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Tobias Gregson was a Scotland Yard detective working in London during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's time in England. Due to his role in a certain case, Gregson became known as a legendary detective.

Secret missions[]

Main article: Professor Killings

Tobias Gregson helped Mael Stronghart frame Genshin Asogi for being the Professor, to which he opposed at first, until Stronghart convinced him that this would be necessary to prevent Genshin from claiming any more victims, as Gregson mistakenly believed Genshin was the Professor. He hired a group of mercenaries to attack Genshin, stealing his trademark ring. Then, with Stronghart's help, Gregson would argue for Klint van Zieks' autopsy report, which would not normally be done to a noble in the House of Lords.

After that, he helped Stronghart spread the "Reaper of the Bailey" conspiracy. During this time, Gregson would investigate guilty defendants prosecuted under Klint's younger brother Barok who twisted their own trials to escape justice, and come up with the best ways for Britain's notorious assassin, Asa Shinn, to eliminate them.

Gregson also took interest in Daley Vigil, a former employee from Barclay Prison who was terminated following complications arising from the Professor case, and was masquerading as a street vendor named "Hugh Boone". To that end, Gregson paid Vigil to use his ID and make a public scene wherever he was directed, claiming the detective was there to investigate, in order to mask his movements around London. During that time, Gregson also grew close to Iris Wilson for helping further bolster his public reputation through her stories, to the point that he also became compliant to her own demands.

Eventually, Stronghart decided that Gregson knew too much about Klint's autopsy and his own past, so to eliminate Gregson, he had Genshin's son, Kazuma, kill him. Since by that point a treaty had been made between Japan and England, Stronghart knew if Kazuma was fully exposed of killing Gregson, England would have difficulty arresting the young Japanese man. Unfortunately, Stronghart's plan went wrong as Kazuma was knocked out by Nikolina Pavlova, sparing Gregson for some time.

First meeting with Naruhodo[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Gregson first met Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba the day after they won their first trial in London. Though initially dismissive of the pair, he eventually agreed to help them after Iris asked him to via a note, telling them the location of Garrideb's Flats.

Second meeting[]

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro
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The next day, he investigates the attempted murder of William Shamspeare, Natsume's lodger. When Naruhodo and Sholmes arrived, they deduced that Natsume would be most likely culprit, so Gregson took him to Scotland Yard. When he returned to the boarding house, he told Naruhodo and Susato that the crime scene would be cordoned off in five minutes. When Shamspeare momentarily recovered, Gregson helped complete the line that Shamspeare started to quote. Later he informed Natsume in his prison cell that Shamspeare has fully recovered, and that Shamspeare is accusing him of being the culprit.

In court, Tobias Gregson took the stand with Natsume, the inspector explained the case then submitted a photo of Shamspeare unconscious as evidence. During the testimony, he explained the poison that Shamspeare ingested would only reacted within half an hour.

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Third meeting[]

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Tobias Gregson receives a telegram from Pop Windibank to come to his pawn shop regarding a circuit. When he arrives he sees a young man pointing a gun, he confiscates his coat and disc for Scotland Yard despite the protests of Gina Lestrade. Gregson mentions an incident but refuses to talk about it. Eventually, the detective gives Lestrade back the coat and Sholmes reveals that he actually gave Gregson a caramel mold of the disc.

Later, when Pop Windibank was murdered, Tobias Gregson investigates the shop with the police. Gregson mistakes Iris Wilson as being another witness, hired the best doctor in London to work on Sholmes when she shot at the crime scene. Iris gives him some tea and Gregson says this case is simple with conclusive evidence. Naruhodo asks why Gregson acts so different around Iris compared to him, he says it's because she has him as a character in "The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes". Sholmes said Gregson was the smartest in Scotland Yard, but the inspector is jealous of Sholmes' character in the novels compared to him. Gregson relays a message to Naruhodo saying Susato went to the High Court of Justice so Naruhodo and Iris decide to go there.

Later, Tobias Gregson gets the written request of the defendant, Gina Lestrade, and some more of Iris' tea. He leaves to continue the investigation allowing the three to check the storage vault.

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Faced with a return[]

Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul
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Tobias Gregson, being allowed back on the job again, took Gina Lestrade under his wing to become an inspector.

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A twisted path to resolve[]

Main article: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow and The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo
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While Gregson sent Vigil out to be a decoy with the "Red-Headed League", a small-time scam of Fabien de Rousseau and Peppino de Rossi, he was given a "Reaper” mission for October 31st aboard the SS Grouse as it headed for France. The target was Seishiro Jigoku, who was put on trial ten years ago when he made insulting remarks while trying to save Genshin Asogi. Since Asa Shinn was killed, the assassin that would go with him was Kazuma Asogi. Before he left his secret room to go there, he spoke fondly of Lestrade, and left her his "detective spirit".

While in Seishiro Jigoku's cabin on board the Grouse, Gregson learns that Kazuma is Genshin's son. He tells him that he believes that his father was the Professor even now but didn't have enough evidence to prove it back then. He said he just worked as the mission instructed for the British Empire. But Gregson refused to say exactly what he did, even if it meant his death. This caused Kazuma to furiously draw his sword and swing, not hurting the detective but chipping Karuma on Gregson's trunk. Then Kazuma decided to leave, disembarking in Dunkirk, France to stay the night, so Gregson decided to kill Jigoku all by himself. But Jigoku didn't know Kazuma Asogi was alive and had already decided to kill Gregson on his own to complete the assassination exchange program. The "Reaper" mission assigned to Gregson was a fake asked by Jigoku himself. When Jigoku returned to his room, he found Gregson there. He choked Gregson, knocking him unconscious before the other could shoot him. As first-class cabins are surrounded by guards, Jigoku decided to wait until the emergency drill later that evening to strangle him to death. Unfortunately, just as that time arrived, Gregson woke up and started attacking Jigoku in a frenzy. In a moment of panic, Jigoku used the gun the English government had given him in the exchange program sixteen years ago and shot Tobias Gregson, killing him instantly.

Jigoku took Gregson's coat off and hid his body in the freezer, trying to buy some time and fake Gregson's time of death. However, he didn't notice the fish and chips falling out of Gregson's coat, which quickly started to rot due to the heated cabin and was placed back in the coat by Jigoku the following morning. There was no chance to throw the body overboard due to all the guards. He then put Gregson's body in his own trunk and took him off the boat and to the hotel.

Jigoku's English counterpart had informed him of Gregson's Fresno Street apartment with Daley Vigil, so he went to drop the body off there. He set up some firecrackers he bought from "Venus" and used the candles as a makeshift timer that would set off the firecrackers at around 5 o'clock. That way, when Vigil came to visit, the firecrackers would mimic a gunshot to falsely establish the time of death and incriminate Vigil. Unexpectedly, Barok van Zieks showed up to the apartment on his investigation of Gregson instead, and he took the fall with "Venus", "Sandwich", and Vigil as witnesses. Maria Gorey performed the autopsy on Gregson and she reported the possibility of his corpse being tampered with after discovering the rotting fish and chips.

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Tobias Gregson was a hard working detective who took pride in the Scotland Yard's name. As for being a devoted worker, he despised criminals and lawbreakers. When he first met with Ryunosuke Naruhodo and his co., he spoke in distaste for the foreign attorney, but overall treated him as a citizen respectfully. However, because Naruhodo is foreign (or an attorney), he did not go out of his way to help them with an investigation with the exception of Iris Wilson's presence. However, over time, he began to respect Ryunosuke and became impressed by his performances in court. He even showed appreciation for him and his co. for finding Drebber's workshop before it was blown up.

He was very strong willed in doing whatever necessary to ensure Great Britain's stability, going as far as to forge evidence to indict Genshin as the "Professor". To this end he was willing to take that secret to the grave, even when his life was threatened by Kazuma.

Although he was tough on crime, he was shown to be compassionate to Gina Lestrade, a street pickpocket who had also committed perjury, by taking her under his wing and training her as an inspector. He comforted her at times by telling her the "Death Bringer" only goes after the "bad guys". After his passing, his letter to Gina stated that he hoped that she had inherited his detective spirit and that she would take care of London for him (since he was not returning to London on his "trip").

His favorite food is fish and chips which he is almost never seen without. He also carries a pocket watch around, it was memorial present for solving the Professor's killings, he had a habit of winding it every day. Whenever the crown gets broken, he uses a special key disguised as a policeman figurine to wind it instead.

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Tobias Gregson is The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles's version of the Inspector Gregson from the Sherlock Holmes canon.


  • Gregson is one of two characters in the Ace Attorney franchise to die in a game that is not their debut appearance, the other being Jezaille Brett. Both were introduced in The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and died in its sequel.
  • Gregson is the only deceased character to appear in the closing credits, excluding the epilogue which takes place after the credits.
  • Gregson's passport number is ACD0522, the initials of Arthur Conan Doyle, and his birthday, May 22nd.