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Just as the brave heroine screams, the spell on the dragon breaks... Losing its wings, the dragon falls to the ground... That moment marked the collapse of Trucy's magical kingdom...
Trucy´s Magic Show

A promotional poster for the show.

"Trucy in Gramarye-Land" is a magic show originally starring the young magician Trucy Wright, as well as Manov Mistree in the role of "The Great Mr. Reus". Bonny de Famme also plays a supporting role. The show was conceived as a revival of the magic act of popular magician group Troupe Gramarye, to whose magic rights Wright (the granddaughter of Troupe Gramarye's founder Magnifi Gramarye) is the sole successor. "Trucy in Gramarye-Land" was produced by Roger Retinz of Take-2 TV and set to be broadcast nationwide upon its premiere at the Penrose Theater on April 29, 2028.

The show was almost canceled due to an incident which resulted in the death of Mistree during a dress rehearsal, two days before the premiere. Wright was initially thought to have caused the incident — first on charges of involuntary manslaughter and later premeditated murder due to an indictment by Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi — but was eventually cleared in court thanks to the efforts of defense attorney Apollo Justice, allowing the show to proceed without Mistree.


First act: Mr Reus's dragon trick and Wright's hat trickEdit

Dragon Reus

Mr. Reus turns into a dragon.

AASoJ Anime 5

Wright removing her hat.

The show begins as Trucy Wright is seen running through a forest of giant mushrooms, with Mr. Reus flying after her in pursuit, while a castle and hedge maze are visible in the background. Catching up to Wright, Mr. Reus turns into a green and purple dragon and breathes fire upon her. Wright screams in shock, but the flames soon dissipate to reveal her unharmed and now wearing her usual magician's outfit consisting of a blue silk hat and cape. Berating Mr. Reus for using magic for evil, Wright removes her hat and sends it spinning into the air, whereupon it grows to an enormous size, imprisoning Mr. Reus and bringing him crashing down onto the ground.

Second act: Bonny's teleportation trick and Wright's escape trickEdit

Betty on the coffin

De Famme on top of Mr. Reus's coffin.

An unnamed associate of Mr. Reus (played by de Famme) is seen sitting on top of a green and purple coffin. Wright confronts de Famme, only for the latter to employ her teleportation ability and surprise Wright from behind, knocking her into the coffin. De Famme then charms Wright's puppet, Mr. Hat, with a kiss and tells him to sacrifice Wright to Mr. Reus in order to bring the magician back to life.


Wright thrusting her sword into the coffin.

Hypnotized, Mr. Hat prepares to thrust a sword into the coffin with Wright inside, but disappears in a cloud of smoke, which dissipates to reveal Wright standing where Mr. Hat had been with the sword in her hand. After announcing that no one will be revived that night, Wright stabs the sword into the coffin through a hole in the side.

Third act: Mr Reus's fire trickEdit


The fire bucket.

Details of the third act are unknown due to it not being performed during the dress rehearsal of "Trucy in Gramarye-Land"; however, it apparently involved quite a dangerous fire trick, which was to be performed by Mistree and would require a fire bucket to be prepared.

Cast and crewEdit

Screenshot 2016-06-29-11-43-15-1

Wright, Mr. Hat and Apollo Justice performing a magic act during the show's official premiere.

A deadly prank during rehearsalEdit

Main article: The Magical Turnabout

Roger Retinz hired Manov and the de Famme twins to do a prank to Trucy in which Manov would pretend to be dead when the coffin was open to give the impression Trucy stabbed him with her sword. Unbeknownst to them, Retinz planned to kill Manov with a complex system. When everyone left and the dragon concealed the scene, Manov was lifted and stabbed with a sword.

Manov died, but a mistake by Betty complicates the case for Retinz. During Trucy's trials it was revealed that Retinz was the real Mr. Reus and that he intended to frame Trucy to get his revenge on the Gramaryes after having been fired and erased from the troupe.



Show script.

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