Turnabout Illusions
Turnabout Illusions
Trial data
Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Phoenix Wright

Defense team assistants

Maya Fey


Miles Edgeworth


Ian Knottworthy


Wendolyn Oldbag


No verdict given due to defendant's disappearance

Wendolyn Oldbag
Other characters
Larry Butz
Pearl Fey
Dick Gumshoe
Franziska von Karma (allusions)
Godot (allusions)
Wendy Oldbag

Turnabout Illusions is the third story in the The Phoenix Wright Files, the first volume of the Del Rey Manga-published Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks (an anthology book of doujinshi by various authors). It was written by Seventh Gear.

Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey take on the case of a young man called Ian Knottworthy, who is accused of stalking Wendolyn Oldbag.

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