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Themis Legal Academy
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Themis Law School
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Themis Legal Academy. A prestigious high school with alumni in the highest echelons of the legal world.

The Themis Legal Academy is a school for young men and women to study to become lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. In 2027, the judge course professor Constance Courte was murdered, with student Juniper Woods being the prime suspect.


Themis Legal Academy was built to be a high school for students who wished to become either a defense attorney, prosecutor, or a judge. However, if a student has been found guilty of a crime, they cannot graduate.

Currently, lawyer students wear blue, prosecutor students wear red, and judge students wear black. However, in the past, the uniform color for prosecutors was blue instead.


Dark Themis

A corrupted institute.

Eventually, the prestigious academy started to lose its way and its morals. Teachers began to take bribes from parents so that their child could pass, with Hugh O’Conner being a prime example. The school would also raise a student's scores if their parent was particularly influential, as was the case with Sebastian Debeste. However, in both instances, said students were unaware that this was going on.

Later on, the academy split between two different schools of ideology; Aristotle Means's "the end justifies the means", and Constance Courte's "the truth is more important than the results". This caused a rift in the student body, with each side having its own followers.

Murder of Constance CourteEdit

Main article: Turnabout Academy

The night before the school festival, Courte discovered that Means was accepting bribes from the parents of Hugh O'Conner to raise his grades. When she questions him, Means stabs Courte in the abdomen with his staff. Reading the notes on her person, Means decided to make the crime scene just like the mock trial written by Juniper Woods in order to frame her. He took the banners of the school and the Gavinners to soak up the blood and spread on the floor in the art room. Then he burned the Gavinners banner and disguised Courte's corpse as a statue of Phoenix Wright. At the same time, O'Conner was going to look at script written by Myriam Scuttlebutt but was caught in her deadly trap. He walked down the hall with his hands dripping with blood and was witnessed by Woods.

The next day, Means knocked over a statue during the mock trial alerting Wright and Athena Cykes to the body. Juniper Woods was arrested for the crime, but her best friend Cykes, with the help of Apollo Justice, managed to get her aquitted. Aristotle Means was arrested and the festival was extended an extra day in memory of Constance Courte.


Current (as of 2027)Edit

Circa 2019Edit


In ancient Greek mythology, "Themis" was the goddess who was the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom, with her name literally meaning "that which is put in place". The Roman equivalent of one aspect of Themis is the perhaps more familiar Justitia, or Lady Justice.


The colors for the course uniforms are likely based upon the clothing color schemes of Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and the recurring Judge.

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