This page is about the television series produced by Global Studios; for the titular character, see Nickel Samurai. For the piece of evidence of the same name, see The Nickel Samurai (evidence). For other uses, see Samurai (disambiguation).
Nickel Samurai

The Nickel Samurai.

The Nickel Samurai was a popular show created by Global Studios, starring Matt Engarde as the titular protagonist, the Nickel Samurai. It was the third series in the Samurai metaseries, described by Will Powers as a direct sequel to The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. Powers described the premise of the show as concerning three brothers known as the Aluminium, Tin, and Nickel Samurai, all of whom fall in love with a girl called Sayo who works at the local teashop. Things become more complicated when it becomes evident that Sayo is the daughter of the evil leader of the Strawberry Clan.

It would seem that the show ended when Matt Engarde was incarcerated for the murder of Juan Corrida. After this, the Nickel Samurai seems to have waned in popularity, with subsequent promotions of the Samurai metaseries (such as the stage show) featuring only the Steel Samurai, Pink Princess and Iron Infant. Despite this, it was still available on DVD in 2026, as a "kid" sent some Samurai franchise DVDs to Phoenix Wright when the latter was injured in a hit-and-run, including some of the Nickel Samurai.

Theme musicEdit

The show's theme is the same as its predecessor, The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo.