a testing fluid using something a person touched as a sample, citing Shamspeare and his teacup as a perfect example. Sholmes just needs a sample of something from the death row inmate, either evidence or a person. The one who had that sample was Olive Green, it's the key she had around her neck. With a sample of his prints from the key, it should be clear what Selden touched in that room! Defeated at last, William Shamspeare danced around while confetti and jewels burst from his chest.

Petenshy Confession

William Shamspeare's confession.

Shamspeare said he only wanted to get Duncan Ross out of that room, his death was unintentional. Afterwards, he requested to move into the room, but John Garrideb refused because he hadn't paid his rent in three months. Additionally, he couldn't visit the room either due the gas pipes being repaired. By the time the work was done, Soseki Natsume had moved in. Shamspeare couldn't even check the room when Green got stabbed because the police were investigating for a long time and Sholmes used the time they weren't to read books in there. That's why he tried that blowing trick again when Natsume returned home and got the strychnine in his mouth. Green told Shamspeare one final insult:

Olive Green
......... William Shamspeare... How does it go? 'To be, or not to be. That is the question.'
Barok van Zieks
From Shakespeare's Hamlet. Act Three, Scene One.
Olive Green
Well let me tell you, in your's not to be. That is the answer. You deserve to die for what you've done.

Olive Green confessed as well, she initially thought Duncan Ross' death was an accident. The night before he died, Ross was a little worried about the gas pipes. Green begged him to get out of that room, Ross was actually going to search for a new boarding house just for Green. She offered the guest room in her house for the night, but he promised that they'd graduate before he met her parents. He said he'd be alright, but he never came home to Green after that night thanks to the fumes. She blamed herself for not trying to convince him hard enough, she dropped out of school and stopped by the house several times. One day, she saw Soseki Natsume exit the building. She followed him to the Grub's Grubbery restaurant and heard him argue with the restaurant owner saying the apartment was indeed cursed and the gas lamps went out. She didn't understand why the curse was still happening even though Ross was already dead. Then she remembered a conversation she once heard between two gas company inspectors regarding blowing into the pipes on their investigations of stolen gas. That's when she started to think that Ross' death wasn't really an accident. So she bought the strychnine on the black market in the East End to confirm her doubts. Once she painted the gas pipe in Shamspeare's apartment, all she had to do was wait. As a due punishment, Shamspeare would only poison himself if he blew into the pipe, but if was really innocent then nothing would happen. She wrote him a letter to go to the Slug and Salad saying she had some important and classified information about Duncan Ross' death. She knew he'd only leave the boarding house if he knew what she was talking about.


Olive Green smiling.

The judge thought this case was simple, but now he knew there was a deep darkness behind it. This conclusion was reached thanks to Naruhodo. Green will be taken into custody for attempting to kill Shamspeare, William Shamspeare as well for murdering Duncan Ross and attempting to kill Soseki Natsume. Green thanked Naruhodo for stopping her from killing herself earlier, she didn't really know what she was doing at the time. Naruhodo said it's good that she was alive and didn't kill Shamspeare, Olive Green smiled knowing it's because she was living and Naruhodo brought the truth to light, she thanks him. Juror 1 had no objections to a not guilty verdict and Natsume was acquitted.


3:24 PM

Natsume was so happy that he's finally free and thanks Ryunosuke Naruhodo for saving him. He first encountered English literature in the Japanese empire and love it. He crossed the sea in a twist of fate to go the place where they were made. But Natsume couldn't get used to the outside so he locked himself in his room, but Sholmes noted that he was dragged out all this week. It showed him the true face of the English, but Sholmes assured him that people are people which Natsume understands now. They're all the same trying to live. Natsume decided to cut his study abroad short and return home, he regrets it but he plans to bring back his English knowledge so he can write a novel. Susato Mikotoba would love to read what he writes. Sholmes pointed out that the Grim Reaper prosecuted the trial, so he understands why Natsume wanted to go home. When Natsume reported on those two incidents, Yujin Mikotoba paid him a visit. Then he sent a telegram to Susato saying he had an illness. Naruhodo thought the only explanation about this was Selden's inheritance that was discovered the next day.

10:13 AM
Treasure belt

The treasure.

Herlock Sholmes managed to find the treasure in a day, despite saying he'd do it in a half hour. It turned out there was actually a secret compartment in the ceiling. The thousand-pound treasure was revealed to be some sort of dog collar, but it's really large and encrusted with jewels. But there was also some sort of stain on it, almost like blood, along with a fancy B with a crown as a crest. Suddenly, a pale Sholmes had Tobias Gregson take this evidence away and take good care of it. Wilson was happy that this weird case was solved, this case would make a great Sholmes story for the Randst Magazine. She was thinking about splitting it into two parts: "The Mystery of the Knife in the Mist" and "The Moustached Man and the Convict's Curse". Susato couldn't wait, but Sholmes said Wilson can only write about the first half of the case. And so, the second incident with Soseki Natsume was hushed up, but Naruhodo thought he understands why now. He needed more time to connect all the lines into one. The "story" continued two months after the group received Susato Mikotoba's letter because of an incident during the London Great Exhibition...


This episode is a direct sequel to The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro. This is particularly shown through the title, which references The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, which was published after The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The two episodes were originally planned during the development of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures as one story revolving around two incidents, but due to various reasons, only part of the story made it into the first game. The overall concept was a mystery that could only have happened in the 19th century. Shamspeare's ice coin trick is one example of this concept in action. Shu Takumi also wanted to incorporate a trick involving dung from horse-drawn coaches, but this idea did not pan out.[1]


Cultural references[]


  • It's possible to miss the conversation between Shamspeare and Green at St. Bartholomew Hospital during the second investigation.
  • The fates of Olive Green and William Shamspeare are opposite of Barok van Zieks' Reaper curse. Instead of dying after they get acquitted, both of them got arrested after nearly dying.
  • This is the first episode in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles with multiple investigations and trial days, where the trial is extended beyond the first day.


  • After selecting the topic "Startling news" in the conversation with Sholmes at the beginning of the case, Ryunosuke asks Sholmes if he knows anything "About why Miss Susato was suddenly told four mouths ago that she had to return to Japan?" "Mouths" should be "months".