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Turnabout Gallows is the second case in the Official Gyakuten Saiban Manga and spans four chapters.

September 6, 10:25 PM, Exposé Park[]

A man is suddenly running through the park, frantically running through several bystanders and saying, "It's coming... It's coming!! Somebody... Somebody help me.." The man reaches the end of the upper path and says, "The spider! The spider's coming!!" The man tries to back off, but the railing breaks and the man falls to his death. Once the man reaches the ground, he sees a horrific image of a spider about to bite him. The biting spider turns out to be a hallucination, but the man is now dying from the trauma of falling. A couple of bystanders watch the man and some of them attempt to help. When one asked what happened and who did this to him, the man's final words were: "... The... The spider... is... after... me..."

September 20, 6:10 PM, Wolfe Manor[]

Phoenix Wright, who brings Maya Fey along with him, walks to a mansion and admires a statue along the way. When Fey wonders if the statue was made of gold, Wright tells her not to be surprised if the whole mansion was made of gold since this was the home of the president of Cyber Project, a major company in the IT industry. Fey now expects a nice dinner for them since Wright won't take her out for noodles anymore and all they had for last night was seasoned rice.

A man wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a spider on it suddenly appears and scares Fey. The man apologizes for scaring her but asks them if they have seen "Charlotte" anywhere. When Fey asks him what Charlotte is, the man runs away. Fey tells Wright not to let the man bother him since all she could think about right now was free food. Fey sees that the door was all sparkly too and wonder if the doorknob was made of real jewels.

The door suddenly opens and a man introduces himself as Robin Wolfe, the president of Cyber Project, and asks them to come inside. Fey remarks that his head sparkles. Robin uses the intercom to ask his wife to bring some coffee to the parlor but there was no response at the end of the line. Robin excuses his guests for a moment and checks on his wife. While Robin was gone, Wright feels nervous because of the atmosphere the expensive furniture gives. Although Wright was sure that Fey was nervous too, she was too busy poking around the deer heads. Fey knocks down a couple of sketchbooks and Wright wonders if Robin drew them. Robin comes back with the coffee and told them that he did draw them.

Wright apologizes for looking through the sketchbooks but Robin says that he does not mind. Wright asks him if he is an artist, with Robin telling him that it is a hobby of his since his childhood and since drawing calms his mind, he always carry a sketchbook with him. Wright tells him that he saw in an interview that drawing helps him in case if he gets stuck on a project, with Robin agreeing that his sketches had helped shaped Cyber Project to what it is today. Wright and Fey admire the various drawings he had drew, including a self-portrait that they find very comical.

When Wright asks him why he had invited them her, Robin tells him that he seeks to request him as his lawyer. Robin is afraid that he may be arrested in the next couple of days and asks him if he remember the incident where a young man committed suicide at Exposé Park. Wright remembers although he had assumed it was because of some trouble at work. Robin tells him that the man is Eddie Johnson, a new employee of his since the spring of last year. Although Eddie had a sharp mind, he acted very arrogant to his superiors and had a bit of an ego. Fey thinks that Eddie was a lot like Miles Edgeworth back when they first met him but Wright tells her to be quiet. The problem was that Eddie was too self-absorbed and no one would dare to stand up to him since he had once entered a national judo tournament. Robin had decided to do something about the problem so he invited him to his home and had a nice, long talk together only. On the way home, Eddie killed himself so that means the last person to see Johnson alive was Robin. Robin was sure that Eddie was too sure to kill himself but the police thinks that he gave Johnson a mental shock strong enough to kill himself. Robin denies the allegations but his wife, Theridia Wolfe, appears and tells him that dinner is ready.

September 20, 6:37 PM, Dining Hall, Entrance, Parlor[]

Fey is shocked that they are going to eat rice with fish flakes but Robin tells them that since they are a health-conscious family, they always eat cat rice for dinner. Fey asks him if that is everybody in the family since they saw another man in the garden. Robin denies that he knows about said man and tells them that he was probably a servant. Robin's only daughter, Lira Wolfe, tells them that they don't have any servants and that the man they saw is Bobby Wolfe, Robin's brother. Robin tells her not to speak out of term but Lira gets angry at the fact that they have to hide the fact that she has an uncle to the guests. Lira tells Wright that defending her father was a waste of time and that he did kill Eddie somehow. Robin tells her to stop but thinks that he doesn't like the fact that she and Eddie were dating so that was why he killed him. Lira runs out of the dining room but Robin apologizes to Wright and tells him not to worry about her. Fey asked him for seconds, with Robin asking Theridia for seconds for Fey and himself. Theridia tells her husband that she is not his maid and tells him to do it himself. Theridia walks out of the dining room.

Wright asks him if they came here at a bad time when suddenly, the doorbell rings. Robin tells him that there are eight security camera placed around the mansion and the buzzer goes off when they detect someone on the premises. Wright now understands how Robin knew that they were there. When a man wearing a cap appears on the camera, Robin denies that he knows who he is but Lira tells them that he is Brock Johnson, Eddie's older brother. Robin tries to stop her from opening the door but fails as he enters. Brock apologizes for coming in so late and offers Robin some beer but he refuses as he does not want anything from him. Lira thinks that the beer must have been heavy for him to carry but Brock tells her that he has strong muscles so it was not problem for him. When Fey, asks him if he was a pro-wrestler, he tells them that he's an electrician and gives them his card. Robin tells Brock to go back home, Brock refuses and wants to know what happened between him and Eddie that night. Although Robin says that he merely lectured Eddie and that he must have been a real baby to kill himself over it, Brock tells him that he has done some research on Bobby.

The night of Eddie's death, Robin had called Eddie to his home for a talk. At that time, his brother Bobby was out of the house. Brock apparently asked some Cyber Project employees about Bobby. It turns out that Bobby is a recluse and Robin had built a guest house, which looks like a big black box, for his brother to live in. Lira tells them that the guest house wasn't built for Bobby; it was built for himself since it would look bad for his guests when they saw Bobby so he locks him up in the guest house. Even though Robin tried to brush the issue off by explaining that Bobby has turned 35 this year and that he needed a job since no company would hire him, Brock is not satisfied with the explanation since the job he gave to Bobby was merely putting some papers in mailboxes in San Francisco. Although Robin tells him that he wants to give some confidence to his brother, Brock asks Lira if she had ever saw Eddie at the mansion that night. She received a text message that he'll be at the house but she finds it weird that he had never showed up. Brock thinks that Robin was planning to lure Eddie to the house all along but since his brother would've been in the way, he made up an excuse to get Bobby out of the house. Brock then explains that Eddie has severe arachnophobia because he was bitten by a venomous spider as a kid and almost died. Ever since then, spiders became his weakness, which only his relatives know about. Lira realizes what Brock means when he mentioned Eddie's arachnophobia but Fey thinks that they are still missing something.

When Wright tells them that he's not exactly following the conversation, Lira reveals that the guest house is a den of spiders. Brock had only found that out today and that Bobby is an extreme spider fanatic. If an arachnophobe like Eddie went into his home, then it would give Eddie a very powerful mental shock strong enough to kill him. Robin denies Brock's accusations since how would he have known that Eddie would have arachnophobia if only his relatives knew about it? Brock thinks that since he was the president of an IT company, he has an enormous information network at his command. Robin becomes tired of the argument and goes up to his study to do some work.

Fey suggests that they visit the Den of Spiders before they agree to be Robin's lawyer, which Wright agrees with. When Wright asks if Bobby would mind them checking out the Den of Spiders, Lira thought that he won't mind and asks him through the intercom. Although Bobby tells them to go away, another man interrupts and convinces him to allow them over. When Wright asks her who is that man, she tells him that is Thomas Spitzer, a college professor who lives in the neighborhood and comes to his home at least once per week. Wright asks Lira to come with them but she passes, saying that she wouldn't go over there even if they begged her to come.

September 20, 8:11 PM, Guest House (Den of Spiders)[]

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