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Turnabout Costume is the first chapter in the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga.

When Miles Edgeworth accidentally enters the National Masquerade Society Party at the Gatewater Hotel while looking for a tea sampling event, he soon finds himself investigating a murder.


While looking for a tea sampling event at the Gatewater Hotel, Miles Edgeworth accidentally arrived at the hotel's National Masquerade Society Party instead. Although initially annoyed at entering the wrong room, Edgeworth quickly found out that a murder had taken place. A brief investigation revealed that a woman called Hayden Maxwell had been found dead in the ladies' bathroom, with another individual passed out drunk in a nearby stall.

Upon investigating further, Edgeworth found himself talking to a woman called Hanelle Irving, who was attending the party dressed as a devil and looking for a handsome young man to have fun with. Edgeworth's deductive skills almost effortlessly revealed to him that she was already married and had little to contribute to his investigation. He then saw a young woman in a witch's costume, and found himself "fascinated" by her. He abandoned Irving to strike up a conversation with this woman, and even offered her a drink.

As soon as Detective Dick Gumshoe arrived to look for the culprit, Edgeworth immediately accused the witch. He pointed out that she was left-handed, while the witch costume she was wearing belonged to a right-handed person. Additionally, she was wearing white shoes that didn't match her black costume. The witch costume actually belonged to the drunk person in the bathroom. The girl then claimed that she had asked the drunk person in the bathroom if she could try on the costume, and that said drunk woman was actually the murderer. However, she openly stated that the drunk person was a woman several times, which became her downfall when Edgeworth pointed out (without even seeing said individual) that the person in the bathroom was a man.

The culprit then admitted her defeat, and revealed her motive; the victim had seduced her boyfriend to use his money. Once the boyfriend had run out of funds, the victim had dumped him and, overwhelmed by the incredible debt he had incurred, the boyfriend hanged himself. The culprit had been so angry when she saw the victim potentially seducing another man that she exacted her revenge with a knife the victim had used at the tea sampling event.