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Training Hall
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Inner Temple 1
People to meet Pearl Fey
Miles Edgeworth
Dahlia Hawthorne
Available evidence Hanging Scroll
Linked locations Garden
Inner Temple
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Hazakura TempleHeavenly HallInner TempleDusky BridgeHazakura area
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The Training Hall is used by spirit mediums who visit Hazakura Temple to train. It is known for the "Special Course", which involves sitting on a block of ice, being doused by freezing cold water, and reciting a chant 30,000 times. Notable features include a hanging scroll, which shows Misty Fey (the Master of the Fey clan) and the Scared Cavern in which mediums train. It was in the Sacred Cavern in which Maya Fey and the spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne were trapped during most of Misty Fey's murder investigation.

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