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The Story's End
The Story's End
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There is no reason for sorrow. My Stories are no more than a peek at the caprice and irony of unfolding fate. We are all being carried along on the vast and irresistible sea of chance. I am no more than one person in the sea of people who are here tonight. ...No more... and no less.

Chapter 7: The Story's End is the seventh chapter of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. In an attempt to find Espella Cantabella, the team races back to Labyrinthia, only to discover the Storyteller has set the final part of the Story in motion.

The Final Story[]

At the appointed place of ending, as twilight fades to darkness, the weaver of the Story will meet the Great Witch for the first and final time. The concluding scene will glow in the flames of great magic, as the teller of the Story is silenced forever. This evening, at the final witch trial, the legendary Great Witch will be consumed by her own flames. The town, finally freed from the shackles of the Story and witchcraft, will bathe in the morning light of the new dawning day. The new town will be aglow with freedom from the past and fresh hope for the future.

Luke Triton, Hershel Layton, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey made it to North Parade Avenue, which was deserted. Evidently, the parade had already occurred, and Triton found a piece of paper detailing the end of the Story. It described the Storyteller meeting his end at the hands of the Great Witch Bezella, who would be tried and cast into the flames, freeing Labyrinthia from both the witches and the Story. Knowing that the parade would have finished at the town square, they headed there to find that all of the townspeople had gathered there, including Cecil and Petal. Tuggit told them that the parade had been different this time, as Zacharias Barnham had appeared agitated and Darklaw had not even shown up.

The Storyteller then emerged from his carriage and told everyone to prepare for the climax. Just as he had foretold, the Great Witch appeared from inside the bell tower and used the spell Granwyrm to summon a dragon made of fire. Everyone ran to safety while the dragon approached the Storyteller and consumed him and the carriage. Barnham quickly gave the order for the knights to apprehend the Great Witch, who fell to the floor. Layton and the others hurried inside the tower, and found the knights surrounding Espella Cantabella, who was in a trance-like state and unresponsive. Fey tried to resist the arrest, aided by Patty Eclaire, who threw flour on the knights, but Layton and Wright told them that it would be better to let the arrest happen and plan their next move.

Everyone who had entered the bell tower was temporarily trapped due to one of the new Vigilante recruits accidentally locking the door, but they eventually made it out and reported to Barnham. The events of the Final Story were eating at Barnham, and he wanted to know why the Storyteller would write his own death at his daughter's hands. He asked Cantabella whether she was really Bezella, but she gave no answer, so he had her taken into questioning. Darklaw then arrived and told him that she would be taking over as inquisitor for the trial. Barnham revealed that he had followed her and found out about her double life as the "Great Witch" leading the Shades. However, Darklaw charged him with treason and had him arrested.

Barnham's dog Constantine told Triton and his group about what had just transpired. Layton was planning to investigate the Storyteller's Tower, and Constantine knew a shortcut there. Layton and Triton followed the dog while Wright and Fey investigated the bell tower. At the front of the tower, Wright bumped into one of the Vigilantes, who dropped the patrol record of the tower. Inside the tower, they found a wet robe that was covered with Eclaire's flour, as well as a pendant that looked like the one that Cantabella wore around her neck. There was no apparent way to get to the belfry above, but there was a contraption with a recess that was shaped like the pendant. Before they could try anything, however, Vigilantes arrived and confiscated the pendant. The trial was about to begin, and Wright and Fey prepared themselves.

To the Storyteller's Tower[]

Knight Captain
For all our sakes... go there and fulfill your quest. ...And in doing so, show us all that there is still hope for the future of Labyrinthia.

Constantine led Hershel Layton and Luke Triton through a secret passage at the guarded gate to get through to the knights' garrison. There, they met the Knight Captain, who, upon seeing that Constantine was with them, allowed them to investigate the Storyteller's Tower. Constantine showed them a path behind the Audience Room that led to the bridge to the Tower. His mission over, Constantine left to return to his master.

References to other cases[]

  • Examining the bell tower floor plans will lead to Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey talking about there apparently being no way to reach the belfry. Fey will comment, "There's no sign of any ladder leading up to the next level", leading to Wright adding, "Or even a stepladder..." This is a reference to the running joke involving ladders and stepladders in the Ace Attorney series, which first appeared in Turnabout Samurai.

Other languages[]

  • French - La fin de l'histoire (lit. "The Story's End")
  • German - Die letzte Geschichte (lit. "The Last Story")
  • Italian - La fine della storia (lit. "The story's end")