Episode 1: Turnabout Memories is the first episode in the video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. The player assumes the role of Mia Fey in her second case, set to defend Phoenix Wright in the murder of Doug Swallow. Dahlia Hawthorne debuts in this case.


A young man is seen lying dead with someone looming over him, panting and thinking, "Why did I do that...?" A few moments ago, the two young men were arguing about a girl, the one on the left warning the one on the right that the girl was bad news. A few moments later, the camera pans in on the other person, revealing a younger Phoenix Wright.

The Trial

Mia Fey was quite nervous about this case. This was her second time in court, the first occurring a year before and resulting in a traumatic experience for Fey.

Fey's motivation

During recess, Fey revealed that she took Wright's case because of an incident involving her boyfriend. He had been interviewing Dahlia Hawthorne when he had suddenly succumbed to poison. Dahlia had been the prime suspect of the poisoning, but there had been no evidence to convict her.

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