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Studio Two Trailer
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The Studio Two trailer was where Phoenix Wright first met Dee Vasquez during his investigation into the murder of Jack Hammer at Global Studios. Four posters of old Jack Hammer shows hang from one of the trailer's walls.

Abode of a diva[]

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When Jack Hammer was murdered and Will Powers was accused of the crime, Powers hired Phoenix Wright as his defense attorney. With help from his assistant Maya Fey, Wright's investigation eventually led him to the Studio Two trailer, finding the producer Dee Vasquez inside. However, she refused to talk to him until he retrieved a script from the director Sal Manella. Reluctantly, Wright went in search of the script, eventually finding it in Studio One. After bringing her the script, Vasquez remained taciturn and Wright was unable to get much information about the case from her.


Vasquez's "professionals".

Later, after finding out about an accident five years prior that Vasquez had covered up and used to blackmail Hammer into performing bit parts for little pay, Wright returned once more to the trailer. After confronting Vasquez with a photograph of the incident that the security lady had given him, the producer told him all about it. After she finished her story, she demanded that Wright hand over the photograph. When Fey refused, Vasquez called in four intimidating "professionals" who were good at "erasing... various things", namely mobsters. Just as the men moved in, Detective Dick Gumshoe suddenly burst in to stop them. He declared that he had "heard everything, pal!", and took Dee Vasquez down to the police precinct.

Vasquez managed somehow to avoid any consequences for threatening Wright and Fey in the trailer, as she appeared in court as a witness the next day. After a lengthy battle of wits, Wright was finally able to prove that she had been the one who killed Hammer, although it turned out to have been self-defense since the actor had been trying to murder her at the time.