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"Turnabout Samurai - 2nd Trial" is the sixth episode of the Ace Attorney animated adaptation. It is the second of three episodes that adapt the story of Turnabout Samurai from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey manage to buy themselves some time to find Jack Hammer's true murderer when additional suspects come to light. They find themselves faced with a cavalcade of eccentric characters, all of whom appear to have an alibi for the time of the murder. Luckily for them, a decisive piece of evidence comes from the most unlikely of places.


The investigation on the Steel Samurai case turns to a new direction, as the security lady's information gives our attorneys a valuable lead.

The new witness, a young fan, saw a fight between the Steel Samurai and the Evil Magistrate. From there, clues include a mistaken pose for a picture, the weight of the murder weapon. The producer Dee Vasquez is called to appear in court.


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