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I am but a man who wants nothing more than to feel Foxy's steel heels on his back. You can call me Treddon.

Treddon is one of the guards who keep watch over Labyrinthia's Bell Tower who are known as the Vigilantes. He is completely enamoured with fellow Vigilante Foxy.


  • His Japanese name, "Fumaretī", is probably derived from "fumareru" (踏まれる), which roughly means "stepped on". This is in reference to his enjoyment of having Foxy step on him.
  • "Treddon" is a play on "tread on", again relating to his submissive love of having Foxy step on him.
  • His German name "Zu Tritt" means "to kick", with "zu" also originally being a preposition only used by German aristocrats, in a similar way to "von". His name could also be a play on "zutritt" (access) to refer to his open attitude concerning the way Foxy can treat him.
  • His Spanish name "Sumisius" is a play on the word "sumiso", which means "submissive".
  • His Dutch name "Stephon" is a play on "step on", again referring to his submissive nature.

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