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The Turnabout Museum
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Edgeworth Manga 2
Case data
Date [Please fill in!]
Victim Max Arden
Time of death ~8:00 p.m.
Murder weapon/
cause of death
Blow to the back of the skull
Miles Edgeworth
Dick Gumshoe
Questioned witnesses
Randolph Miller
Monet Kreskin
Handsome Gentlemen Thieves
Randolph Miller
Monet Kreskin
Thomas Bester
Dick Gumshoe
[Please fill in!]
Other characters
"Amadeus Seal"
Van Koff (allusions)
Amadeus Seal (allusions)
[Please fill in!]
[Please fill in!]

The Turnabout Museum is the fourth case in the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga.

While Miles Edgeworth escorts an art expert to inspect a valuable painting, Detective Dick Gumshoe is asked to assist with its protection by the director of the museum where the painting is on display. The director is afraid that the notorious group known as the "Handsome Gentlemen Thieves" may be after the painting, and his fears seem to come true when the valuable work of art is indeed stolen. However, the murder of a security guard during the theft is unlike the criminal groups' previous thefts. Is someone else responsible? Or are the Handsome Gentlemen Thieves not as gentlemanly as they seem?

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