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Sasha Buckler
But my friend is so sweet and gentle as a whale shark! She wouldn't hurt a guppy! I know there's no way she murdered anyone, but they won't believe me! But with a name like "Wright," I figured you'd be able to help me set them straight!

Special Episode: Turnabout Reclaimed is an extra downloadable episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, set between The Monstrous Turnabout and Turnabout Academy. It follows Phoenix Wright's first case after regaining his attorney's badge, with the most unusual of clients, an orca named Orla accused of killing her owner, Jack Shipley.

The episode was released on August 15, 2013 in Japan and November 21, 2013 in North America and Europe, costing ¥800 (including tax), €4.99, $5.99 (plus tax), or £3.99 depending on the region. The price was halved in Japan until September 12. Rather than being accessed from the episode menu, the download of Turnabout Reclaimed opens up a "Special Episode" option in the main menu, from which the usual scene selection options for the episode appear. However, Turnabout Countdown must be cleared before Turnabout Reclaimed can be accessed. In the English version of the game, clearing Turnabout Reclaimed unlocks Phoenix Wright's "Nostalgic Sweater" outfit; the clothing worn by him in Turnabout Memories. Whilst not included in the $15 "Main Story Set" (unlocking Episodes 2-5), the episode can be downloaded for $4.99 from the App Store for the iOS version of the game.

July 20[]


Shipshape Aquarium.

12:37 p.m.

Phoenix Wright entered the Wright Anything Agency, having just gotten his badge back. Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes were watching Shipshape Aquarium's "Swashbuckler Spectacular" on TV, a show about Cap'n Orla's Swashbucklers and their fight against their nemesis, Redstache. Suddenly, a news bulletin came up and said that the owner, Jack Shipley, had been killed. This occurred just as Sasha Buckler, one of the aquarium's employees, entered the agency to ask for Wright's help. Her friend had been named as the one responsible for the murder. Every other lawyer she contacted had turned her down, so Wright agreed to take the case.

Swashbuckler Spectacular

The flyer for the "Swashbuckler Spectacular" show.

Wright, Cykes and Buckler headed to Shipshape Aquarium, while Justice stayed behind to take care of Trucy Wright and watch for other potential clients. In the Aqua Tunnel, Cykes tried to greet a penguin. However, the penguin ignored her and walked away, dropping a flyer for the "Swashbuckler Spectacular". They then arrived at the orca pool entrance on the second floor, where Wright finally met Buckler's friend, an orca named "Ora Shipley", though she seemed to respond only to "Orla".

Buckler said that Jack had gone to the orca pool to feed Orla. However, at about 10:10 a.m., Buckler and a security guard had heard a scream from a visitor watching the orca pool from the first floor, and they had hurried to the orca pool to find Jack's body. The detective in charge of the investigation, Bobby Fulbright, further explained that the victim had been the only human on the second floor near the orca pool, and that no weapons of any kind had been found. A photo of the body showed coins scattered around the victim. The police's working theory was that Orla had pulled Jack into the pool and rammed him to death. Wright obtained a diagram of the orca pool and the surrounding areas on the first and second floors.

No autopsy had been ordered because the death had been ruled accidental. Normally, the owner would be held responsible, but since the victim was the owner, there was no case for a proper investigation, and so the orca would have to be put down. Wright decided that he had to step in and represent Orla in court. He said that he would investigate the scene for evidence of foul play by a human, and then the matter could be taken to court. Fulbright agreed to this request and left to inform the prosecutor's office of this development.

The crew[]

Wright started his investigation, though he did not find much of note. He noticed a giant octopus prop in the back, though one of its limbs was missing. Nonetheless, Wright learned a lot about Orla from Buckler. A whistle was used to issue commands to Orla. Additionally, Orla was trained to sing a song, albeit only one.

Wright and Cykes next headed to the Aqua Tunnel, where they met Fulbright again. The detective informed them that the police had found camera footage apparently showing the moment of the crime. There was a label on the camera that said, "Return to the Pub O' Danger." Wright and Cykes headed there to find Norma DePlume, a frequent visitor of the aquarium. She seemed to be related to the murder case, but she refused to talk about it. Wright's magatama briefly showed two Psyche-Locks around DePlume before running out of energy. Wright was forced to leave the matter alone for a while.

The duo returned to the Aqua Tunnel and encountered Marlon Rimes, a new recruit. He was looking for Rifle, the penguin who had ignored Cykes earlier. He was also searching for a high school girl he called "Small Fry". He guessed that "Small Fry" was in the orca pool, so Wright and Cykes returned there.

The two found a sword-shaped walkie-talkie near the pool and learned that Rifle and all staff members carried them. Nearby were Rifle and "Small Fry", who turned out to be Pearl Fey. As Rifle ran away from Cykes and toward Fey, Wright noticed that Fey had a fishy smell on her. Fey used her spiritual power to recharge Wright's magatama, and gave him a penguin-shaped calendar. After Fey left with Rifle, Buckler said that Fey had been in the staff corridor. Curious about this, Wright went after Fey.

Wright caught up with Fey as she was returning Rifle to Rimes. He asked her about her relationship with Rimes, but she was not ready to talk about it. Wright was undeterred by the Psyche-Lock that he saw on Fey, since her secret could help him with the case. He knew that Fey had been in the staff corridor, and that Fey smelled like fish, which was why Rifle was so attracted to her. Wright guessed that the calendar, which also reeked of fish, had something to do with this affair.


Fey running into Rimes.

Fey admitted that she had gotten lost and ended up in the staff corridor. She had encountered Rimes in the food prep room, and they had startled each other to the point that both of them fell onto the floor, causing Rimes to spill the fish he was carrying. All this had happened around 10:10 a.m. Fey also said that Rimes did not want anybody to know that he had been in the food prep room. Both of them had dropped their penguin calendars into the pile of fish. Wright noticed that the calendar that Fey had had writing on it: "Meet the captain at the orca pool at 7 am." Apparently, the two calendars had been switched.

Wright moved to question DePlume next. He told her about the footage of the apparent murder, which showed her watching the incident unfold. This meant that she was a witness. DePlume admitted that she had witnessed the incident. She was a non-fiction writer, and she had been investigating rumors of Orla's alleged violent nature. At the time of the incident, she had heard the orca's cries through a speaker, and she had turned to see Orla biting Shipley to death. Fulbright then arrived and told the lawyers that the prosecutor's office did not think that the case had merit to go to court. Wright was not about to give up, however, and returned to the orca pool.

Evidence of murder[]

Cykes ran to the back of the orca pool, but Orla suddenly spiked a volleyball at her, and she fell into the pile of props. Wright realized that Cykes had been standing on a marked area on the floor, which Buckler explained people stood on when they wanted to play volleyball with Orla. Wright scoured the mess that had been made to find a bloodstained coin and a dummy that was apparently used to teach Orla her tricks. Buckler told Wright that there were 300 of these coins in all. This opened up the possibility that the coins were the murder weapon.

Wright went back to the Pub O' Danger to inform DePlume and Fulbright of the bloodstained coin. Fulbright responded that it was rather weak evidence, considering that the coins would have to have been inside a bag of some sort to function as a murder weapon, and no evidence of such a bag had been found at the scene. Nonetheless, he discussed the matter with the prosecutor's office, and he was informed that prosecutor Simon Blackquill was willing to take the case to court. Having at least established a possibility of foul play by a human, Wright and Cykes returned to the agency to prepare their case.

July 21[]

9:21 a.m.

Athena Cykes made a recording of the Swashbuckler Spectacular for Phoenix Wright to use. Sasha Buckler stayed at the aquarium to look after Orla, while Marlon Rimes and Pearl Fey went to the courtroom to watch the trial. Wright was brimming with anticipation of his first trial in eight years.

Orla's trial, session 1[]

9:30 a.m.
Orla saving Shipley

The scene DePlume witnessed.

The trial began on a confused note as the judge learned that the defendant was an orca and a TV was set up to broadcast the aquarium where Orla was. On the TV, Buckler threw Orla a fish to wish the lawyers luck. After that, the proceedings went underway and Norma DePlume was called to the stand. She testified to seeing the orca biting the victim to death. Wright pointed out that the autopsy report stated that Shipley had succumbed to a head contusion. However, Blackquill had evidence that the orca had indeed bitten the victim. An additional photo of the body showed tooth-shaped tear marks in Shipley's clothing. Moreover, it turned out that the footage that Wright had seen was only part of the picture, and Blackquill submitted the full footage of the court, the last two minutes of which showed the incident unfold.

DePlume testified that, prior to the biting, she had seen the orca headbutting something behind a skull-shaped rock, and the victim's lifeless body had floated up from that area thereafter. She also mentioned that this mirrored an incident a year prior, in which the orca had headbutted and bitten its trainer to death. She mentioned being calm while seeing the orca headbutting, but Cykes and her Mood Matrix revealed fright when she said this. When made aware of this, DePlume remembered that she had seen a plume of blood emanating from the rock. Wright found it odd that DePlume's fear lessened when talking about seeing the body. DePlume replied that the blood had dissipated when Orla put on the victim's pirate hat. This meant that the blood had to have belonged to Orla, not Shipley. Orla had injured herself during the headbutting.

Wright asserted that Shipley had died before the headbutting incident. He had Fulbright play the entire footage of the orca tank between 10:00 and 10:10 a.m., during which nothing of note was seen - not even the body. Wright concluded from this that the victim had died before 10:00 a.m, and that his body had been dumped into the pool before the footage began. Wright presented his theory of the bag of coins, suggesting that the culprit had dumped the body into the pool, then used a whistle to give commands to Orla, in order to create the illusion that the orca was attacking Shipley. If the blood on the bloodstained coin turned out to belong to the victim, this would confirm that a coin bag had been used to kill Shipley.

5-6 Orla Pulling Cloth

Blackquill's explanation.

Blackquill, however, was not about to let the case go that easily. He summoned Marlon Rimes to the stand, who testified that he had heard a loud noise and looked toward the orca pool to find that the equipment and props had fallen. Blackquill asserted that Orla had pulled on the cloth underneath the equipment and props, causing the bag of coins to strike Shipley on the head and kill him. Only the orca was capable of such a feat. However, Wright pointed out that Rimes could not have heard any noise, since he had had an unfortunate encounter with Pearl Fey in the first floor at the time of the discovery of the body. Rimes admitted that he had not heard the noise himself, and that he had heard about it from Buckler.

Orla's trial, intermission[]

10:39 a.m.

Court was adjourned to wait for Sasha Buckler to arrive. Marlon Rimes told Phoenix Wright that he had found the calendar in the nap room. Believing it to be Buckler's calendar, and not wanting her to be implicated, he had lied to protect her. Rimes bade Wright farewell as he left for the orca pool in Buckler's place.

Orla's trial, session 2[]

11:02 a.m.

Buckler testified that she had heard both noises, but had attended to DePlume before arriving at the orca pool room. She did not remember which noise she had heard first. Wright asked her to describe the things scattered around. Buckler explained that the props and equipment were for a new show, featuring a new nemesis, Redstache. She also mentioned that Shipley was wearing the redstache costume, but Wright pointed out that the photo of the crime showed Shipley wearing a red scarf, from the Redstache getup - or, rather, it had fallen onto the victim's neck when the equipment had fallen over. This meant that the body had to have been out of the pool after the equipment had fallen over.

Wright came up with a new theory: Jack Shipley had fallen to his death while the pool was empty. The real culprit had drained the pool's water, killed Shipley, and refilled the pool. Wright asked Buckler what tricks Orla knew that involved her biting someone. Buckler listed all of Orla's tricks, including a new "lifesaver trick" that would rescue drowning people. This trick was demonstrated on the practice dummy, showing how Orla could have been manipulated into implicating herself.

Just then, Fulbright returned with an update to the autopsy report, which Blackquill had requested during the recess. The updated autopsy report confirmed Wright's assertion that the victim had succumbed to a 65-foot fall. The judge declared Orla innocent, and Rimes celebrated the victory by throwing a load of fish into Orla's mouth. However, Blackquill interrupted the festivities and had Fulbright arrest Buckler.

It had all been too convenient. Buckler and Shipley were the only ones with security cards that could open the door to the orca pool room. Unbeknownst to Buckler, the card usages were tracked, and only one usage of a security card had been recorded before the murder. Additionally, Buckler and Shipley had been arguing before the murder. Moreover, Buckler, being Orla's trainer, would obviously know how to make the orca perform the lifesaver trick. She was the only possible culprit as the case stood. As Fulbright took Buckler away, the judge adjourned the proceedings, pending a new trial for the new, human defendant.

Herman Crab[]

1:13 p.m.

Phoenix Wright and Athena Cykes returned to the Wright Anything Agency to tell Trucy Wright and Apollo Justice about what had happened. They then went to the orca pool and talked to Fulbright, who asked them to deliver to Sasha Buckler a bag of medicine that the police had found in her residence. However, since Buckler was still in questioning, they went instead to the Pub O' Danger, where they met Shipshape Aquarium's resident veterinarian, Herman Crab. Wright learned that Crab had been at the Supermarine Aquarium the previous day. Crab's surveillance equipment detected Rifle in the Aqua Tunnel, and he asked Wright to bring her back to him.

Norma DePlume was in the Aqua Tunnel. Cykes learned from her that an associate of the victim had told her to investigate the incident from precisely one year ago. Moreover, the song that the orca had sung a year ago was different from the current song. DePlume also told Cykes that the Center for Dangerous Animal Control had wanted to put the orca down after the incident from a year ago, but they had relented for some reason. DePlume had found out that Shipley and Crab would disappear once every month, and each time, a large sum of money had been paid out.

Forensic investigation[]

5-6 Orca Pool Photo

The bottom of the orca pool, with luminol reactions sketched in.

Having not found Rifle, Wright and Cykes to make a quick stop at the law office. There, Trucy Wright gave them luminol and fingerprint powder, while Pearl Fey joined them as they returned to the orca pool. The police investigation had just finished, so Wright and Cykes investigated the bottom of the nearly empty pool, which was divided into two "rooms". The water only filled the room containing Orla, while the other room contained the skull rock and some other assorted props. Fey used the luminol and found traces of blood on Orla and the skull rock. Wright concluded that the victim may have fallen onto the skull rock, but he was puzzled as to why there was blood on Orla where there were no wounds. Cykes took a photo of the pool bottom for reference, while Pearl annotated the places where bloodstains were found.

Suddenly, Orla became listless and started sinking. Cykes ran off to get Dr. Crab, who hurried to the orca pool and had Wright and Cykes fetch the orca stretcher and operate the hoist in the room to lift Orla onto the outside of the pool. Crab removed Orla's stomach contents and discovered something, though he would not tell the lawyers what it was. Crab then left to fetch the medical staff, and the lawyers used this opportunity to examine the stomach contents for themselves. They found a pill with "3 Zs" written on it.

When the staff arrived, the lawyers decided to check out the show stage. The police had finished their investigation, and Marlon Rimes was the only one around. Pearl Fey scoured the area with the forensics kit while Wright talked with Rimes. He learned some details about the overnight cleaning that he and Buckler had been doing around the time of the murder. Rimes had been taking care of Orla in the show stage, and he had helped transfer Orla to the orca pool using the hoist, which went between the orca pool room and the show stage.

Wright learned that the pool in the show stage was identical to the orca pool, and that the orca pool was used to practice tricks. Rimes also told him of an incident a few days prior, when Orla was practicing the lifesaver trick. She had squeezed Buckler so hard as to make her unable to use her whistle. This incident made Rimes suspicious of Orla, despite the not guilty verdict that had been rendered for her.

There was a sign promoting the Swashbuckler Spectacular on the floor. Rimes told Wright that Buckler had painted the sign and left it to dry. Wright noticed a picture of the skull rock, which was apparently supposed to be a prop from the show, and wondered what it was doing in the orca pool. Moreover, there were marks shaped like leaves on the sign. Rimes also mentioned that Buckler was not slated to be in the new show, which was why she had been arguing with Shipley.

After Wright's interview, Simon Blackquill entered the show stage. He requested that Rimes come with him to prepare to testify in Buckler's trial. Rimes protested, but Blackquill merely said that what he wanted did not matter. Fey assured Rimes that she would be around for Orla, and asked him for his TV phone. Blackquill then wondered aloud why Wright was so insistent on saving both Orla and Buckler, and asked him whether it was not really about the money. On that note, he left with his witness.

Meanwhile, Fey had found unusual prints on the pool ladder. It looked as if somebody had grasped the left side of the ladder with his right hand from above. Wright made a note of this as Rifle arrived at the scene. Fey said that she would take care of Rifle and talk to the aquarium staff about Orla.

Interview with Buckler[]

Wright and Cykes had medicine to deliver. They gave the pill that they found to Apollo Justice so that he could investigate it with the Hickfield Clinic. They then headed to the detention center to deliver Buckler's medicine. Buckler was surprised to see them because Blackquill had told her that Wright would abandon her.

Wright asked Buckler about the cleaning. He learned that Buckler had entered the orca pool at 3 a.m. She and Shipley had originally meant to clean together starting at 4, but because of the fight, Buckler had decided to come an hour early. However, Shipley had not shown at 4.

Wright asked for more details about the lifesaver trick. Buckler told him that the entire crew knew about the trick, but it would be difficult for anybody other than a trainer to have Orla pull it off successfully. Moreover, Orla could only do one trick at a time. Wright was now very suspicious of the song that DePlume had heard, as not only was it the wrong song, but Orla could not have sung it simultaneously with the lifesaver trick.

When Wright gave Buckler her medicine, she said that it was for her heart condition. Shipley had taken her off the new show because he had been worried about her. However, Buckler wanted to be in the July 20 show in particular because it was the one-year anniversary of the death of the previous orca trainer, Azura Summers. She was going to make an announcement saying that the death had been accidental. In her determination, she had moved the skull rock, a key prop in the new show, to the orca pool.

Buckler showed Wright a charm that she kept in Summers's memory. The charm had belonged to Summers, and apparently her boyfriend had a matching charm, though Buckler never found out who he was. Shipley also kept a memento of Summers: her walkie-talkie, which had tooth marks from when the orca had carried Summers outside the pool. Wright told her that nothing of the sort had been found on the body. Buckler was worried now that both Summers and Shipley were gone, because she feared that Crab would euthanize Orla.

Wright pulled out the penguin calendar to give back to Buckler, but she said that her calendar was at the aquarium. Wright wondered whether the calendar belonged to the killer. He realized that he would have to pay another visit to Crab.

Interview with Crab[]

When he arrived at the Pub O' Danger, he found Fey and Rifle there. Crab noticed that something was wrong with Rifle, and indeed, he found a foreign object among her stomach contents. Rifle had also stepped in a pink substance. Wright recognized the foreign object as Summers's charm, except Buckler still had that charm. This charm had to have belonged to the boyfriend. Crab did not want to say much about Summers other than that he had seen the orca bite her with his own eyes a year ago.

Crab started using a terminal to figure out when the charm had been ingested. He told Wright that the terminal was a data storage system used along with the security cameras to monitor the animals constantly, but he would not say any more about it. Wright saw two Psyche-Locks on him. Wright pointed out that the cameras did not turn on until 10 a.m. each day, and that Crab had no physical access to the orca pool.

Crab relented and explained that the terminal was part of an ecological data organization system from Europe. This monitoring system, which he called the TORPEDO, used sensors attached to or near the animals to gather various information on them. It turned out that Rifle had ingested the charm at 4 a.m. on the night of the murder. Crab also learned that Orla had not eaten anything between the evening of the 19th and the following afternoon. Crab also said that while TORPEDO had been approved in other countries, it had not been approved in the United States. Shipley had approved its use, and only the two of them had known about it.

Just then, Crab had to take a call. The Center for Dangerous Animal Control requested a meeting with him on July 26, and warned that if Orla ever attacked a human again, she would have to be euthanized. Crab tried to make a note of this, but he had misplaced his calendar. It turned out that the penguin calendar belonged to him. However, Crab claimed that Shipley had not shown up at the meeting that was mentioned on the calendar.

Wright then asked Crab about DePlume's claim about him and Shipley leaving the aquarium with money every month. However, Wright saw five Psyche-Locks as Crab refused to divulge this secret. Fulbright then entered the pub, saying that Blackquill wanted Crab to testify in Buckler's trial because Rimes was not cooperating. Wright told Crab that he would find out the secret if it had anything to do with the case at hand.

With their investigation done, Wright and Cykes prepared to return to the office when Justice called Wright. According to the Hickfield Clinic, the pill from inside Orla was a powerful sleeping drug normally used on humans, and Crab had recently bought a large quantity of them. Moreover, Azura Summers had been suffering from the same heart condition that Buckler had. Wright told Justice that he would be at the office soon, and he headed back determined to see both Orla and Buckler set free.

July 22[]

9:17 a.m.

Sasha Buckler discussed the latest developments of the case with her lawyers. It was suspected that Herman Crab was Azura Summers's boyfriend, and that this was somehow related to the case. Buckler mentioned that Summers used to send videos to her boyfriend of her teaching the orca tricks. Phoenix Wright wondered what all of this meant, but he vowed to set everything straight in the trial.

Buckler's trial, session 1[]

9:30 a.m.

Trial began and Crab was called to the stand. Crab testified that the pool would never be drained unless the pool was being cleaned, so that was the only opportunity for the murder to take place. When pressed on this, he claimed that the orca would die if the pool was drained while it was inside. However, Wright pointed out that the bottom of the pool was partitioned, and that it was possible to drain the water on only one side.

Wright suggested that the pool may have been partially drained at another time, namely at 7 a.m. when Crab was supposed to meet with the victim. If this were true, then Orla would have witnessed the murder. Wright told the court that he had found bloodstains on Orla that were not under the hat, where the injuries from the headbutting was. It was his opinion that some of Shipley's blood had splattered onto Orla when his head struck the skull rock.

Wright further asserted that the fact that Orla witnessed the murder was the reason someone had tried to kill her by drugging her. He accused Crab of this deed. Crab pointed out that he was the one who had come to Orla's aid, but Wright replied that Crab had not come on his own. Wright claimed that, due to the TORPEDO system, Crab should have known about Orla's condition and sprung into action as soon as it had happened.

Blackquill countered that he had found a sensor under a table in the skull rock side of the pool. Crab confirmed that the sensors emitted sound waves through water to obtain information for the TORPEDO system, and that they did not work if there was no water. Crab also said that he had not known that the police had partially drained the pool during their investigation. This considerably weakened Wright's case against Crab.

Wright and Blackquill then discussed when the pill had been administered. Blackquill argued that the only way to slip the drug into Orla without alerting police suspicion was to put it into her food. He reminded the court that Buckler had thrown Orla a fish at the beginning of the orca's trial. However, Wright retorted that someone else had given Orla a large quantity of fish after the verdict: Marlon Rimes. As Rimes was called to the stand, Crab gave Wright the charm that belonged to Summers's boyfriend. It was up to Wright to figure out who the boyfriend was.

Rimes was called to the stand. He testified that the orca had killed Shipley in the show stage. He claimed that Buckler had planted the blood on the skull rock in order to divert suspicion away from Orla. Everyone knew that Rimes was lying, but he said that his testimony was good for the defendant and would get her a not guilty verdict. He said that Buckler's lawyers would be acting in her best interest by accepting his testimony. However, Wright disagreed, saying that Buckler trusted in Orla, and that getting her a not guilty verdict this way would be betraying her trust. Wright would save both of them by tearing through Rimes's lies.

Rimes claimed that Orla had killed Shipley by bashing him 30 feet high. Wright pointed out that this was impossible because the victim had succumbed to a 65-foot fall, and the ceiling was only 30 feet above the water. However, Wright agreed that Shipley had been killed in the show stage pool and then moved to the orca pool using the hoist and the orca stretcher. Blackquill protested that the hoist could only be operated from the orca pool room, and so only Buckler could have used it. Wright countered that the real culprit must have hidden the body inside the skull rock so that Buckler would unwittingly transport the body along with the skull rock. This explained why Orla headbutted the skull rock, and why the body had appeared after the headbutting. Orla had been trying to free the captain.

Rimes and Summers

Rimes and Summers.

Rimes admitted that Wright's claims about the body and the murder location were true. However, he still claimed that the orca had done the deed. Athena Cykes noticed intense feelings of sadness and anger during the testimony. Rimes mentioned that he "remembered the spectators' screams clearly", but there could not have been any spectators there at the time. Wright realized that Rimes had mixed up Shipley's death with Summers's. The attorney decided to examine the charm, and inside was a photo of Summers with her boyfriend: Marlon Rimes. Wright then pinpointed the orca, the one who had supposedly killed Summers, as the source of Rimes's anger.

With Rimes's major emotions accounted for, Wright noticed that there was no feeling of surprise in Rimes's voice as he testified that he had "freaked" when Norma DePlume witnessed the orca finding the body. Wright asserted that Rimes had intentionally set the witness up to see the event and mistake it for the moment of Shipley's demise. At this, Rimes drank a barrel and buffed up, declaring, "Now it's time to get serious!" He admitted to Wright's accusation, but he explained that it was only to make sure that Orla paid for the deaths of Summers and Shipley. He also claimed that he had no reason to kill Shipley.

Wright realized that Rimes's true target was Orla all along. He argued that Rimes had drained the show pool in order to kill Orla, and this had made it possible for Shipley to fall to his death. The TORPEDO data showed that Rimes had not even bothered to feed Orla during the cleaning, since he was planning to kill her. Wright asserted that Rifle had eaten the fish that were meant for Orla. Rimes claimed that he had not seen Rifle, but Wright pointed to the leaf patterns on the sign that Buckler had made, which were actually the penguin's footprints.

The fact that Rimes had not seen the penguin placed him at the bottom of the pool during Rifle's visit. He had suggested to Buckler that removing the skull rock would cause problems for the new show, and then he had gone to the bottom of the pool to put the body inside the skull rock. This way, he could dispose of the body and set up a false crime scene to frame Orla, which would get her euthanized. However, Blackquill pointed out that for any of this to work out, Rimes had to be able to command the orca and get her to do the tricks needed to create the fake crime scenario. Wright had only one choice left: he had to take the orca to the stand. The judge declared a recess so that a telecast from the orca pool could be set up.

Buckler's trial, intermission[]

11:21 a.m.

In the defendant lobby, Phoenix Wright, Athena Cykes, Sasha Buckler, Norma DePlume and Herman Crab discussed the incident that had caused Marlon Rimes to hate the orca so much. Crab recalled that Azura Summers had held her chest in pain, and then she had fallen from the orca's back and begun to thrash around. The orca had then headbutted Summers before bringing her to the side of the pool. Wright realized that Summers must have succumbed to the heart condition. The orca had merely tried to check up on her and then used the lifesaver trick to try to save her.

Crab realized that there had never been any reason to euthanize the orca after all. Wright had noticed that he had bought sleeping pills when he could have used a more conventional poison. Crab replied that he had never intended to euthanize Orla. If it ever came to that, he would have used the sleeping pills to make it look like the orca was dead, and then set her free.

DePlume was shaken by these revelations. Nonetheless, in the interest of finding the truth, she revealed that Rimes was the client that she had talked about. Around the time of the murder, he had requested that she come to the aquarium to investigate the orca pool. DePlume told them that her desire to protect her client was getting in the way of the truth, which was why she was telling them this now.

Crab forgave Wright for exposing the TORPEDO secret to the court. It had all been in the interests of saving Orla and Buckler. Hence, he clued Wright in on another secret, telling him to focus on the orca's song. Wright kept that in mind as he prepared himself for the battle ahead.

Buckler's trial, session 2[]

11:30 a.m.

Court reconvened and Wright cross-examined Orla. However, it did not accomplish much other than annoying Simon Blackquill. Even having Orla look at Rimes did not trigger a reaction. Wright realized that Rimes could not have communicated with Orla by himself, and instead, he had used his TV phone, which Pearl Fey possessed. Sure enough, Fey found videos of Summers teaching the orca tricks, and she successfully had Orla do the singing and lifesaver tricks using the videos. Fey sent the videos to the defense team.

Wright also pointed out that Orla could not do both tricks at the same time, which meant that one of them had to have been faked. He remembered that DePlume had heard the theme song from a year ago, which was different from the current theme song. Wright argued that a video of the singing trick had been used to make DePlume think that Orla had sung the old song. Rimes had used his walkie-talkie to broadcast the video of the old song through the speaker where DePlume was. Rimes, not Buckler, was capable of doing all this.

Rimes, however, testified that his walkie-talkie was broken, so it could not have been used. He claimed that he had "goofed during cleaning time". Wright examined Rimes's walkie-talkie and found tooth marks on it, which looked like they came from a large creature like an orca. Wright caught Rimes on this, saying that the walkie-talkie that he had just claimed was his was actually Jack Shipley's missing walkie-talkie. Only the culprit could have stolen Shipley's walkie-talkie.

Rimes insisted that the walkie-talkie was his. The bite marks were made when he personally fought with Orla. Cykes refused to believe him, but Rimes simply gloated that it was up to the lawyers to disprove his claims. Cykes noticed that the bite mark pattern on the walkie-talkie was different from the ones that Orla had made on the practice dummy. Wright considered this and came upon the final secret of Shipshape Aquarium. The two different bite marks and the two different songs came from two different orcas! Wright had the court compare the Swashbuckler Spectacular video with the video from Rimes's TV phone to prove this claim. Indeed, the orca from a year ago had a chipped tooth, which matched the bite marks on Shipley's walkie-talkie. The fact that Rimes had submitted that same walkie-talkie to the court was irrefutable proof that placed him at the scene of Shipley's murder, making him the culprit. At this, Rimes imagined the stand as a boat in a stormy sea. It swayed side to side until Rimes fell off and was under the stand, looking like he was behind bars.

The judge called Buckler to the stand, who confirmed what Wright had said. Jack Shipley had rescued two beached orca sisters. However, the one now known as Orla had been in bad shape, so only the other orca, the original "Ora Shipley", had performed in the shows. After the incident with Azura Summers, Ora had been put down due to the CDAC's request; Orla was kept alive as a compromise between Shipley and the CDAC. Orla then took Ora's place in the shows; this fact was kept secret from most of the other employees.

Indeed, Rimes had not heard anything about this. Rimes admitted to planning to kill Orla, so he could protect Buckler from what the orca had allegedly done to Summers. However, Shipley had caught Rimes draining the pool with Orla in it. At this, Blackquill presented one of the photos of Shipley's body, and he said that the bruise on the right wrist had been determined to be a handprint from Rimes. Blackquill concluded that Shipley had fallen to his death during a struggle with Rimes. However, as the judge prepared to hand down his verdict, Wright still had doubts about the truth of the case. Objecting, Wright presented the handprint that Pearl had found on the show pool's ladder. Rimes had been holding onto the left side of the ladder with his right hand, and held Shipley's wrist with a powerful left grip. Everyone realized what Wright was suggesting: Rimes had actually been trying to save Shipley's life.

Rimes pulling Shipley

Rimes trying to save Shipley.

Rimes finally admitted to the truth. He had drained the pool in order to kill Orla, but Shipley caught him in the act. Shipley frantically tried to put water back into the pool, but he had slipped on the floor and fell over the edge of the drained pool. Rimes had managed to grab Shipley by the hand, but was unable to pull Shipley back up; he asked for the other hand but Shipley told Rimes they'd both fall in if that happened. As Rimes's grip began to fail, Shipley had told him that all this was nobody's fault - not Orla's, and not Rimes's. Rimes had kept the truth a secret because he felt that he deserved to die, having caused Shipley's death and framed Orla for it, even though she had not done anything wrong. Wright then informed him of Summers's heart condition, and that Summers's death was due to a heart attack. Rimes, depressed, realized that his thirst for vengeance was all for naught.

The judge remarked that Rimes's responsibility in this matter was great, but that he could be rehabilitated. Buckler told Rimes to come back to Shipshape Aquarium when he was done. Wright added that Rimes still had a lot to offer, and that he should live his life for the sake of those who were gone. Rimes thanked everyone for the encouragement, and vowed to make up for what he had done. The judge then rendered a not guilty verdict for Buckler.

Celebration at the orca pool[]

5:11 p.m.
Shipshape Ship

Wright receives a kiss from Orla.

Sasha Buckler was reunited with Orla. She promised to Herman Crab that she would not do any more shows until she recovered from her heart condition. Crab then informed Phoenix Wright that Norma DePlume was advocating on Shipshape Aquarium's behalf for their use of the TORPEDO system. Crab also revealed to Wright that the original Ora had not really been put down, and that she resided in the Supermarine Aquarium, which Crab and Shipley visited every month to pay for her food. Cykes then had Wright give Orla a fish as a celebratory prize, but Orla gave him a kiss instead.


A few months later, Wright returned to Shipshape Aquarium along with Trucy, Cykes, Justice and Pearl. Buckler had recovered and was slated to perform alongside both orcas; the original Ora had been returned to Shipshape, and the three would be performing as "The Three Pirate Sisters". Moreover, the government had legally approved the TORPEDO for use, due to DePlume's petitioning; subsequently, she held a book-signing event for her new book about Shipshape Aquarium, right outside Crab's laboratory. Wright made it to the show, and he found out that Rimes had also returned to play the role of Redstache. Thus, the books were finally closed on Phoenix Wright's dramatic return to the courtroom.

Bad ending[]

If the player runs out of penalties during Rimes' first cross-examination on Day 2, a bad ending is triggered instead of the usual Game Over scenario. In this ending, Sasha Buckler is acquitted, while Orla is found guilty and put down soon after.

Cultural references[]

  • When examining the "shark cannon", Cykes mentions that seeing sharks "flying and whirling through the skies" would be a sight to see. Phoenix at this point thinks to himself, "A tornado full of sharks? Not even Hollywood could conjure up something that insane." This is a reference to the 2013 made-for-television disaster B-movie Sharknado.
  • When first seeing Orla, Wright thinks to himself "A punk-rock pirate killer whale...? *groan* It's official -- society's on the road to ruin." This may be a reference to the 1978 Ramones punk rock album Road to Ruin.
  • Buckler claims that Orla is "smarter than the average whale", a possible reference to Yogi Bear's catchphrase, "I'm smarter than the av-er-age bear!"
  • After Buckler's comment on Orla's intelligence, Cykes then protests that Widget is the smartest, with the latter saying, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the smartest one of all?" This is a reference to the line repeatedly spoken by the Queen in the fairy tale Snow White to her magic mirror, in particular the 1937 animated Disney version. Presenting the orca whistle to Buckler later on causes her to comment, "There aren't too many people who can say they literally whistle while they work", which is another reference to the Disney film; more specifically the song "Whistle While You Work".
  • When discussing with Rimes about Buckler not being slated to return in the new show, Cykes comments, "I can't even imagine the show without Ms. Buckler! It would be like, 'Where's the beef?'" This is likely a reference to the "Where's the beef?" catchphrase, which originated from a 1984 television commercial for the fast food chain Wendy's.

References to other cases[]

  • Several references are made to Phoenix Wright's infamous cross-examination of Polly the parrot in Turnabout Goodbyes.
  • When Blackquill becomes annoyed at the cross-examination of Orla, he threatens the defense with forty lashes with a wet fish, which Cykes feels is fishy because it's not a wet noodle. (The idiom "forty lashes with a wet noodle" refers to a lenient punishment.) Wright then replies that anything is better than forty lashes from a whip, which refers to the whip-happy prosecutor Franziska von Karma.
  • Wright mentions that he's always wanted to make a dramatic entrance in the middle of someone else's case, which he ends up doing in Turnabout Countdown.
  • Trucy Wright mentions that the forensic equipment she gives to her father are from a detective friend of hers. This is a reference to Ema Skye, who was last seen in Turnabout Succession. Additionally, Phoenix is shown to still own the glasses given to him by Skye back in Rise from the Ashes.
  • When Dr. Crab is explaining about the TORPEDO's full name, Phoenix wonders if it might be "super admin restricted desktop access password-protected". This is a call-back to Recipe for Turnabout, in which presenting unrelated evidence to Lisa Basil prompts her to state that the information is "SuPer Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected". Maya Fey replies "SuPer Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected!? What!? This is madness!", to which Phoenix says "No, Maya. That is SPARDA." Said conversation was itself a reference to the film 300, namely the infamous exchange between a messenger and King Leonidas (Messenger: "This is blasphemy! This is madness!" Leonidas: "Madness?... This! Is! SPARTA!").
  • Pearl states that prosecutors "these days" seem to be more harsh monochrome than fancy frills; this is a comparison between the attire of Miles Edgeworth and/or Franziska von Karma and that of Simon Blackquill, respectively.
  • The sleeping drug Three Zs is the same one that was used in The Grand Turnabout. Although the fan-translation named the drug "Sleepy ZZZ," both are named "スヤミン3 Z" in the original Japanese script.

Similarities to other cases[]

Turnabout Reclaimed is one of four "episodes" in which Wright wins a trial without specifically implicating anyone else, and the only one of the four in which the episode continues with more acts afterward. The other three instances in which Wright does not implicate someone else are English Turnabout, The Golden Court, and The Cosmic Turnabout, all of which conclude shortly after the verdict. The Stolen Turnabout is similar in that Wright implicates the wrong culprit in the identity of Mask☆DeMasque during the larceny trial.


  • The developers wanted Phoenix Wright's first defendant after his reinstatement to be someone that only he could save. A human defendant was deemed too boring for this purpose.[1]
  • The structure of the internal data suggests that Turnabout Reclaimed was originally placed as the third episode of the game. However, the developers have stated that they were still working on Reclaimed after the release of the main game, and nothing had been left out of the main game.[1]


  • During the "Swashbuckler Spectacular - Athena's Adventures on the High Seas" cutscene at the end of the line "Just a bunch o' scallywags who are as free as free can be!" Athena Cykes's mouth is doubled, with the cloned mouth appearing on her neck. This animation error is fixed in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy release, as first seen in the preview of the episode.[2]
  • In the English localization, the time stated at the beginning of the episode is 12:37 a.m., as opposed to 12:37 p.m. in the Japanese version. The erroneous time makes little sense considering it would be way past the closing time of most places including law firms, as well as the more explicit contradiction that Jack Shipley's body would be discovered 9 and a half hours later. This was corrected in the Trilogy release.
  • During the tutorial explaining to the player how to access the notes, one image is not fully translated, the text of the "Back" button being written in Japanese.
  • When examining the sign at the Show Stage, Wright states, "This colorful sign... Did Ms. Bucker make it?" (instead of "Buckler").
  • When presenting the fish to Cykes, Wright says, "And you still take lots of naps, right here at the office." However, he will say this even when presenting the evidence somewhere other than the Wright Anything Agency.
  • The second trial day contains multiple instances of a character's dialogue box being mistakenly labeled as belonging to another character:
    • One of Wright's dialogue boxes is mistakenly labeled as belonging to Buckler.
    • When prompted to point out what Rimes removed from the crime scene, another one of Wright's dialogue boxes is labeled to belong to the judge. While neither character is visible on the screen, the wording of the line clearly suggests Wright is speaking.
    • During Rimes' mood matrix, a piece of dialogue that serves as a hint to what to point out is labeled as belonging to Wright, when it is clear that Athena is giving the hint.
    • At one point, when presenting incorrect evidence, the game labels "I'll present the correct evidence this time!" as belonging to Blackquill instead of Phoenix.