The Thinker clocks are two miniature replicas of the bronze sculpture of the same name by Auguste Rodin. Larry Butz made two of these clocks: one for himself and the other for his then-girlfriend, Cindy Stone. The clock itself has a switch on the neck that causes it, when tilted, to say, "I think the time is [current time]..." out loud. The time can be adjusted like any other clock.

As a murder weaponEdit

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Frank Sahwit used Stone's The Thinker clock to kill her after being caught robbing her home. Although Butz was accused of the murder and Sahwit stood as the sole witness, Butz's attorney, a rookie called Phoenix Wright, found holes in Sahwit's testimony, including the fact that he knew that The Thinker was a clock in the first place. Sahwit's testimony was eventually completely invalidated when Wright showed that the clock was set to Paris time, thereby implicating Sahwit as the real killer, since he had heard the incorrect time during the murder.

Used to kill againEdit

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After his acquittal, Butz gave his own copy of the clock to Wright's mentor Mia Fey as a gift. She later removed the clockwork and used The Thinker to store files related to Redd White, whom she was investigating. Although she was going to hand it over to her little sister, Maya, for safekeeping, White caught wind of the investigation and killed Mia with the heavy clock.

Wright then had to defend Maya, who was accused of murdering her sister. The star witness, April May, was an employee of White's and testified to seeing the murder from her hotel window. However, similarly to Sahwit, it turned out that she knew too much about The Thinker for her testimony to hold up to scrutiny. It was revealed that she had, in fact, set up a wiretap in Mia's office to find out about the evidence inside The Thinker.

Wright eventually confronted Redd White at his office at Bluecorp, but the latter used his influence from blackmailing others to have Wright accused of Mia's murder, thereby forcing the defense attorney to represent himself in court. Unfortunately for White, Wright eventually exposed him as the true killer, with the help of Maya channeling Mia.

Uncle BearEdit

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In 2018, Wright and Pearl Fey investigated the murder of Juan Corrida. While they were talking with Wendy Oldbag in the hotel room that the victim was using, a bear-shaped alarm clock startled Wright by uttering, "I'm Uncle Bear, and I say it's 'bearly' 8 o'clock!" Shortly afterward, Wright checked the bear toy with Dick Gumshoe's rudimentary bug sweeper for a listening device. He mentioned to Pearl that the clock reminded him of "something that happened a long time ago," in reference to Mia's murder. The clock has similar attributes to the Thinker, being heavy and laborious, and using self-referential phrases to signify the time.

Auctioned evidenceEdit

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The Thinker was one of the objects that fell down on Horace Knightley's head during his breakdown, when he tossed his spinning gun in the air and hit the overhead compartment in Di-Jun Huang's private plane. This is notable for being the only known instance in which someone was struck with The Thinker and survived, though Knightley was killed two days later. Both of The Thinker clocks were supposed to be in the police department's evidence room, but at least one of them was supplied for Blaise Debeste's black market auction.

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