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Toby was Gina Lestrade's pet dog, who acted as a police dog for Scotland Yard.

Britain's first police dog[]

Lestrade found Toby as a stray wandering the street, and decided to "rescue" him by taking him into her care. She would go on to discover that Toby has an exceptional sense of smell, and she trained him to be useful in investigations. Thusly, Toby became Scotland Yard's first ever police dog; albeit unofficially, as the concept of the police employing dogs was brand new at the time.

Chasing down a runaway witness[]

Toby would prove useful during a certain case, when his exceptional sense of smell was used to track down the hiding place of Enoch Drebber.

Tobias Gregson's death[]

After Ryunosuke Naruhodo made Toby smell the red wig, Toby went after the trunk. However, aft Ryunosuke took the trunk Toby assaulted him.


  • Toby is the name of the dog Sherlock Holmes uses in his investigations in the Sherlock Holmes novel The Sign of Four.
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