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Taifu Toneido.


Geiru Toneido.


The current Uendo Toneido.

The Toneido School is a group of entertainers who primarily specialize in rakugo storytelling. Three members of the school are known:

  • Taifu Toneido — A rakugo master who began his career in 1973, now deceased.
  • Geiru Toneido — A rakugo performer and balloon artist who studied under Taifu, as well as the daughter of the late Uendo Toneido.
  • Uendo Toneido — A skilled rakugo performer with dissociative identity disorder. Taifu's junior disciple and successor to the previous Uendo.


The stage names of all members of the Toneido School are wind-themed in both Japanese and English:

  • The Japanese given names 獏風 Bakufuu (Taifu), 風子 Puuko (Geiru), and 微風 Bifuu (Uendo), as well as the surname 旋風亭 Senpuutei, all contain the kanji 風 fuu, meaning "wind".
  • "Taifu" comes from "typhoon".
  • "Geiru" comes from "gale".
  • "Uendo" comes from "wind".
  • "Toneido" comes from "tornado".

"Toneido" may also be a play on "to knead dough", in reference to the close relation to the Toneido school has to the Whet Soba noodle shop.