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Trilo Quist, a ventriloquist's puppet belonging to Benjamin Woodman, was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Russell Berry.


Ben has used Trilo for his performances in the circus, specifically by opera singing through him, as well as some comedy. Because Ben is extremely shy, he uses Trilo as a way to talk to others, and even talks to Trilo himself. This has caused problems when he tried to declare his love to Regina Berry, making her think it was Trilo who loved her, so Ben made him go along with it. Trilo was hidden under a cabinet by Max Galactica as revenge for "his" declaration of love to Regina, whom Galactica was also in love with.


Trilo Quist resembles a miniature version of his owner. His head is a wide oval shape, his ears are rounded and stick out, and he has large brown eyes and short slicked back hair with a curl on his forehead. He has no visible nose. He wears a blue suit with three white buttons over a white undershirt, and a big red bowtie nearly as wide as his head. He also has blue shorts and shoes with 3 large straps. While the color of the straps are usually white, his full-body render in the art book depicts the shoes themselves as a lighter tint of his skin, and the cutscene where he watches Russell Berry walk by depicts them as a darker color. In the anime, his shoes are completely white.

"Pleeeeease! Expand meeeeee!"
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