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Turnabout Showtime is the third case in Kodansha Comics' Ace Attorney manga.

Unknown date, unknown time, unknown location[]

A strange smiling "creature" with a bow is seen, along with heavy breathing. An unknown man tells the "creature" to "stop looking at [him] with those eyes". The man points a knife at the "creature", shouting "I'll kill you!!", while the "creature" continues to smile.

October 6, 2:04 PM, Sparkle Land[]

Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey are at Sparkle Land, a theme park which have the characters "Sparklestar", "Twinklestar" and "Humongostar" as it's mascots. The park has a show called the Sparklestar Show, which is almost about to start. Fey notices the staff area called the Sparkle House, and attempts to go inside, only to be stopped by the security guard, Wendy Oldbag. Oldbag explains she now works at the park, and after being given photos of Miles Edgeworth, she lets Maya go into the Sparkle House.

October 6, 2:04 PM, Sparkle House Interior[]

Inside, Fey rushes into the dressing room despite Wright trying to stop her, where they met the actor, Flip Chambers. Chambers plays the role of Twinkestar, and explains that the voices for the Sparklestar show are just pre-recorded, and the actors just match their movements to the recording. Two other men then come into the dressing room, who turn out to be Buck Montana and Raymond Spume. At their confusion as to Wright and Fey's presence, Fey tells them that Wright is a defense attorney. Spume seems concerned at Wright's occupation, and accuses Montana of having called a lawyer after turning to crime to pay of his debt he owes to Chambers. Montana also accuses Chambers of having called Wright due to their superiors demanding for Chambers to perform stunts that could hurt him.

The Hostess of the Sparklestar Show, Julie Henson, then enters nervously stating that it's almost curtain time. Wright is immediately infatuated with her, thinking to himself that she reminds him of a certain woman he used to date. Montana and Spume are then revealed to play Humongostar and Sparklestar respectively. Wright notices some awkwardness between Henson and Chambers, and Spume shouts at Henson when she bites her nails, stating that if she bites her nails in front of the crowd, it'll make the show look like garbage.

Fey says she dislikes Spume due to his angry outburst, and doesn't want to see the show anymore. After Wright states he thinks they should stay to see it, Fey correctly guesses that he just wants to stay to see the Hostess.

October 6, 2:30 PM, Sparkle Land Big Stage[]

The Sparklestar show has begun, and Henson acts as the host, introducing the show. A teenager called Cameron Show sits between Wright and Maya, and informs the two that he's a extreme Sparklestar enthusiast that records the show with his camcorder every week. Sparklestar & Friends come onto stage introducing themselves, and Twinklestar says "Twinkle Twinkle Somersault!" then performs a backflip.

The show carries on, all while Wright spends most of it just looking at Henson. Eventually it's the climax of the show, and Sparklestar comes back onto stage after Humongostar had seemingly defeated him and Twinklestar. Then Twinklstar staggers onto stage, apologizing for being late. Cameron is concerned, stating that something's wrong, then Twinklestar suddenly collapses, and blood spills out of the costume, to everyone's horror. Wright states that this is the start of the world's smallest locked room murder: the locked costume murder.