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Tristan Turnbull is a prosecutor from the United States Attorney's Office who handles major international cases, primarily by building cases for indictment and trial without standing in court himself. He was invited as a passenger of the Silver Star's maiden voyage, during which he was forced to participate in the retrial of Avery Richman, whose previous murder case Turnbull had organized.

A short-lived prodigyEdit

Turnbull was born and raised in Japan, where he began pursuing a career in prosecution. By his third year in law school, he was heralded as the most brilliant pupil in the history of his academy, astounding classmates and professors alike with his consideration of multiple possibilities within the rules and guidelines of his studies. However, his fame would soon end when a new student, Miles Edgeworth, objected during a mock trial between Turnbull and another student by pointing out the real possibility of a witness lying, something that was not intended in the scripted testimony. In time, Turnbull found himself overshadowed by his junior, who would go on to be considered a genius in his own right.

After Turnbull graduated from law school, his resentment and jealousy of Edgeworth led him to practically flee from Japan to practice law in the United States, never to return to his home country for many years. He eventually gained a prominent position at the U.S. Attorney's Office as a legal case builder for major international cases, making a new name for himself in his determination to escape Edgeworth's looming shadow.

Legal malpracticeEdit

In 2017, Turnbull became involved in a political conspiracy to remove Goldstruck Republic multimillionaire Avery Richman from the American economy by framing him for the assassination of Benjamin Cashanova. Following orders from his superiors in the Prosecution Office, Turnbull privately met with eyewitness Gale Gaelic, who in reality was the one hired by the Commerce Council to kill Cashanova. Turnbull bribed Gaelic into retracting his testimony, which would have exposed the truth of the incident, using the pretense that Gaelic was already determined to have no involvement in the case. Richman was subsequently found guilty and imprisoned, and Turnbull's manipulations went undetected for an entire year.


  • His Japanese given name, "Yusaburō", comes from the word yusaburu (揺さぶる), which means "to shake" in both a literal and figurative sense (i.e., causing an upset). This could reference his role in a conspiracy to frame Avery Richman and get him convicted in a sham trial, essentially "shaking" the political and judicial scene.
  • "Saiga", his Japanese surname, contains the first kanji for saiban (裁判), meaning "trial".
  • His full English name is possibly a play on "twist and turn". It may also be a corruption of the phrase "turnabout trial", a literal translation of the franchise's Japanese title, Gyakuten Saiban.
  • His French name comes from the colloquial turn of phrase "c'est mal barré", referring to a situation that is off to a bad start.

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