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Pink Princess

The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo

The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo was a children's television show developed by Global Studios. It was a direct sequel to The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, whose production had come to an abrupt halt after the murder of Jack Hammer, the actor who had played the Steel Samurai's antagonist, the Evil Magistrate. Sal Manella came up with the concept after meeting Maya Fey, whose traditional Fey clan dress inspired him.

In the show, the Pink Princess battles enemies in the fictional world of Little Olde Tokyo.

The show almost never made it to production. After Hammer's murder, Global Studios considered dropping its children's programming entirely. Hearing about this, Maya Fey convinced an employee that The Steel Samurai was too popular to be let go. Upon its release, it was a hit and various merchandise was produced, including trading cards.

The show ran until February 2018, at which point it was wrapped up to prepare for a sequel, The Nickel Samurai.