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Trucy Wright
They always say that, on stage, you should hit the crowd with speed and ferocity!

Trucy Wright (born Trucy Enigmar) is a professional stage magician at the Wright Anything Agency who has also served as an investigative partner for the lawyers in the agency. She was born into the Gramarye family of magicians, her biological father being Zak Gramarye and her grandfather being Magnifi Gramarye. Phoenix Wright adopted her shortly after her father's disappearance.

Early life & adoption[]

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Young Trucy

Eight-year-old Trucy with Mr. Hat.

The first eight years of Trucy's life were spent with her father, magician Zak Gramarye. Her mother, Thalassa Gramarye, disappeared after an accident involving a magic trick being performed between her, Zak, and his partner Valant Gramarye. Being of the Gramarye bloodline, she had the ability to perceive subtle, involuntary movements in people.

One day, Trucy's grandfather, Magnifi Gramarye, was killed, and her father was put on trial for the murder. Before the trial, Kristoph Gavin gave Trucy a piece of evidence, instructing her to give it to Phoenix Wright, Zak Gramarye's attorney. The evidence turned out to be fake; prosecutor Klavier Gavin, through a tip from his brother Kristoph, exposed the evidence as a fraud, but Zak Gramarye suddenly disappeared from the courtroom. Trucy helped her father to escape, distracting bailiff Mike Meekins with her giant puppet Mr. Hat. Zak promised Trucy that he would return one day.

Two weeks later, Phoenix Wright called Trucy Enigmar to his office to discuss where she would live. Wright searched for relatives of Trucy to no avail, so he took her in and raised her as his own child.

Trucy converted Phoenix's office into the Wright Talent Agency and held magic performances for money. Among her props were Mr. Hat and her magic panties, out of which she could allegedly pull anything. She also often accompanied Phoenix in the Borscht Bowl Club to help him win his poker games with her ability to read his opponents.

Meeting Apollo Justice[]

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First encounter[]

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Trucy bodyshot

At 15.

Seven years after his disappearance, Zak Gramarye visited Phoenix Wright at the Borscht Bowl Club as Shadi Smith. He gave Phoenix his will, which gave Trucy the rights to Magnifi's magic tricks. Later, during a poker game with Phoenix, he knocked the dealer unconscious and Phoenix left to call the police; during Phoenix's absence, Kristoph Gavin appeared and killed Zak. Phoenix was subsequently put on trial for the murder, and hired Apollo Justice, a lawyer working for Kristoph, to represent him.

During the trial, Trucy gave a card with a drop of blood on it to Justice, which revealed crucial facts about the case and allowed for the implication of Kristoph Gavin as the real killer. Kristoph was later convicted and sent into solitary. When Phoenix told Justice that the card had been forged, Justice punched him and vowed never to associate with him again.

Assistant to Justice[]

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Justice was now out of a job thanks to the conviction of his employer, so when Phoenix called Justice, saying he was in "big trouble", Justice reluctantly entered the Wright Talent Agency, where he met Trucy and Phoenix again. Phoenix sent the two to investigate three crimes that had occurred. It would turn out that all three were connected to a murder, and Justice took the case for the defendant. Trucy taught Justice about her ability to perceive tension in witnesses, and Justice found that he also had the ability and that it was somehow much stronger as well. With the help of this newly discovered ability, Justice won the case.

After the case, Trucy became a fan of the prosecutor, Klavier Gavin, and bought all of the albums from his band. She also renamed the Wright Talent Agency the Wright Anything Agency to account for Justice's entertainment-unfriendly profession.

Later, Klavier invited Justice and Trucy to one of his concerts. However, someone was killed, and thus Justice and Klavier faced off again in court, with Justice winning. This case involved Trucy and Justice's mother, who had lost her memory and knew herself only as a singer named Lamiroir, but Trucy never became aware of this.

Ending - Vera's Sketch

With Mr. Hat and Apollo Justice in a sketch by Vera Misham.

Justice's next case brought back the events from the disappearance of Zak Gramarye. Phoenix gave Trucy Zak's will, claiming that it was a present for Recycle Your Plastics Day, but he told her not to open it yet. The will tied into the case as well, as Magnifi had given the rights to his magic to Zak and then committed suicide, causing Valant to try to frame Zak for the murder.

Justice eventually found out that Shadi Smith was Zak Gramarye, but upon informing the court of this, he was surprised to find her unmoved by the revelation that her father had died. After Justice won the trial, Trucy explained that she had already figured out that Smith was her father.

Meeting Athena Cykes[]

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Trucy Wright and her Magic panties in 3D form

Trucy in Nine-Tails Vale.

Trucy continued to work in an investigative partner capacity at the Wright Anything Agency, but in a reduced capacity; normally she just hangs around the office, due to Phoenix wanting her to focus on her schoolwork. However, she is always willing to give advice or talk about current cases with the Agency's lawyers (although said advice is rarely helpful, as she often brings the topic of conversation back around to her magic act).

In April, she invited Justice to visit Nine-Tails Vale with her and introduce him to her friend Jinxie Tenma, with whom they discussed the village. After leaving them, Tenma discovered the dead body of Alderman Rex Kyubi and her own father Damian Tenma in the Fox Chamber of the former's mansion. Afterwards, Trucy stayed at the Agency while Justice and Athena Cykes, a newly-hired lawyer, investigated the case.

While Justice was defending Solomon Starbuck on the charge of murdering Clay Terran, a bomb went off in the courtroom. Justice was injured by falling debris as he tried to rescue Juniper Woods. Trucy was upset by Justice's injuries, and stayed at the Agency while Phoenix and Cykes investigated the Cosmos Space Center. After they finished their investigation, Justice returned to the Agency to announce that he was taking a leave of absence, much to the shock of the Wrights and Cykes.

Hostage at the Space Center[]

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Although Phoenix was able to clear Starbuck, Cykes was arrested instead for the crime. Trucy aided her father in investigating the Cosmos Space Center (including preventing Yuri Cosmos from escaping from them by throwing a knife at the wheel of his "space scooter"), but when they arrived at the Robotics Lab, they found Aura Blackquill and Justice discussing something. After Blackquill kicked them out, Trucy decided to stay behind with Justice. Soon after, she was held hostage by Blackquill along with space center staff and visitors, and, in the short time she was able to communicate with her father, she provided valuable information on to who their captor was. After Phoenix, Cykes, and a returned Justice combined forces, the current case (as well a murder 7 years prior) was resolved, and Trucy was able to reunite with her father and the rest of the Agency.

The revenge of Mr. Reus[]

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Over the next year, Trucy's magic shows became even more popular and tickets to events quickly sold out. She was eventually approached by Take-2 TV and offered the chance for her stage show at Penrose Theater, "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", to be broadcast on television, which she accepted. The show company attended a performance two days before the planned broadcast as a test run, where Trucy performed alongside Manov Mistree, also known as Mr. Reus, and twin sisters Bonny and Betty de Famme. As her father was out of the country at the time, Trucy offered backstage passes to Justice and Cykes.

Trucy and Mistree

Shocked at seeing a motionless Mr. Reus unexpectedly fall out of the coffin during the magic show.

During the performance, Trucy debuted a brand new trick whereupon she would escape from a coffin which Bonny had shut her in. This involved her escaping through a trap door in the coffin before being raised by a stage lift to replace Mr. Hat, who was still on stage and about to stab the coffin with a sword. Trucy would then secretly swap the sword with a rubber alternative and stab the coffin with it, before revealing the coffin to be empty. However, things quickly went wrong when she learnt that Bonny had mistakenly placed Mr. Hat over the wrong trapdoor and the stage lift leading to that trapdoor had already been raised. Thinking quickly, Trucy moved the stage lift out of the way before replacing it with its already-lowered counterpart, managing to resume and complete the trick. She then opened up the coffin, only to find Mistree's seemingly lifeless body inside. Panicking, Trucy fled, moments before one of the show's set pieces crashed onto the stage. The theater was immediately evacuated and the show promptly cancelled.

Mistree was announced dead on the scene due to a stab wound in his back, and Trucy was arrested for involuntary manslaughter. Although she was sure she had swapped the swords, she soon began to doubt her memory. She tried to put on a brave face when Justice and Cykes arrived and even explained in detail how her escape had worked, but Justice quickly saw through her act and urged her to be honest with him. Trucy's facade crumpled and she admitted her fear that she might have forgotten to swap the swords and potentially ruin the name of Troupe Gramarye. Despite this, Justice assured her that he believed she hadn't forgotten and promised he would clear her name. Overwhelmed, Trucy burst into tears and thanked Apollo for his support.

Screenshot 2016-06-29-11-43-15-1

Performing a magic act with Justice and Mr. Hat after her acquittal.

During the trial, led by Khura'inese prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, Justice accused Roger Retinz, Trucy's producer, as the real culprit. Justice revealed that Retinz was the real Mr. Reus, and that he murdered Mistree just to ruin Trucy's good name and the name of Troupe Gramarye.

Afterwards, Justice confronted Nahyuta, saying that the prosecutor had changed since the last time he saw him. Confused, Trucy questioned how he knew Prosecutor Sahdmadhi, but he gave her no answer.

Trucy, without an assistant, recruited Justice to be her magician's assistant, just as she had been his legal assistant.

The civil trial, trip to Khura'in, and the Sprocket case[]

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Sometime during her father's return to the country, Justice and Trucy, alone at the Wright Anything Agency, were confronted by Dhurke Sahdmadhi, Justice's adoptive father. Dhurke brought them to Kurain Village, to meet a professor studying Kurain and Khura'inese artifacts. However, by the time they arrived, the professor was dead, and Ema Skye was there already investigating into it.

While Justice and Dhurke went to investigate a cave, Trucy stayed behind with Pearl Fey to wait for their return. She and Fey heard of them trapped in the cave, and she sprung into action, performing a magic trick to get them out quicker and safer. Upon Justice's and Dhurke's return, the group was approached by Phoenix Wright, who disagreed with Justice's view on the evidence that had been found. This led into a civil trial, splitting the Wright Anything Agency in half, with Trucy siding with her father, although both of them obviously did not want to stand against Justice and Cykes. Even so, Trucy herself stated she was on no one's side, and was more worried about Justice leaving the agency again, and her foster father and her half-brother leaving on a bad note.


Asleep on Miles Edgeworth's shoulder during the flight back from Khura'in.

After the civil trial, Trucy was supposed to stay behind, but she ended up traveling with her father, Justice, Cykes, Dhurke and Miles Edgeworth to the Kingdom of Khura'in by hiding in Edgeworth's suitcase. After Dhurke's trial for the murder of Justice Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, Trucy went to the courthouse, much to everyone's surprise, as they believed she was still at home. Upon their return home, Trucy, once again without an assistant, set her sights on Athena Cykes, much to the young attorney's dismay.


Trucy Wright
A lot of people come just to see my panties, you know!
Apollo Justice
You... might not want to advertise it like that.
Trucy Wright

Trucy in 2028.

Trucy is bright, energetic, and very intelligent, described by Phoenix as being a genius. She is perceptive, often being able to piece things together in and out of court even more quickly than Apollo Justice does. She has also shown an ability to hold up well under pressure, such as during the hostage situation with Aura Blackquill and when testifying during her own trial. She recently became a fan of Klavier Gavin and his band, getting a large "allowance bonus" from her father to buy a great deal of their merchandise.

Trucy often puts on an act, pretending to be an average, naïve teenager while in actuality being fully aware of everything she does, for example when she knowingly uses her magic panties trick to embarrass Justice. Likewise, what she says to Justice frequently hides or distorts the truth. Trucy is willing to take extreme and even morally questionable measures to accomplish her goals, such as when she stages a hostage situation to buy time to teach Justice about his perception ability.

Despite her cheerful demeanor, Phoenix has said that Trucy is hiding a deep sadness. This is understandable given that, as far as she knows, she has lost both of her biological parents. Although she was able to keep up a cheerful facade for Justice and Cykes while in detention, she soon broke down in front of them after her emotions became too much for her to handle.

Over the course of the three years that Trucy and Justice have known each other, she has gotten very close to him, and has often been afraid of him leaving the agency on bad terms with her father. She could only watch helplessly as Justice left for a leave of absence, and was so worried about him that she ran after him when she and Phoenix encountered him and Aura Blackquill talking. During the civil trial between her father and Justice, she refused to take sides between them. She also seemed close with Pearl Fey and Miles Edgeworth, the former who was described as a big sister figure to her, and the latter going to her magic shows at least once.


Phoenix Wright
I'm the only one who knows how she really feels... on the inside.
Thalassa photo

Thalassa Gramarye.

Trucy Wright's oldest known relative is Magnifi Gramarye, her grandfather. Her father is Zak Gramarye and her mother is Thalassa Gramarye, better known as Lamiroir after her "death". Trucy has never been informed of her parents' whereabouts or about the fact that Apollo Justice is her half-brother through her mother.

Phoenix has been Trucy's father since Zak's disappearance, and Trucy has always asked him to "look for a new mommy." Trucy and Phoenix are frequent visitors to Guy Eldoon's noodle stand.

Magic act[]

Trucy and Mr

Trucy and Mr. Hat.

Wesley Stickler
No! You do not understand! A mystery is the unknown, and the unknown is unacceptable! And, my friends, when it comes to mysteries, those panties are the promised land! From the moment I first laid eyes on them, I was compelled to investigate... for science!

Trucy performs magic at the Wonder Bar every night. One of the most well-known of her tricks is her "Magic Panties" act. Trucy pulls out objects larger than the panties, such as a car tire, a stewpot, a frozen chicken and a broom.

Other tricks of Trucy's involve a human-sized puppet named Mr. Hat, which is apparently hidden on her person at all times. She has used Mr. Hat to disguise herself as an adult on at least one occasion. Similarly, she has used Mr. Hat as an in-court distraction at least once. She's also mentioned an act that involves her shooting a cat named Bullets out of a gun.

Trucy appears to have learnt to use throwing knives and is quite proficient with them; she punctured the tire of Yuri Cosmos' "space scooter" with one after he tried to escape from her and her father during an investigation. This made Phoenix think that he should start monitoring what kinds of magic tricks she practices.

By April 2028, she and Mr. Hat are the stars of Trucy in Gramarye-Land, a magic show that performs at Penrose Theater with fellow magicians Bonny de Famme and Mr. Reus, and produced by Roger Retinz of Take-2 TV. Occasionally, she would rope in Apollo Justice or Athena Cykes to be her begrudging magician's assistant.


Trucy AA6 Portrait

Portrait version of her original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice key art.

  • Japanese - Minuki Naruhodō (成歩堂みぬき) (adoptive name; equivalent of Trucy Wright) // Minuki Nanafushi (奈々伏みぬき) (birth name; equivalent of Trucy Enigmar):
    • "Minuki" (みぬき) comes from the word "minuku" (見抜く), which means "to see through", referring to her ability to read subtle body movements.
    • "Naruhodō" (成歩堂) is a reference toward the Japanese expression "naruhodo" (なるほど), which roughly means "I see", "I understand" or "indeed". It is usually used to agree with other people's ideas.
    • "Nanafushi" (奈々伏) is most likely a reference to the term "nanafushigi" (七不思議), which literally translates to "seven wonders" and is metaphorically used to describe a complete mystery, or an enigma.
  • English - Trucy Wright (adoptive name) // Trucy Enigmar (birth name):
    • "Trucy" comes from the word "true". Breaking it down into its syllables gives "true see" and reversing the syllables gives the phrase "see through", reflecting on her perceive ability.
    • "Wright" is likely meant to have a similar effect to the Japanese equivalent.
    • "Enigmar" is likely a play on "enigma", meaning "puzzling", "mysterious" or "inexplicable".
  • French - Vérité Wright (adoptive name; equivalent of Trucy Wright) // Vérité Enigmar (birth name; equivalent of Trucy Enigmar):
    • "Vérité" means "truth" in French, having the same purpose as her name in the English version.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Vera Veríssimo (adoptive name; equivalent of Trucy Wright) // Vera Nigma (birth name; equivalent of Trucy Enigmar): [2]
    • "Vera" is reminiscent of "verá" (will see) and also refers to the truth, and other words like "primavera" (spring) and "verão" (summer). Alliteration with "Veríssimo", which reinforces the meaning of "truth".
      • "Vera" is also very similar to "vero", which means "true".
    • "Veríssimo" is the superlative form of "vero" ("true"), and maintains the semantic pattern established in the original surnames. It is also the surname of the Brazilian author Luis Fernando Verissimo. It also an reference to Érico Veríssimo.
    • "Nigma" is an invented surname, which together with her father name, Felipe, forms "Enigma", the same pun as in the western version
  • Russian - Minuki Horashyo (fan-translation by Dant):
    • "Horashyo" is an adaptation of the Russian word "horosho" (good) to Japanese phonetics, which can mean "I see".
    • "Minuki" is likely meant to have a similar effect to the Japanese equivalent.


Trucy Worried 1

The first "lost" animation.

Trucy Serious 1

The second "lost" animation.

  • Trucy was designed as a sort of "opposite" to Maya Fey. Her love of magic is based on Shu Takumi's time at his university's magic club.[3]
  • Like the other members of Troupe Gramarye, Trucy's cape is held in place by a brooch in the shape of a suit in a deck of cards. In her case, the suit is Diamonds, matching her mother's, and her brooch is teal colored.
  • Underneath her magician's hat, Trucy has two very small "hair antennae" that bear a resemblance to those that give Justice his unique hairstyle, hinting at their shared parentage.[4]
  • Trucy is a proper ventriloquist, not appearing to move her mouth when Mr. Hat talks. Shu Takumi explained that the series had already had a ventriloquist who moved his mouth in Benjamin Woodman, so he did not want to repeat that with Trucy.[5]
  • While Trucy has gained new animations in her subsequent appearances in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, she has also "lost" a few. In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, she would occasionally show a worried expression, while at other times she would show a serious expression with her cape covering most of her body. These animations were not seen in any subsequent game to date. Due to her not being a co-counsel in her subsequent appearances, those animations were removed as well. Her animations with Mr. Hat were also "lost" temporarily, until they made a brief reappearance in the end credits of Spirit of Justice.
  • Prior to voicing Trucy officially in Spirit of Justice, Kira Buckland had provided voice clips for her in an unofficial fan game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Conflict of Interest. She also voiced Trucy in a fan made dub of the Apollo Justice TGS trailer.

Non-canon appearances[]

  • In one of the "bad endings" for Turnabout for Tomorrow, if Phoenix is unable to prove Simon Blackquill's innocence after he confesses, the judge ends the trial with no change to the verdict from before. Simon is executed the next day, whilst Aura disappears with her captives, including Trucy.
  • During the opening credits of the first 13 episodes of the Ace Attorney anime, Trucy and Mr. Hat are seen as chalk drawings along with Ponco and the Steel Samurai.