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Turnabout Goodbyes

Turnabout Goodbyes is the fourth and final episode in the main storyline of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is the last playable Case in the original Gyakuten Saiban and the penultimate Case in the DS version.

Central to the episode is the 15-year unsolved DL-6 Incident, when Gregory Edgeworth was murdered. The introduction of Miles' mentor, Manfred von Karma.



Plot Synopsis

Warning: Plot Spoilers Below


In the opening scene, two men are standing in a boat at Gourd Lake, discussing DL-6. One of the men says that after 15 years of waiting, he will finally have his revenge. He brings out a pistol and fires it, saying "...Merry Christmas." The other appears to fall into the lake as if he was shot. The camera then zooms on the apparent murderer, who turns out to be Miles Edgeworth!

Day 1: Investigation

Maya is asking Phoenix where they could find a good waterfall for her spiritual training. Unfortunately, Phoenix doesn't know anything about waterfalls, but Gourd Lake is close by; Maya is disappointed, but Phoenix suggests that she take a cold shower. Maya agrees and leaves to take a shower. Just then, the news comes on and reveals information that locals have apparently spotted a creature named "Gourdy," like the Loch Ness Monster. Maya comes back and says that the pressure in the shower is low. Phoenix sarcastically suggests that Maya calls the Fire Department and have them spray her with a hose. Maya, not knowing that he was being sarcastic agreed and left once more. The news comes back on again, but this time, the story is murder at Gourd Lake. The suspect apprehended for the murder was Miles Edgeworth, the Demon Prosecutor. Phoenix is shocked to hear such a thing. Maya comes back and is informed that Edgeworth was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Phoenix and Maya come to the Visitor's Room in the Detention Center only to find Edgeworth in a bad mood. No matter how hard he tries, Edgeworth will not let Wright represent him in court, as his case is almost completely hopeless. The prosecutor leaves without saying a word leaving the two to find out for themselves.

Wright and Maya arrive at Gourd Lake and see that Detective Gumshoe is "acting different than usual," as he is wanting some evidence to prove Prosecutor Edgeworth innocent rather than guilty. So far, there's nothing. He tells our heroes that every police officer strongly believes Edgeworth is the murderer. The only person on the force that's taking his side is Gumshoe himself... Then Gumshoe is called into a meeting and gives Phoenix and Maya directions to the precinct where he works; he also gives them permission to investigate the crime scene.

While she and Phoenix are investigating, Maya picks up a party popper for her own delight. She later uses it to trigger a camera out in the woods, angering the owner, Ms. Lotta Hart. After calming down a bit, Lotta introduces herself a college student and claims she came out to shoot falling stars. Our heroes ask her if there were any shots taken during the murder last night, which she'll gladly look for.

In the meantime, Wright and Maya go to the police station and gain the autopsy from Gumshoe. Maya seems to remember who the victim was, and she says that he was an attorney working at Marvin Grossberg's law firm. When they get to the office though, no one is there. So, they decide to go to the scene of the crime again. Lotta has the photo as expected, and she also claims to have seen the murder. Lotta goes off to the police while Phoenix and Maya run into Larry Butz in a Santa Claus outfit. It is during this point that Larry reveals that he, Phoenix, and Edgeworth went to the same school when they were children. Larry also says there is a huge monster dubbed "Gourdy" who resides in the lake, and he even gives them a newspaper about the creature.

They head back to the Grossberg Law Office to find Grossberg this time. They tell that there was a murder last night at Gourd Lake, and the suspect is Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. When he sees the victim's photo, Grossberg recognizes the man as Robert Hammond, the defense lawyer in the infamous DL-6 Incident. Maya is shocked to learn that the "DL-6 Incident" is the codename of the same murder case when the police used a certain medium (her mother. Even more shocking is that the victim whom died in the incident was Miles' father, Gregory Edgeworth! Grossberg gives them a picture of Misty Fey to motivate Miles into talking.

Back at the Detention Center, Edgeworth is still refusing Wright's services, until he sees that photo of the medium who contacted his father, fifteen years ago. He explains everything he knows about DL-6: he was nine years old at the time; he believes he saw his own father shot right in front of him. One suspect was arrested: a man. No matter what angle they looked at it from, that man was the only person who could have done it. Maya's mother said the same thing. If the suspect were alive right now, he would be over 50.

When talked about his father, Gregory Edgeworth who was a famous defense attorney and a role model for him, Miles says he'd rather not talk about it.

When shown the photo, Miles calmly says he did not kill Robert Hammond, the attorney who got the suspect acquitted 15 years ago. Then he asks Wright to defend him, which Wright gladly agrees to. Just as Phoenix and Maya and are about to head back to the precinct with the request, an earthquake strikes, leaving Miles curled up in a ball out of fear.

Once they arrive at the station, Gumshoe yells at them for bringing Lotta Hart; she has a photo of the shooting after all, and she says she'll enlarge the photo due to the fog inside the picture. The next thing, Phoenix shows Gumshoe Edgeworth's request and is informed that Edgeworth is afraid of earthquakes. Miles was never like that in school. However, he only went to grade school with Phoenix and Larry in 4th grade. The day of the trial approaches soon...

Day 2: Trial

At the trial, Phoenix Wright crosses swords with the most ruthless prosecutor of all: Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, Edgeworth's mentor who never lost a single case in his 40-year career. Right at the very beginning, von Karma has the Judge under his heel: a big disadvantage for the defense. First to the stand is Detective Gumshoe, who testifies that they arrested Edgeworth on the spot. Upon cross-examination, the good detective admits to the court the bullet from Hammond's body and the murder weapon: a pistol. A pistol with fingerprints from the defendant's right hand! And to make matters even worse, the ballistic markings--the gun's "fingerprints"--on the bullet match the very same pistol.

After a short recess, Lotta takes the stand and testifies that on the night of the murder, she saw two men on a boat and nothing more. While cross-examining Lotta, Wright is completely pushed back by von Karma, who deems the defense's questions as irrelevant, and he even extends his control over the Judge by sustaining his own objections! Just as Edgeworth is about to be convicted, Maya saves the day and takes the blame for her outburst, which causes Lotta to reveal that she clearly saw Edgeworth. Maya is now held in contempt of court, leaving Wright to finish the day's proceedings by himself.

It is revealed during the trial, Lotta was looking out for Gourdy, and that when she heard the "BANG" she thought it may have been the monster, so she didn't really see the boat at all. She even enlarged the photograph which does not reveal the shooter. However, Phoenix sees something wrong with the enlargement. The shooter is holding the murder weapon in his left hand, whereas the same gun had fingerprints from Edgeworth's RIGHT hand! Court is dismissed for the day as to find out who the left-handed shooter was.

Day 2: Investigation 2

Phoenix visits Maya at the Detention Center and asks why she did it. Maya had no idea at the time, but she had to save the trial. Maya says that as soon as the paperwork is done, she'll be free to go. She says that her spiritual powers are still weak from not training so it is impossible to summon Mia for help.

While going to the crime scene, Wright encounters Gumshoe who thanks him and Maya for saving Edgeworth. Gumshoe tells him that the prosecution will bring up another witness for tomorrow's trial. The detective then says that everything about Edgeworth becoming a prosecutor, his fear of earthquakes, all started with DL-6, fifteen years ago. He also tells Wright that Edgeworth will be paying bail for Maya.

Back at detention, Maya is free to go and rejoins Phoenix for more investigating. At the entrance to Gourd Lake, they meet Lotta again. This time, Lotta has brought them some valuable information, but only if they give her some info about Gourdy. Our heroes reluctantly agree and tell Detective Gumshoe about the deal with Lotta. They borrow his metal detector which later reacts to an air tank located near a boat rental shop out at the lake. The air tank goes with Larry's Steel Samurai balloon from his girlfriend, Kiyance (another model). About a week ago, Larry tried to fill the balloon up with the tank, but it sent the balloon out into the lake! He spent four days looking for it, and he even found it on the 24th, the night of Robert Hammond's murder! At the woods, Wright tells Lotta (and an unknowing Maya) that the "Gourdy" that he found is really an air tank. The photo in the newspaper was taken on December 20th, the same day Larry's balloon made a big splash in Gourd Lake. A depressed Lotta finally tells everything: von Karma's next witness is a mysterious old man, running the boat rental shop.

When they enter the shop, they soon meet the apparently insane caretaker who thinks they're his kids, addressing Phoenix and Maya as "Keith" and "Meg," respectively. He thinks he runs a pasta shop called the Wet Noodle and has a parrot--Polly--as his sole companion. After learning almost nothing, Maya asks Polly one question, "Have we forgotten something?" to which Polly responds, "Don't forget DL-6!" leaving the two pondering of the old man's identity.

Police station. Wright and Maya explain that the old boat rental caretaker may be connected with the DL-6 Incident and gain special permission to go into the records room to learn more of the incident that changed everyone's life.

The incident occurred in an elevator on December 28, 2001, fifteen years ago. There were three people in the elevator. An earthquake struck, leaving the elevator inoperable for five hours, leaving the three to succumb to oxygen deprivation. The murder victim was Gregory Edgeworth, age 35. The murder weapon that killed him was fired twice. The suspect was a bailiff named Yanni Yogi. He was acquitted due to the brain damage he allegedly received after passing out.

Even though they generally know what happened fifteen years ago now, Phoenix and Maya still don't know what impact it had on Miles, the victim's son.

Day 3: Trial 2

Von Karma, still having the Judge at his feet, calls the mysterious witness to the stand. Before he gives his testimony, the old man claims he cannot remember name or his identity from the past. In his testimony, the caretaker claims to have seen a boat after hearing a gunshot. After hearing the other gunshot, he saw a man walking by him near the shop. During the cross-examination, Wright presses the witness on his last statement; the man says the fog was thick, but he did see his face. Von Karma smirks and laughs cruelly as the statement is added to the testimony; a sign which means trouble for the defense. In the new statement, the caretaker claims the man was the defendant and when asked by Wright if he was certain, he says "Dead certain, Keith!" and collapses, saying it was Edgeworth he saw. Manfred von Karma lured the defense into cross-examination for a trap! Phoenix tries very hard to object but is overturned by his opponent with each chance. All seems lost and Miles Edgeworth is declared GUILTY as charged! Just then, Larry Butz raises an objection! He demands to testify about what he heard the night of the murder. His request is granted with a short recess.

During the recess, Edgeworth says this may be their chance. Prosecutor von Karma has run perfect trials: perfectly complete evidence with perfectly prepared witnesses. This is the first time he has had to deal with something he has not expected: Larry.

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