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Tuggit is a rather nervous inhabitant of Labyrinthia. He has a habit of tugging on his beard when agitated.

Life in Labyrinthia[]

At some point, the man who would be called "Tuggit" signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. to take part in "Project Labyrinthia". As a participant of the project, he began living in the artificial town of Labyrinthia, where his memories were repressed and he was given the new name of "Tuggit" for his new life.


  • Japanese - Mugumugu (ムグムグ)
  • English - Tuggit:
    • "Tuggit" is a play on "tug it" - a reference to his habit of tugging on his beard.
  • French - Barbenfurie:
    • His French name "Barbenfurie" means "raging beard".
  • German - Grübelbart:
    • "Grübelbart" roughly means "brooding beard".
  • Spanish - Angram
  • Italian - Abraham
  • Dutch - Graubeart:
    • His Dutch name "Graubeart" is Old Dutch for "Grey beard".

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