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Episode 5: The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke is the fifth and final episode of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo, and it is a direct continuation of the events of Twisted Karma and His Last Bow.

Trial, Day 1[edit | edit source]

Before the Trial[edit | edit source]

9:14 AM

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō is counting on Susato Mikotoba's help today, however, Mikotoba suddenly tosses Naruhodō but she quickly apologizes afterward. Barok van Zieks arrives placing himself in Naruhodō's care. He says that he maybe shouldn't have taken the name "Death Bringer" and says that the ghost his brother Klimt van Zieks is the true identity, the rumors were that he was bringing justice for Barok. He must've been very important to him, but he certainly didn't kill anyone. Van Zieks smells tea, Iris Watson is here and gives some to them. She has to leave to prepare for something but she also gives Naruhodō the rabbit doll that always hangs from her bag. It's a Sherlock Holmes charm she made herself, she tells Naruhodō to pull its ear when he's driven into a corner in the trial. Iris says Holmes never came home last night, neither did Yūjin Mikotoba, Susato reveals that neither came back to the hotel along with Seishirou Jigoku. The bailiffs tell them it's almost time for the trial to start, Iris wishes them all good luck.

Opening[edit | edit source]

9:30 AM

The atmosphere in the Old Bailey is heavier than usual. Susato and Naruhodō are very surprised to see that Hart Vortex is now the judge of the trial! He explains the trial has rocked the English justice system to its core, the jury flames light by themselves. The gallery only includes members of the legal system, van Zieks says their Vortex's henchman. But Vortex just says he's disappointed in him since he was a great prosecutor like Klimt, he uses his unicorn-shaped cane as the gavel and declares court to be in session. The defense and prosecution are ready to make their cases.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the victim, detective Tobias Gregson, had a mission he was hiding from the yard. His accomplice was Everyday Mittlemont, who pretended to be the detective so the former can have an alibi. Then came the possibility that Gregson was murdered the day before the incident. Kazuma Asōgi reveals that the claim was correct when he visited the coroner, he hands over an updated autopsy report, at first Vortex won't accept it as he sees no ice box in London that could freeze the body. Asōgi suggests he was murdered in the middle of his mission, he shall begin with the reports from Scotland Yard's investigation.

"Cross-Examining Gina Lestrade"[edit | edit source]

Inspector Gina Lestrade takes the stand, Vortex seems to know that Gregson's mission was unrelated to the police. In her testimony, Lestrade says that detectives from the yard are to accept orders from headquarters and investigate. But during the search, they found a notebook with plans that differed from the others. Apparently, Gregson was going to investigate a smuggling transaction, the police didn't know about yet so it must've been huge. And there was more than one person saying they saw the Grim Reaper there. Asōgi reveals that tea and spices are smuggled into England and sold onto the Black Market, but the police didn't have leads. Gregson operated in secret since many high rank government members were involved with the market and information might be leaked. The exchange was to be conducted at a club for London's top echelons, van Zieks was there according to the yard. Naruhodō and Susato didn't know about this, but they proceed with their cross-examination.

Asōgi says the club's name doesn't matter since the transaction could happen again. Yet, Lestrade insists since she just learned to read, Naruhodō says it's no problem for a leak since the trial is top secret. Asōgi actually agrees since there was no proof Gregson was pursuing the black market. Lestrade says the club's name was the Balabrook, Naruhodō and Susato find out that the letter of introduction Yūjin wrote was on his ticket for a steamship named Balabrook! It departed from Yokohama, Japan on September eleventh and arrived at London on November first, but it stopped at Dunkirk, France the night before. When presented, Naruhodō explains that's why the yard couldn't find this "club". Asōgi says that Gregson's corpse was found when the ship arrived at the Port of Dover, therefore any investigation was impossible. For proof, Naruhodō takes a look in the trunk Lestrade had. There is a passport for France dated the day before the incident, it's also largely scratched with a chipped piece of metal and bloodstain. The passport is presented, meaning Gregson was actually near France.

Asōgi laughs, he disagreed with what the prosecutor's office's claim, now he can find out the truth: Gregson was in France as part of the Death Bringer! He claims that Gregson was working for Barok van Zieks and was killed by him when he failed at his mission. Naruhodō protests that no one died on the steamship, but that's why Gregson failed. Judge Vortex orders Gina Lestrade to testify about Gregson's notebook.

"The Notebook of the Death Bringer"[edit | edit source]

She says it contains all the Grim Reaper's deeds for the past decade: places, names, and dates with the final being the end of October on the Balabrook. The target was someone who escaped van Zieks' trial ten years ago. But Lestrade says that Tobias Gregson was just investigating the Reaper, Vortex says opinions are not allowed in court. Kazuma Asōgi says that only an associate of the Reaper would know that information. Lestrade struggles with the name of the target due it not being English, but she manages to sound it out: Seishirou Jigoku! Suddenly, Barok van Zieks takes the stand, he says Lestrade is just saying what she received and is therefore not a proper detective. Then he reminds Asōgi about how he sent his father to the Gaol, but he sees him as no different. Hart Vortex gives special permission for the defendant to remain on the stand during the cross-examination.

Lestrade suggests that the notebook contains the results of Gregson's investigation, but van Zieks says he was a member after he conducted his own secret investigation. All the Death Bringer victims were horrible people, van Zieks found out about the Balabrook from the notebook and mistook it for a club in London. Lestrade says there's always another name besides the victims': Ann Sasha, the murderer who carried out Gregson's plans. Naruhodō realizes that someone must have accompanied him on the Balabrook when trying to kill Jigoku, but that name is replaced by a question mark in the notebook. Vortex remembers Jigoku as his student of international law, he returned to Japan because of the Professor Killings. His own trial was for smashing the witness stand while pleading for the punishment of Genshin Asōgi to be lightened, van Zieks prosecuted that somewhat secondary trial and Jigoku was declared not guilty. Asōgi says Jigoku couldn't fall victim to the Death Bringer ten years before now because he returned to Japan, their rules must not be comprehended.

Lestrade has had enough of Gregson being treated like a criminal, Vortex says that a pickpocket like her wasn't fit to be a detective, he declares that her ID will be provoked after the trial! Naruhodō keeps being bothered by a contradiction from Asōgi, he shouldn't have known about the trunk since someone tried to sell it. He demands to know where he was during the crime, Asōgi responds that his location was on the S.S. Balabrook near Dunkirk harbor! But he notes that Naruhodō doesn't have any evidence, so he (despite hoping he's wrong) shows him a piece of a chipped blade inside the trunk next to the slash mark. He asks Asōgi to show his katana "Karuma", he does so and it is revealed that its tip has been snapped off. Asōgi admits he accompanied Gregson when the ship headed for France, and his mission was to assassinate a target. He assures the court that he did not kill anyone for it wasn't his intention to carry out the operation. First, the two traveled to the ship by train, then they headed for Jigoku's ship cabin as part of the plan. Jigoku wasn't there but Asōgi disembarked in Dunkirk for the night and returned the next day. But since Gregson had obviously failed to kill Jigoku, when returning to the Grim Reaper the latter shot him dead. Barok van Zieks demands to know why the chipped sword was in the trunk, but Asōgi remains silent because Gregson was killed by a gun and not a sword, yet Vortex still wants it as evidence.

The judge also wants to know if Seishirou Jigoku is safe, if they go missing for a whole day in London something must've happened to him. Asōgi says van Zieks must've had accomplices outside the gaol. Vortex puts the trial on hold for a half hour and has all involved with the international scientific investigation symposium remain in contact with headquarters. Jigoku will be declared dead if the recess is over since only the Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey would kill someone like a defendant who escaped his trial.

Investigation[edit | edit source]

Recess[edit | edit source]

With everyone gone, Naruhodō and Susato discuss how Tobias Gregson was working for the Death Bringer. Consequences await for them if Jigoku is found dead, they only have thirty minutes. Susato suggests they pull the ears on the Holmes charm Iris gave them, Naruhodō decides to do it. Suddenly, Sherlock Holmes' scream is heard from the stuffed animal! When Naruhodō pulls again, another stuffed animal is shown pulling Holmes' ear. He and Yūjin Mikotoba are in the first class hallway of the S.S. Balabrook, because they had rushed over before it left for France again. The two in the court are impressed by Holmes' quick thinking, but Yūjin reveals that he had found the ship. Naruhodō and Susato tell the pair how they can't find a clue anywhere, and the two men tell them that they will have a clue in the next 30 minutes.

"Holmes and Mikotoba on the Balabrook"[edit | edit source]

Yūjin says they need to hurry or else they'll end up in Italy. Jigoku's cabin was number two, but the first mate, Mapotov Stroganov, is blocking the cabin door. Holmes notices that Stroganov has a badly written "holmes" on his arm, and as a result, the detective concludes that he must be a fan, and states that he will perform a deduction for him. He declares that Mapotov has a brother who is sailing the world on a Russian steamship. Stroganov is very surprised. He says that Jigoku is not aboard when Mikotoba explains the situation, and that he disembarked at Dunkirk to two hours ago to take care of something. Stroganov was ordered to not have anyone allowed in his cabin, but Holmes reminds Mikotoba that he can pick any lock with just a little time. Mikotoba tries to pretend to be a Japanese mouse in the mouse trap to catch Stroganov's attention, as well as turn off the lights. Both attempts failed, but when he presses the alarm to make Stroganov talk to the captain, Holmes manages to open the door.

Inside, the cabin is in a big mess. They decide to search for clues before the sailor comes back. Holmes goes quiet when he picks up a glass of water with ice. It seems that there is an ice box onboard to store gourmet food. The trashcan contains the ship's three day old schedule, the night before Mikotoba and Jigoku arrived, it says there was an evacuation drill during that voyage. There is a large trunk near some scattered clothes, which is locked with a combination. The list of rules on the wall look crooked, and there is a faded spot on wall. Suddenly, Mapotov Stroganov arrives, and it looks like he got in a lot of trouble with the captain. But before the duo leaves, Sherlock Holmes decides they should reveal the truth that Jigoku is still onboard and Stroganov knows where he is. The sailor is shocked, and Holmes decides to make his deduction with his partner while there's still time.

This room has a contradiction towards what Mapotov Stroganov said about Jigoku leaving. Yūjin Mikotoba finds that the ice in the glass hasn't melted yet. Holmes says someone notified Stroganov when they entered the ship, Mikotoba was in the cabin next door and Jigoku spent the last fifty days of the voyage inside his own. He must've had to hide a crime inside. The list of rules was originally on the other side of the books, when the men look under the list, they find a bullet hole. However, the bullet has disappeared.

Jigoku in the trunk

Stroganov is probably hiding something as he knew Jigoku was oriental. The proof is the money in his back pocket, it seems like he was a paid accomplice. Stroganov suddenly glances at the trunk by his feet. Holmes thinks Jigoku must be inside the trunk and running out of air. The combination is written on Stroganov's arm, it is actually 523104 upside down. The trunk opened, and inside they find Seishirou Jigoku.

The detective notes that his partner's "friend" tried to run away cowardly. Jigoku says that someone tried to kill him before they arrived at London, he didn't know the Death Bringer would be that dangerous ten years ago. But the symposium was delayed, he tried to run away to avoid death, he apologizes to Mikotoba for not telling him. Holmes doubts his story, the first cabins don't usually come out empty, but Jigoku assures him that he could by another ticket. Mikotoba guesses that nobody would be using this cabin, Jigoku doesn't want to come with the duo until Mikotoba shows him the planner of the Old Bailey. Holmes also found something in Jigoku's trunk. The man doesn't recognise it, so Holmes decides to take it along as a "souvenir".

12:10 PM

Back in court, Hart Vortex and Kazuma Asōgi conclude that Barok van Zieks had Jigoku killed. The prosecution demands a verdict but Naruhodō objects. He wants one more day for Seishirou Jigoku to testify. He tells them about what Holmes and Mikotoba have found out. Vortex and Asōgi agree that they need to hear the testimony, so they will put the trial on hold for the day.

"The Four Names"[edit | edit source]

8:07 PM

Sherlock Holmes and Yūjin Mikotoba return to Baker Street. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō can't believe that Asōgi turned out to be an assassin, and he's nothing like the best friend that he knows. Holmes mentions the incident where he was almost killed, he also says they received something from the post office. He has sent an international telegram to Japan. But first, Iris Watson has made a feast for everyone, she has a reserved seat for Yūjin. She is very disappointed. She actually overheard what they said about the handwriting of Klimt van Zieks's autopsy report, and Yūjin is not her father either! She knows Holmes still can't tell her about it yet, but the dinner she made for Yūjin is an apology.

After they eat their dinner, Naruhodō decides to ask Holmes about that telegram. The telegram is the same one that contained the four names: K. Asōgi/A. Sasha and T. Gregson/J. Watson. Naruhodō remembers this from a case six months ago, in which a pawn shop owner was killed. It involved top secret international correspondences stolen from the government. Naruhodō exposed the mastermind behind the transaction and got that fragment. However, all they was that the four names were sent from England to Japan. Holmes reveals that it was found in Jigoku's chambers, Satoru Hosonaga received it upon orders of Holmes.

Regarding Kazuma Asōgi's fake death, Sherlock Holmes feels sorry for lying. But he had to stop Asōgi's study abroad no matter what, the incident was used to send him back to Japan as a "corpse" and have Naruhodō take his place as a substitute. Asōgi's study abroad would delayed for at least a few years, Holmes knew Naruhodō would do it for his "late" friend. He also reveals that he told Asōgi's supposed killer the truth and helped her get asylum in the United States. Last year, while they were all still in Japan, Holmes read the telegram addressed to Jigoku because of his nosy habit. After hearing about Watson's death, he made a theory that was only half correct. Ann Sasha, the professional assassin, had disappeared before then, Holmes thought she was also killed. He thought all the names were victims, so Asōgi would've probably been killed in England. He heard about his trip and Watson from letters by Yūjin. Iris finally hears about Watson's death, and she feels sad for him despite not being her real father. But at the Bandol Hotel, Holmes heard about Sasha's crime as Jezail Brett. He realized that the names were two victims and their killers and to their own horror, Naruhodō and Susato realize that Kazuma Asōgi's mission was to kill Tobias Gregson! The telegram was a contract to exchange assassins, they would study abroad and kill their targets. There was consular jurisdiction if they got caught, but there must some major power due to the Japanese-Anglo Alliance treaty. Holmes blames himself for Gregson's death, his deduction convinced him to transfer to France with Gina Lestrade, but then came that Death Bringer mission.

Iris thinks they now need to get some rest for tomorrow's trial. Holmes says Iris making Naruhodō his brother is a joke. There's something big for tomorrow's trial, the intermission was a big turning point. The assassination exchange must have some relevance to the case, Naruhodō has the strongest family backing him up.

Trial, Day 2[edit | edit source]

9:30 AM

Hart Vortex announces the ten year old Death Bringer organization where Tobias Gregson was involved with. The truth will be hunted down today, both sides will follow. Barok van Zieks asks why Kazuma Asōgi is still the prosecutor despite being an assassin, Asōgi answers that he sent a petition for his punishment to be tomorrow. He's determined to do his purpose no matter what, the defense wonders if this is really Asōgi anymore. The trial resumes, Asōgi is calling Seishirou Jigoku as a witness, the judge and minister of foreign affairs of the Japanese empire takes the stand and comments on the prosecutor's issue to him. Vortex invited him to the symposium to represent Japan and he played a part in the alliance treaty. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō asks him why he was going to France, but Jigoku denies testimony or relevance to the case. But Susato Mikotoba says this is connected to the murder of John Watson in Japan, Naruhodō presents the list with the four names. Jigoku stops him while reading, it was from his office in Tokyo. Gregson and Watson are victims, Asōgi and Sasha were their intended assassins. Ann Sasha disguised herself as Jezail Brett and killed Watson in the La Quantos restaurant. Asōgi was also an exchange student, this overseas exchange was planned by two people, one of them was Jigoku. But Asōgi assures Naruhodō that he never said who he was going to kill, Vortex finds all this really hard to believe. Susato suggests that Gregson was killed on the S.S. Balabrook, Jigoku decides to testify.

"Cross-Examining Seishirou Jigoku"[edit | edit source]

He admits that he gave Asōgi a mission to kill Gregson last year, it was so he could study abroad in England. But the mission ended up not being fulfilled. On the night of the current incident, the sailors patrolled the cabin doors as part of security. Since they didn't hear a gunshot, Jigoku has nothing to do with the murder. The transaction on the record is eye level government stuff, Susato calls this cowardly but Jigoku says Asōgi accepted that mission for a reason. Jigoku refuses to tell who was on England's side of the program, Asōgi assures them that he didn't kill anyone and that Gregson was killed on Fresno.

The schedule of the ship that day says the crew members gathered on deck for twenty minutes. Therefore, no one could have been around to hear a gunshot near Jigoku's cabin. Asōgi says that's just a possibility, there is no decisive evidence that the murder occurred in there. But Naruhodō finds that the metal thing Holmes' found is a clock crown, it matches the pocket watch where the police figurine key was inserted! When he presents this, Asōgi notes the cracks. Jigoku will now testify about what happened in his room.

"What Happened in the Cabin"[edit | edit source]

After Jigoku returned from dinner, he found Tobias Gregson in his room aiming a gun. He performed an ippon seoi nage ("to land a blow" in Japanese Judo) on the detective, he escaped but the watch broke. London was were he was killed, Asōgi concludes this means the murder didn't occur on the ship. Vortex thinks this testimony make sense and is about to make Jigoku unrelated to the murder. But Naruhodō asserts the right for a cross-examination, the judge allows it.

Jigoku says it's not possible for Gregson's corpse to move to England on its own, there was no way for him to carry it. The steamship's always has the luggage searched, besides the body could've just been thrown off into the sea. Susato brings up the first-class surveillance, Jigoku decides to amend his testimony. But he said the Minister of Foreign Affairs was exempt from having his luggage searched and his large trunk was big enough for a body, Gregson was in there three days ago at the hotel! Maria Goulloyne said the body may have been put in an ice box, the Balabrook had one big enough to freeze Gregson.

Judge Jigoku laughs, he wants know when and where the victim was killed. Asōgi's claim on Fresno Street is still solid, but Naruhodō presents the photo of Gregson, he's all curled up but he died instantly, so he must have been dumped out. Naruhodō demands the trunk for blood traces, the foreign affairs minister refuses anything but Naruhodō says he is just a witness right now and he must help them provide the truth. Asōgi is surprised, though Jigoku admits he carried the body but denies killing him. He says he found the corpse, so he smuggled it to avoid suspicion on him, Jigoku says the real killer is Kazuma Asōgi. Naruhodō says that is not possible, the crew would have to be gone by then and Asōgi had already disembarked in France at the time. He even signed the guestbook, so Naruhodō concludes that Jigoku must be the culprit. Having run out of arguments, Seishirou Jigoku smashes the witness stand just like he did ten years ago.

The assassin exchange program was supposed to have let the assassins return to their homelands after the consular courts acquitted them. England ordered it a year ago, Jigoku sent Asōgi but he never arrived due almost being killed. He couldn't send a replacement assassin because Naruhodō replaced Asōgi as the exchange student. Jigoku decided the only way he could keep his end of the bargain is to go to the scientific investigation symposium and take care of Tobias Gregson himself. To do the deed before arriving, he had that English person send Gregson to Dunkirk on a fake Death Bringer mission, Asōgi says that must've been the Grim Reaper himself. Gregson fell for the lure and snuck into the cabin, but after nine Jigoku choked him out after returning from the dining hall. Due to the sailor, he decided to wait an hour before strangling him to death, but then Gregson woke up and attacked him. Jigoku had an English pistol from his own study abroad sixteen years ago, he used it to shoot Gregson dead. He couldn't dump the body overboard because of all the sailors, so he carried the body to the freezer room and smuggled it in his trunk. The English person told him about Gregson's meeting with "Hugh Boone" on Fresno Street, he decided to frame him as the killer. Jigoku wore Gregson's red wig as a disguise and bought some firecrackers from "Venus" on his way to the apartment. At 4:45 PM, he moved the bulletin board in front of the placed body and formed that candle trick. But his one mistake was the fish and chips, they fell out of Gregson's coat pocket before the body was frozen and was rotting the next morning from the cabin heat.

Hart Vortex sees this as the finale of Tobias Gregson's murder, Seishirou Jigoku will be placed on trial at a later date. Naruhodō demands to know who in England forced him to go with the assassin exchange, but Jigoku refuses to tell. Judge Vortex has six fireballs tossed into the black scale and declares Jigoku guilty for the murder of Gregson.

Jigoku has signed a confession of killing Gregson and smuggling his body, Vortex decides to end the trial here despite many mysteries unsolved, but Asōgi suddenly objects. He says that Barok van Zieks may still be guilty of being the Death God of the Old Bailey. Asōgi is determined to persecute van Zieks for what he did to his father ten years ago. Vortex allows him to show proof behind the assassin exchange and transmissions this into a second trial! Van Zieks wants to testify about the Death Bringer, Asōgi allows and requests it. Susato thinks this is very dangerous, Naruhodō resolves to face his best friend til the very end.

"Cross-Examining Barok van Zieks"[edit | edit source]

Barok van Zieks says he never killed anyone physically or using orders. He's been investigating the Death Bringer for years and his attention fell on Gregson, which is how he became the defendant of his murder. The detective and Dr. Watson are not connected to van Zieks, so he couldn't have plotted the assassin exchange. Naturally, Kazuma Asōgi thinks he's lying and doesn't understand Naruhodō why he's defending him. But the defense has learned that you can't ever hide the truth, so he conducts his cross-examination.

Van Zieks has learned many things from Gregson due to them working together, but he has no connection with Watson because he was invited to become a professor at Yuumei University. Naruhodō presents the autopsy record of van Zieks' brother, Klimt, Gregson had the house of lords allow Watson to perform the report. Due to it, they found evidence that led to Genshin Asōgi's guilty verdict from Barok. But Kazuma thinks this evidence was false from the three, that's why the program was created, to keep the detective and coroner from talking. Kazuma had to come to this control to prove that Genshin's conviction was false, Barok says he's not worthy of being a prosecutor, and Naruhodō says there's no proof of conjecture. But Kazuma does have proof from Gregson during the fake Death Bringer mission, the detective admitted that there was a secret about that autopsy, Kazuma then drew his sword and attacked him which caused it to chip.

Only the prosecutor in charge of the case could've had the detective and coroner make the fake autopsy. Barok and Naruhodō suddenly realize who the real Death Bringer is, Barok became the prosecutor afterwards to avenge his brother. The original one in charge, and therefore the true Grim Reaper of Old Bailey, was Hart Vortex! He denies their claim, there is no evidence to back anything up and Gregson is gone. But Naruhodō remembers that Yūjin Mikotoba was there with Watson and Courtney Sithe, he was the first attending assistant who worked on the autopsy completely. Naturally, Vortex rejects having him summoned as a witness. He demands Asōgi present evidence indicted van Zieks of being the Grim Reaper, saying his "little game of revenge" is over. This makes Kazuma Asōgi slam his fists on the stand and scream.

But then Sherlock Holmes arrives saying he can't end the trial here, Vortex himself said that the truth would be clear. The government officials agree that the trial should not end here and demand that the witness to be summoned. Judge Vortex finally agrees, Holmes has already brought Mikotoba to the courthouse.

"Cross-Examining Yūjin Mikotoba and Maria Goulloyne"[edit | edit source]

Yūjin Mikotoba takes the stand along with Sithe's daughter, Maria Goulloyne, who tagged along. She doesn't understand why her mother isn't a witness as well, Vortex says it's because of what she had done. Yūjin agrees that he assisted Dr. Watson despite Goulloyne saying Sithe was better, she was the second assistant so she couldn't see the surgery properly. Gregson and Vortex were to convince the house of lords to have it performed. Before they testify, Vortex says they will only say what they saw and heard or leave.

Yūjin can't really say if there was any forgery, Klimt was killed by a Western styled sword to the heart which was a little off to him at the time. Goulloyne says there wasn't any other injury in his body, but Klimt seemed to have swallowed a piece of evidence that allowed his brother to determine Genshin as his killer. The defense and prosecutor are surprised at no fabrication, Vortex laughs and calls Kazuma a forgery since his father confessed. The only reason Gregson said what he said was because Kazuma threatened him. Yūjin says there were suspicious points of doubt: the other victims of the Professor had their throats torn apart by a large dog, but not Klimt. Vortex dismisses this but Naruhodō wants to cross-examine the evidence, even the judge could not hand down a ruling upon prejudice so Vortex concedes.

The evidence was a ring belonging to Genshin, Kazuma remembers it but he didn't receive it due to it being evidence. Genshin's hand had a scrape and the ring was gone, then he was arrested. Goulloyne has the ring right now from the storage area, but Yūjin says he didn't see the moment when it was discovered due to repairing a replacement lancet at Watson's request. Vortex allows the ring as evidence, Naruhodō and Susato notice the sharp claws holding the gem, those can cut someone real easily. Naruhodō realizes that Watson only pretended to find the large ring which was stolen, if it was really swallowed then Klimt would've had internal wounds. Yūjin actually said the same thing to the doctor, but John Watson told Yūjin that with more experienced than him, he can think of many instances like that without damage.

Vortex calls this nonsense as Watson was the highest authority of the forensic bureau. There is no evidence saying this is false, but Yūjin and Goulloyne say it's obvious that there would be internal wounds. Vortex prepares to punish Goulloyne for removing the ring from the evidence room, but she says she does this for the truth though her mother hid away the secrets. Barok van Zieks remembers when Genshin saved him from a gang of thugs in that alley, Kazuma is surprised at this. The ring was on his left hand, those thugs were targeting Genshin, not Barok. Kazuma accuses Barok of stealing it but Naruhodō tells him to wake up, he can't be clouded with hatred. Vortex finds this ridiculous and that there is a contradiction, Genshin never denied his charges, and van Zieks knows that he closed his eyes and accepted his fate. Susato finds that unnatural, but that means there wasn't a fabrication.

Kazuma Asōgi objects and thanks Naruhodō, there is a hole in Vortex's logic. There must have been a reason for Genshin's silences, Barok disagrees but Kazuma brings up how Gregson and Watson were murdered. It seems that Barok was also blinded, the reason silence must've been a deal: the jailbreak plan! Genshin must've had an accomplice in the prison and have it planned before the defendant arrived at Berkly Prison. Kazuma wants to summon new witnesses: Harry Barricade and Everyday Mittlemont. Sherlock Holmes already sent a telegram to both of them and they're in the lobby. Vortex agrees to bring the two men in so the trial can conclude.

"Cross-Examining Harry Barricade and Everyday Mittlemont"[edit | edit source]

Barricade and Mittlemont take the stand with van Zieks. Mittlemont refers to his "Gossip" persona at first until Naruhodō asks him for his persona a decade ago. Barricade is surprised since the Professor case was already cleared up, but with the fake death and escape Naruhodō thinks otherwise. Kazuma says there may be capital punishment if it was Barricade who helped Genshin escape. Hart Vortex says Kazuma shouldn't badger the witnesses and tells Barricade to take care of his statements.

Harry Barricade received a letter from the Prosecutor's office when Genshin was found guilty, he left him with Everyday Mittlemont and began the secret plan. Mittlemont denies knowing about the plan, all Barricade did was set the plan in motion for England, he doesn't know about any deal between the office and Genshin nor who sent the letter. Vortex doesn't think a cross-examination is necessary, but he sees these Japanese as stubborn and allows it.

Barricade doesn't know what happened after Genshin was carried out of the prison, but when he says he thinks that him being shot was the final part of the plan, Mittlemont spins around. He disagreed with Barricade as shooting Genshin wouldn't make sense, they could've just simply executed him. Inside the high prison walls, no one knows what really happened in there, Barricade also assumed there was a deal behind the jailbreak. He doesn't think there was anything Genshin could trade, but Naruhodō suggests he had a weapon to protect him from the betrayal: the will of Asōgi. It will went missing after the jailbreak, Barricade must've demanded a search for it, he denies this and says he found it. Naruhodō shows everyone the will that has a contradiction, it's just a will instead of a weapon, he says Berkly is not to be trusted. Vortex says that statement is shame upon England and says Mittlemont is wrong, Kazuma requests further testimony. Naruhodō doesn't want Mittlemont's life ruined again, the gallery agrees that something fishy is going on, they demand him to testify to which Vortex agrees.

"The Asōgi Files"[edit | edit source]

Everyday Mittlemont saw the will in Genshin Asōgi's hand when he watched over and took care of him in his cell. But it disappeared after execution. Upon orders, Harry Barricade found the will inside his kimono left in the cell, but Mittlemont says that's a lie making Barricade angry, so Mittlemont dares him to shake him. Hart Vortex gave the instruction for all of Gensin belongings be sent to Japan, Kazuma reveals he got them and agrees that the handwriting is his dad's.

During the cross-examination, Naruhodō finds out that even his sword, "Karuma", was allowed in the cell. The prisoners have chains around their legs and someone guards them with a gun, so he couldn't have used the sword to escape, but the will had to be written before entering the prison. Barricade saw him write it, Mittlemont spins around again. Barricade says the writing was black but Mittlemont says it was scarlet. He doesn't remember but Naruhodō presents Klimt's autopsy report, there were scarlet ink stains on his hands. Barok knows his brother would've wiped ink off immediately, which means Klimt might've wrote something before he was killed. Barok remembers that his ink well was open at the crime scene, but there were no documents found there, Genshin was holding Klimt van Zieks' will!

"The Professor's True Identity"[edit | edit source]

Barok can't believe that his brother's death may have been willingly, he chased down the Professor and would never abandon the case. But Genshin received what he wrote, that may have been why the jailbreak plan was made, Naruhodō is very surprised. Judge Vortex doesn't want to talk about any will, but Kazuma says this must be pursued. Naruhodō thinks about this huge secret, it could overturn everything, Susato tells him to side with his client and resolve the truth, they have to move forward no matter how bad it is. Vortex calls all this conjecture, but Naruhodō says that Klimt's will is a confession regarding the Professor. Barok can't believe what he is saying, Naruhodō knows how he feels but announces that the Professor was not Genshin Asōgi, he was the alleged fifth victim, Klimt van Zieks!

Barok van Zieks grabs his face and screams, the gallery can't believe that the van Zieks family would be like this. Klimt owned a large hunting dog named Balmung, he used to go hunting with it in the woods behind their manor. Balmung died around the time of Klimt's death, he wore a leather collar studded with jewels. But a cat burglar snuck into the manor several years ago and stole it, it was the same one with a large B crest on it. The crest was of the house of Baskerville, Klimt married a woman of the family and received the collar. The fact that Klimt was an aristocrat was how Genshin almost used that as a "weapon".

Genshin begging Vortex to move the judicial force into action

Hart Vortex decides to come clean about ten years ago. After a number of cases, prosecutor Klimt decided to become evil to get rid of evil. Genshin visited Vortex about Klimt, but the chief justice doesn't believe someone like Klimt would do such a thing. Genshin says that him using his place as an aristocrat is a front, but the only decisive evidence he had was that Klimt has a dog. Vortex rejects putting the yard in the help of Genshin, lots of families in London own dogs. After that, Genshin snuck into Klimt's manor that night and killed him, he was the killer of Klimt van Zieks. Vortex went to the crime scene but couldn't find any will. Only Vortex knew about the Professor's true identity, he had to keep it a secret for the Great British judicial system, no matter what it took.

Tobias Gregson didn't think they should do this, Genshin didn't leave any evidence behind even though many of Klimt's servants saw him leave. He doesn't even own a dog, but Vortex wants this crime spree to stop, Gregson has to agree. Gregson was one of the thugs that attacked Genshin and Barok along with some people he gathered to help. Gregson gave the ring to John Watson who said he found it inside Klimt when no one was looking. Genshin accepted the guilty verdict but there was a deal. Although Kazuma says he hates deals, Vortex reveals that Genshin may never see his son again on the day of his trial, Genshin warns him about the will but accepts the deal.

"Exposing the Mastermind"[edit | edit source]

Barok van Zieks asks if Vortex was really the Death Bringer, the judge agrees that the plot of Klimt's ghost was great for the public. Gregson and Watson worked for Vortex so Barok would be like a god. After Watson was invited to Japan, his role was given to Courtney Sithe. The Professor and Reaper were used by Vortex to protect the empire's peace for ten years, that's the whole story and the gallery semi-agrees with the judge.

Vortex wants them to keep this trial a secret from the queen, but Asōgi asks van Zieks why he didn't suspect his brother. Van Zieks confesses that he did, mainly because Klimt was tormented at how untouchable aristocrats like him used to exploit England for their own gain. But the third victim of the Professor was the previous Chief Justice, he was Klimt's mentor and benefactor, there was no way he'd murder him. Vortex wants this trial to end since Klimt and Genshin are dead, but he also says that there are three pages of the latter's will, Naruhodō only has two pages of Genshin's will. Vortex has Harry Barricade reveal that the third page only has a message for Kazuma, that wasn't a benefit for England. Barricade has it with him right now and Naruhodō and Kazuma want the message announced, Vortex allows Yūjin Mikotoba to read it since Barricade can't read Japanese.

Genshin Asōgi
Pg. 3
ただ、頭をひねるべし。 (Kazuma. The truth lies in the darkness, and the only thing that can banish the darkness is "Karuma". All you must do is think. Simply twist the head of the famous sword in your hand.)

The will is found!

Kazuma remembers the katana that he used to almost kill detective Gregson. Vortex sees that no new facts have been brought to life, Yūjin wonders why he wants to rush this trial. Naruhodō decides to present evidence, Barok and Kazuma want to see it. Remembering what the last page said, Naruhodō and Susato twist the head (pommel cap) of "Karuma's" hilt and find Klimt van Zieks' will! No one can believe it, the crest and scarlet signature all look real, Barok recognizes this as his brother's handwriting. The judge desperately try to tell them to ignore it, but Barok and Kazuma says that will looks bad for the Chief Justice, the gallery agrees they should hear it.

Klimt van Zieks
"I record this as I prepare to leave this world with my own will. The time is 11 PM in my office and my friend, Asōgi, stands beside me. He is overseeing this conclusion in accordance with the old fashion etiquette of dueling. The Japanese are compassionate, he agreed to give me an honorable death. I, Klimt van Zieks, hereby confess. The one who committed the four murders under the name of the Professor was me. I don't have time to go into detail about the decay of England that I was able to see as an aristocrat. Over the course of these last six months, I have been taking the live of the members of the aristocracy at the center of that decay. There are demons who use that position and power to twist the law and reveal to me the limits of the judicial system. In order to stand against these demons who used the citizens for their own profit, I had no choice but to become a demon myself. I considered it hunting, the fangs of my proud hunting hound dealt them their rightful judgement. However, though I have long been a hunter, I was but a novice of a criminal. I began being blackmailed by a certain person who saw through my crime, threatened to reveal my identity to my beloved wife and younger brother. Since then, I became a serial killer who took people's lives under his orders. But the benefactor, the man I respected, were killed before me, something inside of me shattered. At some point, I had become a beast, giving horrific orders to my faithful beloved dog. Things cannot return to the way they were, either I will die or Asōgi will die, one of the two. To my blackmailer, Hart Vortex, may the curse of the beast be upon you."

Naturally, everyone is surprised at that last line. Yūjin realizes that Vortex was only willing to hide that secret. Barok knew he wouldn't kill his benefactor, Vortex used Klimt to take his place. But Vortex says the previous Chief Justice was too soft-hearted to fight against the darkness of London, he assures them that everything was all for the judicial system and that he didn't kill Genshin Asōgi.

The night of his execution, Vortex got Jigoku as an accomplice after he escaped his own trial. Vortex promised him the position of minister of foreign affairs if he helped send Genshin back home. The two men arrived at Lowgate Cemetery at 3 AM to dig him out before the air in the casket ran out, only to find that Enoch Drebber had already dug him up and was currently staring at Genshin alive. Vortex told Jigoku that they'd be ruined if it was found out that the execution was fake and gave him a gun to shoot him. Jigoku argued that Vortex made Genshin a promise yet eventually complies. After Drebber fled, the two reburied the body. The next day, the gravekeeper notified Vortex about Connette Rozaic. He allowed a wax sculpture of Genshin as long as she never took off the metal mask nor tell anyone about it. Jigoku shooting his best friend was also used by Vortex during the assassin exchange, he would've lost everything if that was revealed, especially since he helped with the treaty.

Vortex fought using any means necessary but Naruhodō and Kazuma disagree since he was just framing innocent people. Barok van Zieks was the one who accepted the Grim Reaper title, Tobias Gregson was the one who did all the work, and Kazuma tried to do the right thing but got dirty in the process, so the only one hiding was Hart Vortex. All he did was to use the truth to make deals and benefit himself, he isnt't fit to do anything to the judicial system. Vortex screams but then he starts clapping and applauding them. He says he's done nothing and they can't charge him. The Death Bringer victims were horrible people. He tells the gallery that they must counter London's darkness with darkness, he wants them to think this over regarding the six million citizens reactions. The serial killer was a member of the most prominent aristocrats, there was forged evidence and a jailbreak plan, and the Reaper organization was led by the Chief Justice. If the public knew about this, the whole British law and order would crumble, it will be like a century ago where ten percent of the public were criminals. Vortex proposed that only Jigoku's crime will be revealed, the gallery agrees that Vortex does have a point and even begin chanting his name.

Kazuma Asōgi can't believe this, Barok van Zieks wants the defense's feedback, Naruhodō expected this kind of manipulation from Vortex, Susato dosen't know what to do if he's just running away from his crime. Naruhodō decides to use some evidence, more specifically he's going to pull the bunny charm Holmes gave them again. Susato agrees, Holmes is hurt again, but he suddenly appears in the courtroom as a hologram! Judge Vortex is very surprised and tries to have the bailiffs arrest the detective, but they can't as he is transparent. Sherlock Holmes got this idea from the telephone, if sound can be transmitted why not images? He made this with Iris Watson for the trial, he tried teleportation but ended getting this. Holmes is actually in the garden of Buckingham Palace, the palace of Queen Victoria! Iris is there too, her Majesty was shown the entire trial. Iris appears with a roll of paper regarding the royal family's opinion of Vortex's actions. The queen has stripped his position as Chief Justice and will eventually have him put on a public trial. Asōgi concludes that the Queen thinks there is no need for the darkness, Naruhodō tells the judge he has no place in the judicial system will be judged as the criminal he is. Hart Vortex bangs his cane trying to adjourn the trial but ends up breaking it, then he falls from his desk causing fireballs to overfill the black scale, it breaks off heading towards Vortex causing the courtroom to burst into flames while he screams.

Vortex is now on the witness stand covered in soot. He went mad when Genshin said he had Klimt's will. They couldn't find it in his cell nor grave, even with the jailbreak plan. Van Zieks can't believe Klimt departed at this time to him, but Susato says there is more of the will.

Klimt writes his will while Genshin watches him.

Klimt van Zieks
"As I face the last of my life, my only regret is my brother. Barok, a young man who chased after my back and has only just begun to walk the path of a prosecutor. I pray that my deeds do not close off this path to you. I won't ask you to understand. Just, that you forgive your brother. Asōgi is an excellent detective, and a hunter worth respecting. He granted me my last two wishes. The first is that I leave this will. The second, I will not write here. I have confessed my "sin" to my wife. If I die, I'm sure she will understand. Full of gratitude to my oriental friend, I hereby lay down my pen."
– Klimt van Zieks

Naruhodō didn't understand why Vortex would wait ten years to kill the people who knew the truth about him. Hart Vortex said that it's because over the years he thought being Chief Justice wasn't enough, he needed to become Lord Chancellor to completely change the future of the law. Holmes reminds Barok that he is still the defendant, he brought the original judge back on the desk, he was watching the trial from the gallery. He'll never forget this trial where orientals banished the darkness of the Old Bailey, he is very grateful and Barok actually believed in Naruhodō despite hating Japanese, he apologizes for all the insults. Naruhodō didn't think he was anybody when he first arrived at England, and makes a speech about how his friend help him and how the truth hurts and gets worse when hidden. The judge finally acquits Barok van Zieks.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Miss Baskerville, Iris' mother

Susato Mikotoba is so happy, but Naruhodō thought he was betraying his client. Barok van Zieks isn't smiling but he is very impressed. He says Vortex was doing the exact opposite of them. Kazuma Asōgi isn't smiling either but apologizes for trying to convict him as the Death Bringer. Although he can't forgive him for what he did to his father, he admits that he fought for what's right. Barok can't help but wonder about the other thing Klimt requested. Yūjin reveals that Genshin told him to secretly go to an address with a pregnant woman before he was "executed". Genshin promised Klimt that he would look after her. Yūjin took a train to Dartmoor, there was a mansion on the moor with an old dog in the garden. The woman inside was in critical condition, although a baby girl was brought to the world by Yūjin, her mother died. Yūjin saw a trunk with a B crest on it, the woman was Miss Baskerville, Klimt's wife! He didn't want the girl to know that he was a serial killer, Yūjin had to return to Japan without the unidentified baby, so he gave her to Holmes and named her Iris after his own deceased wife, Ayame! Now the bunny charm is pinching Naruhodō's buttocks, Holmes and Iris are celebrating tonight, her uncle will soon pay her a visit. Van Zieks has decided to retire as a prosecutor and leave London, but Asōgi disagreed saying he needs to learn from him.

6:25 PM

Gina Lestrade greets them with the smoke launcher, she was out of fireworks but hears about the one on Fresno Street. Sherlock Holmes wants Yūjin Mikotoba to write a story about how Seishirou Jigoku hid in his trunk with a fugitive in his place. There is a feast for everyone, Susato and Iris made it. Lestrade is thinking about going back to being a pickpocket now that Tobias Gregson is dead! She also doubts that Barok van Zieks will accept her, but Holmes gives her Gregson's pocket watch with its fixed crown, it has stopped so someone has to wind it for him. So Lestrade accepts taking the place of his boss, she also promised to look for Iris' dad. But Iris wants her to forget about it, she caused a lot of trouble towards people while trying to find out her origins. She has decided that she has the best papa in the whole world: Sherlock Holmes! The detective is grateful towards Mikotoba, Iris is the best thing received from him. He wants to play his violin, but Iris wants to wait until next week since the dinner is getting cold.

9:37 PM

In Naruhodō's office, the lawyer seems like it's time to say goodbye. Yūjin Mikotoba enters the room, Susato headed off in a carriage for something important. Yūjin thanks him for not telling Iris about Klimt, he promised Genshin Asōgi that. It was because of that why he called Susato back six months ago. He heard about how they found Balmung's Baskerville collar from the report of Sōseki Natsume and thought his heart was going to stop. If looked into the crest they would eventually find out about Klimt's wife, and Susato knew about the unpublished manuscript that Iris wrote from Yūjin's notes. If those clues were put together, Naruhodō would've found out the truth on his own. So Yūjin summoned Susato back by faking an illness to prevent any investigation. The manuscript was in Japan because Holmes sent it to Yūjin before Susato left the first time, he was surprised by Iris' story. The partners decided they couldn't announce this and Yūjin sent it back. But after witnessing today's trial, Yūjin decides that when Iris does find out about Klimt she will accept it.

Naruhodō has decided to go back to Japan, now that Kazuma is here, his substitute can't really stay here. There were many event that led him to become an attorney, he got lots of help and today he learned to believe in his client is the path that he's chosen. He'll be a defense attorney for his whole life, he can begin preparing tomorrow and leave in a few days. The symposium was cancelled but Yūjin suggests that it will happen some other day. After he leaves, Susato arrives, she heard the entire conversation. She was sure he'd choose to return, he wants her to help Kazuma as his legal aide. They decide to go to bed, Susato won't ever allow Naruhodō to be called a substitute again.

5:24 AM

At Dover Harbor, the day has come for Ryūnosuke Naruhodō to leave. He thanks Iris Watson for everything and she hopes they to come back soon. Despite the time being short, Yūjin Mikotoba was glad he worked with Sherlock Holmes again, the detective agrees. Susato has carried all of Naruhodō's luggage to the cabin, Kazuma Asōgi is there too to see him off. He looks forward to when they will face in court again, he is going to be a prosecutor studying under Barok van Zieks. He requests Naruhodō to hold onto "Karuma" for a while! That day, when he almost killed Tobias Gregson, all he wanted to do was murder him, it was a demon inside on him that he will never forget. He plans to resolve those demons as a prosecutor, until then Asōgi leaves "Karuma" in the care of Naruhodō. Susato wants to go with him back to Japan, that's what Naruhodō actually wanted, Asōgi knew this would happen. After the trial ended, Susato visited van Zieks office, that was when Naruhodō was talking with Yūjin. Asōgi saw this as very formal and not selfish, he wanted her to be with him. Naruhodō thinks that he can bravely face any trial with Susato at his side, she looks forward to working with him and all her luggage is on the ship. Iris calls them saying it's almost time for them to leave, Asōgi draws his British sword and Naruhodō draws "Karuma" and they cross each other's. Holmes says this world is a lot smaller than they think, they want him to visit them soon with Iris. It is time for them to part, they all say goodbye.

Holmes and Watson in the novels

Holmes and Watson in real life

Iris Watson
"Come! The game is afoot!" The ship with our friends from the east sailed steadily towards the distant horizon. But Holmes' face was alight with joy. "The times may change, but a steadfast friendship will remain true, Watson. We have but to greatly close our eyes, and we are with them once more." ...So I do just that. And when I do, I can hear... his strong, familiar voice ring out.

DGS Igiari.png

Iris Watson
Until we meet again, Naruhodō.

Where are they now?[edit | edit source]

  • Sherlock Holmes keeps getting telegrams about his stunt at the last trial. So he wants to vacation somewhere far away. He was thinking about stuffing himself into a closet to get to Japan.
  • Iris Watson (née van Zieks) wrote a thank you letter to Holmes causing him to cry. She also gave him a chemical that would turn his hair bright red, but he passed on that despite her working hard on it.
  • Barok van Zieks revealed that he left the courtroom after being called the Death Bringer, the badge he wears originally belonged to his brother. He has decided to let go of Klimt’s ghost for good and move on like his “foreign friend” told him to.
  • Gina Lestrade found a letter left by Detective Gregson, she understands that he was protecting her. She and Toby vow to protect the peace of London, but she wishes she could've thanked Gregson.
  • Tobias Gregson's last moments are shown in a flashback, where he speaks fondly of Lestrade, and leaves her his "detective spirit," knowing that after his final mission, he will depart from this world.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi argues about Satoru Hosonaga infiltrating Jigoku's office but Sōseki Natsume reveals Jigoku's arrest. Auchi then says it was forbidden for Susato to have been disguised as a male but Haori Murasame says she is making a name for herself in the foreign court. Hosonaga says he probably should've hired a normal lawyer.
  • Maria Goulloyne visits her mother, Courtney Sithe, in jail. They discuss how the Japanese handle the dead by cutting them into three pieces. Goulloyne wants to try it on her mother but Sithe says the isn't dead yet, but she is glad about that.
  • Benjamin Dobinbough was invited back to England by van Zieks, and the latter said he’d give the former a tour. But Dobinbough says staying in the hotel will cause him to lose all his money, he wishes he could teleport or at least that van Zieks finishes his work.
  • Connette Rozaic reveals that she actually suspected that Genshin was buried alive when she found his shot corpse. But Vortex forbade her from testifying about it because of their deal. Her family creed says that she'd do anything to get the model for the real thing.
  • Everyday Mittlemont still refers to his "Gossip" personal. Marco di Gicho is going to sell red spaghetti but Maurice de Quilco says that the introduction they just did is not suitable for him. Anna Mittlemont is so proud of her husband for making friends and he says he will get rich with the two redheads when he gets released from jail.
  • Kazuma Asōgi didn't really know what to be when he first got his study abroad. He wanted Naruhodō to come with him originally so that Naruhodō could defend him, should Asōgi wind up in the defendant’s chair. But now he has a new path thanks to him and hopes to meet him again in court.
  • Susato Mikotoba made some tea for Ryūnosuke Naruhodō. They going to be busy when Naruhodō opens his new office in Japan. Susato is so happy that he became a defense attorney who is worthy of recognition of the great detective.

The photo of Kazuma, Naruhodō, Susato, Holmes, Iris, and Wagahai.

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