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Troupe Gramarye
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Organization info
Organization type Magician troupe
Leader Magnifi Gramarye ( - April 13, 2019)
Organizational structure Original members:


Status Active
Relevant cases Turnabout Serenade
Turnabout Succession
The Magical Turnabout

Troupe Gramarye was a group of magicians founded by Magnifi Gramarye. The original group consisted of himself, his daughter Thalassa Gramarye, her husband Zak Gramarye, Valant Gramarye, and Mr. Reus. The troupe gained much popularity in their prime, to the point that it had a special commemorative stamp commissioned in its honor. However, the group fell into obscurity after a chain of events that included Thalassa's disappearance and Magnifi's death. Thalassa and Zak's daughter, Trucy Wright, is the sole heir to the Gramarye estate, including the performance rights to the magic that Troupe Gramarye used.


Magnifi Gramarye at the start of his career.

Troupe Gramarye was formed when Magnifi Gramarye took on three pupils. The original group consisted of his daughter Thalassa, as well as the three students: Shadi Enigmar, who adopted the stage name Zak Gramarye, another magician with the name Valant Gramarye, and Roger Retinz under the name Mr. Reus. Over the years, the Troupe became rather famous. Thalassa left the Troupe in 2003 to marry a guest performer from one of their shows, and she bore a son, Apollo Justice. However, a year later Thalassa rejoined the Troupe after her husband died and Apollo went missing. Eventually, Zak and Thalassa married, and Trucy Enigmar was born.

In 2015, Retinz was injured during a magic trick, after which Magnifi ousted him from the Troupe. Believing that he had been kicked out simply to prevent his mistake from sullying the Troupe's reputation, Retinz began to nurture a deep resentment toward Magnifi and the other members.

Tragedy during practice[]

The fateful Quick-Draw Shoot 'em that went wrong.

Approximately one year after Retinz left the Troupe, Thalassa was accidentally shot during a performance rehearsal of a dangerous trick called Zak & Valant's Quick-Draw Shoot 'em, although nobody knew which of the two disciples fired the shot. Thalassa survived, but she became blind and lost most of her memory. The event led journalist Spark Brushel to befriend Zak, in the hope of finding out what had happened. Nevertheless, Magnifi was able to cover up the shooting and Thalassa's disappearance to some extent, and would proceed to use it to blackmail Zak and Valant over the next three years.

Zak and Valant went on to continue Troupe Gramarye. One of their gigs was at Gatewater Land in 2019. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, the amnesia-stricken Thalassa became a famous singer in Borginia by the name of Lamiroir.

Magnifi's death[]

Zak talking to Magnifi.

Magnifi Gramarye's dead body.

In 2019, Magnifi became terminally ill with a combination of cancer and diabetes. To decide which of his disciples should inherit the rights to his magic, he set up a test for them. He sent both Zak and Valant letters cryptically telling them to come to his hospital room and shoot a stage pistol from the old Gramarye trick that had "killed" his daughter, square in the forehead. Magnifi asked Zak to come fifteen minutes earlier than Valant, possibly wanting him to be the one to inherit his magic. If Zak shot Magnifi, his tricks would disappear forever. If Zak shot a clown doll in the room, he would inherit Magnifi's magic. If Zak failed to shoot anything, Valant would be given a chance at inheriting Magnifi's magic.

Zak arrived at the appointed time, but was unable to shoot his mentor, and so shot the clown. Magnifi then gave Zak all of the rights to his magic. Valant arrived later, intending to kill Magnifi and frame Zak for the murder, but his nerve failed him and he was unable to shoot anything, failing the test. With all his affairs taken care of, Magnifi killed himself with Valant's unused pistol.

The trial of Zak Gramarye[]

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Wright and Zak play poker.

Upon discovering Magnifi's suicide, Valant tampered with the scene to frame Zak. The plan succeeded, and Zak was arrested for the crime. Seeing the subsequent trial as a potential boost to his career, defense attorney Kristoph Gavin approached Zak, offering to defend him in his trial. However, Zak challenged him to a poker game and realized through it that he couldn't trust Gavin, and fired him. Instead, he hired Phoenix Wright as his representative. Gavin would harbor a deep bitterness toward both men for this insult.

During the trial, Wright almost proved Zak's innocence by suggesting Valant's possible guilt, but he unknowingly presented forged evidence, and the trial was brought to a close. However, before Zak could be declared guilty, he used one of his magic tricks to escape the courtroom, leading to an indefinite suspension of the trial. Zak Gramarye would not be seen again for seven years.


A commemorative stamp of Troupe Gramarye.

Despite insisting that he had not known that the evidence he had been given was fraudulent, Wright was subsequently disbarred. He launched his own investigation into who had set him up and why. Upon disappearing, Zak left his daughter Trucy behind, and Wright adopted her. Meanwhile, Valant came under public scrutiny, and was even temporarily imprisoned. Rumors swirled that Zak had disappeared to cover for the true killer, Valant. Nonetheless, Valant tried to continue his career, but without the performance rights to Magnifi's magic, he was forced to rely on his own, inferior talents.

Zak's reappearance[]

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"Shadi Smith".

Seven years after his trial, Zak came out of hiding, under the guise of "Shadi Smith", to find Wright, who was now working as a player of poker and the piano at the Borscht Bowl Club. During their meeting, Zak revealed Magnifi's will, and wrote out a form transferring Magnifi's performance rights to Trucy, with Wright as a witness and Spark Brushel as a notary. Hearing that Valant had fallen on hard times, Zak wrote a signed "confession" saying that he was the one who murdered Magnifi, in order to help his old partner. Zak then played poker with Wright, but was murdered during the game by Gavin. Originally, Gavin had intended, as Zak's lawyer, to win the trial with the forged evidence Wright had presented in court. Gavin murdered "Shadi Smith" to attempt to erase all evidence that he had been Zak's first lawyer. It worked almost perfectly, and although Gavin was convicted for the crime, this detail would remain unknown for six months.

Gavinners concert[]

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Months later, Valant, Lamiroir and Apollo Justice would encounter each other, and work together again for the first time in years, although they would not recognize each other. During her time in Borginia, Lamiroir encountered Klavier Gavin, lead singer of the Gavinners and Kristoph's younger brother. Enthralled by her singing, Klavier insisted that she come back to America to perform a duet with him in a concert. Valant was also hired, to aid with a trick planned for the duet performance. However, the concert was ruined when Lamiroir's bodyguard was murdered during the performance.

Justice, who had become a lawyer, took the case of Lamioir's piano accompaniment, Machi Tobaye, and he won the case. Seeing Justice's determination in court, Lamiroir decided to undergo surgery to cure her blindness and recover her memory.


Main article: Turnabout Succession

Valant in 2026.

Months after the trial, it seemed Valant would finally be able to inherit Magnifi's magic. Zak had been missing for nearly seven years, after which he would be declared legally deceased. To celebrate, he planned a great comeback performance, until Wright tracked him down and revealed to him that Zak had already passed on his rights to Trucy. Wright also found out about the truth of Magnifi's death. With no chance of being able to obtain Magnifi's magic, and feeling guilty about what he had done to Zak, Valant chose to turn himself in. With this, Trucy Wright became the sole heir to the legal rights to Magnifi Gramarye's magic.

Reus's revenge[]

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A promotional poster for "Trucy in Gramarye-Land".

Two years later, Retinz, now a producer for Take-2 TV, finally saw his opportunity to exact his revenge on the Troupe. Having taken on a magic student named Manov Mistree and passed the name of "Mr. Reus" onto him, Retinz arranged for Mistree to appear as Trucy's co-star in her magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", which was meant to be a revival of the Gramarye name. Trucy remained unaware of the fact that the real Mr. Reus was her producer rather than her co-performer. Retinz conspired with Mistree, as well as the magician twin sisters Bonny and Betty de Famme, to play a prank on Trucy during the show. The plan was to scare Trucy by having Mistree pretend to be dead, after which Betty would case the dragon set piece hung over the stage to collapse. Unbeknownst to Mistree or the twins, however, Retinz's real plan was to have Mistree killed and Trucy framed for the crime.

Retinz's plan initially worked as intended and Trucy was arrested for the murder, after which Retinz used his position as a television producer to spread slander about her and taint her reputation, intending to increase the odds of a guilty verdict. However, Justice took Trucy's defense and was able to figure out that Retinz had framed Trucy in an attempt to put an end to the Troupe's legacy.


Group photo of Magnifi Gramarye's students.

Each member of the troupe other than Mr. Reus has his or her cape held in place by a brooch in the shape of a suit in a deck of cards. Thalassa's brooch is a diamond, Zak's is a club, Valant's is a heart, and Magnifi's is a spade. The only successor to Magnifi, Trucy, wears a diamond brooch, which resembles her mother's. Even after losing her memory and becoming known as Lamiroir, Thalassa still kept her diamond brooch. Mr. Reus's attire is based on the Joker playing card.


The Troupe's emblem on the cover of Magnifi's notebook.

  • The word "gramarye" was once used as a synonym for magic or sorcery.
  • "Gramarye" is also an alternative spelling of "grimoire", which is supposedly a book of instructions in the use of magic.
  • Valant Gramarye refers to Troupe Gramarye as "the Gramarye Troupe" once while discussing his acquisition of Magnifi's performance rights with Apollo Justice.
  • Troupe Gramarye's emblem is the character from the Japanese counterpart of the name "Gramarye", 或真敷 (Arumajiki).
  • The Japanese equivalent of "Gramarye", "Arumajiki" (或真敷), is a homophone of "Arumajiki" (有るまじき), meaning "unworthy". It could also be intended to sound similar to "majikku" (マジック), the Japanese spelling of the English word "magic".