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"Turnabout Goodbyes - 4th Trial" is the eleventh episode of the Ace Attorney animated adaptation. It is the fourth of the five episodes that adapt the story of Turnabout Goodbyes from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Phoenix Wright reveals his motivation for pursuing his profession, while a most unusual witness helps crack the case and solve the Gourd Lake murder. But, is Wright just playing into Manfred von Karma's hands?


After the nameless old man is found to have fled the courthouse, a flashback to grade school shows Phoenix Wright accused of stealing Miles Egdeworth's lunch money. Feeling everyone is against him, he is about to confess even though he is innocent until both Miles and Larry Butz stand up for him. Miles defends him against the charges and the three become close friends, even sharing similar key chains.

Back in present day, Miles, Maya and Wright investigate the old man’s shack for clues. The old man’s parrot talks about "DL6" and gives them the combination to the safe where they find a letter describing a plot to kill Hammond.

Wright seeks out Grossberg for more information. In a flashback, we see part of the circumstances of Miles's father's death. Miles had accompanied his father to work to watch a case that his father was defending against Manfred von Karma. Afterwards, he and his father get stuck in an elevator with bailiff Yanni Yogi. Being stuck causes Yogi to panic, and a shot rings out.

Back in court, the nameless old man is found and brought back as a witness by von Karma. While Wright presents the letter as evidence of the old man’s guilt, von Karma is able to discredit it by showing that it isn’t addressed or signed. It could be from or to anyone and therefore is meaningless as evidence.

Wright calls Grossberg to the stand. He testifies that Hammond used to practice in his firm fifteen years ago and describes the blackout that caused the elevators to be stuck. Miles's father's spirit contacted spirit guide Misty Fey and accused bailiff Yanni Yogi as his killer. Although Hammond was able to have Yogi acquitted, he did it in a way that left everyone thinking he was truly guilty. His reputation in ruins, his fiancée committed suicide.

The next witness called is the old man's parrot, Polly. Wright hopes to get the bird to talk about DL6, but has no luck. All seems lost until it gets pointed out that the bird is named Polly, the same name as Yanni Yogi's fiancée and the combination the bird repeats is the date of DL6.

Seeing the judge convinced, the old man drops his facade and finally confesses to being Yanni Yogi. He says Hammond had ruined his life and confesses to his murder. Miles is acquitted of Hammond's murder, but in a shocking twist, confesses to his own father's murder.


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